Gods of Balance

Exploration of our development in consciousness.
Where are we? Where do we want to go?
And how can we get there?

Growth Curves

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

I had sworn myself not to write any cat stories and definitely not to post any pictures. Until my cat foiled it. For part of this decision was based on…

Adlerweibchen nah

The Strange Chicken

506 384 Elisabeth Karsten

A chick realizes that it is unable to become a decent chicken – however the potential to become much more lies dormant inside it…

blondes Haar nah

Power Source Hair – Part 2: Hairy Times

939 825 Elisabeth Karsten

The topic may theme trivial, but sometimes the metaphysical perspective opens a most enlightening perspective on daily or even political issues.

Goddess Out Of Balance

776 844 Elisabeth Karsten

I was called a goddess out of balance when I fell in an unfortunate manner breaking my shoulder, however I was also fortunate…


Power Source Hair – Part 1: To dye or not to dye

367 441 Elisabeth Karsten

Even though grey hair may be in fashion right now, it is still a challenge if nature bestows it on you too early…

Brücke aus Geldscheinen

Money And Balance

700 438 Elisabeth Karsten

This is a collection of helpful exercises for the optimization for your personal financial abundance. For all who feel like having even more money!

schware und weiße Katze eng umschlungen

Soul partner – ideal? Myth? Reality?

735 546 Elisabeth Karsten

A little survey what makes a soul partnership – it has amazingly little to do with love, or does it?

Why is god single?

1920 1177 Elisabeth Karsten

The god of Christians, Jews and Muslims is single. Omnipotent, omniscient and quite alone. But why? Isn´t togetherness with another way more divine? How often it is said, that ‘God is…

A new world religion?

456 457 Elisabeth Karsten

In many parts of the world the religious fronts seem to become more intense. It is as if politics and the media want to feed us with the notion of…

When is world relationship day?

580 386 Elisabeth Karsten

When I came to my Qi gong class yesterday, another female participant congratulated me because of “World Women´s Day”! I was a bit surprised, because I did not actually feel…