Our visions right now are key

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We are the architects and builders of a new consciousness. Our current visions contain the blueprint for our immediate future. Presently our world is still dominated by the effects of the declared Covid19 pandemic. In many places people sit at home and wonder in facing their unfamiliar situation: where is all this going to lead?

Since whatever we focus on gets amplified – no matter whether it is negative or positive – I vehemently suggest that we create good visions of our future and nurture them. No matter what is currently happening externally

fröhlicher bauarbeiter

For the flood of true and false information – partly wrapped in the same news bit – is constantly growing. And it will take a while until the truth comes to the light. Until we´ve all felt and seen through this, the confusion will increase. However we must not be totally consumed by this confusion.

We must became aware again of our dignity as human beings

It is actually possible we might have to become more active than ever before. If we truly want that the current fear and control that is fired by mainstream media to ceases, and that good common sense and an awareness of our dignity as people takes its place, it may not be enough to silently follow the war of opinions in the various media. Then we must become heard and act – each one of us and together… I explored some of the shadow aspects we need to deal with in my last blog. Here my focus is on the light potential of our current situation.

Strangely the devices make us closer

Many of us are actually enjoying the situation. Being at home and work according to your own rhythm and not wasting any time on commuting. We juggle working at home, household and family. We are surprised that the coordination of various needs actually works in a way to benefit all. The electronic devices allow us to be in touch with friends and family who are far away. There is actually an increased need for connection. In that way an amazing connectedness is achieved – no matter how many thousands of miles I between.

And often we make new contacts online. Currently video chats and video conferences are an entry into new friendships that then will be continued one day offline. Spain that is dealing with rather strict quarantine regulations experiences a boom in online dating.

But closer exchange also emerges locally: neighbours help each other out and at the bus station, while taking a walk or buying groceries people are friendly, polite and honour the needed physical distances. And despite the physical distancing the hearts seem more connected – an understanding gaze or a kind smile make it possible. Previously we stood next to each other but didn´t even look at each other. Of course this is not the case everywhere and all the time – but it is noticeable!

What we took for granted we now appreciate

When we can hug now then it is something precious and is being honoured and enjoyed. Everywhere people seem to be kinder towards each other than ever before.

We are also letting go of our old way of taking doctors, nurses, super market employees, delivery service employees, teachers, post men, garbage men and firemen for granted…to name but a few. Their dedicated work allowed us to live our current lifestyle and has become even more important now.

The impossible becomes reality

We are enjoying the cleaner air and that traffic has become less. In northern India the Himalaya has become visible again after decades of smog blocking the view. In many towns animals roam the streets and dolphins dare swimming closer to the coastlines.

Rather than back to the old, forward into the new

Nobody I spoke with so far wants to return to “the way things were”. I actually believe that this is already impossible. But what is the new to look like? Since we tend to imagine negative scenarios in moments of insecurity, I want to present some other visions with the opposite focus.

Images that can encourage us and possibly help us not to conjure old horrific imageries from the collective subconscious, that I don´t even want to mention here in detail. For with that in mind we cloud our perception of the positive potential that is inherent to this situation.

An old vision stands a new chance

I actually believe that we now have a massive possibility to change things towards the better for all. In the short, middle and longterm. I made a list with all the things that came to my mind. If and when they become reality  depends on us as humanity on Earth. How close and connected we actually are we are currently shown by the pandemic. Even though some my react with withdrawal and racism….most of us do know that this is clearly not the solution. But a new conscious and healthy cooperation – with other people and our environment. So far this was considered utopic, but now it´s gaining ever more “reality momentum”.

It is about being holistic – internally and externally

Whatever wants to happen is determined about how many of us go along. Do we follow the fear- and power oriented decisions? Or do we follow the conscious and wise decisions? And how can we tell the difference? Can we trust our feelings? The vision of our hearts? I am convinced, we can.

All people can live together and with their environment and nature in health, abundance, freedom and peace!

Why? Because the large majority of people wants exactly that. Even though we don´t exactly know how  that might work – yet. But we are learning fast…as we currently see. And how the whole situation is going to look like in detail, will be revealed in the years to come. However I want to present you with a few “puzzle piece” of these future scenarios to spark your vision.

Visions for a new time

It is important to me to not here that these visions are not pure ‘Science Fiction’. Many of these things already exist or existed in our world. They are just not yet part of our common reality. But we can make them part of the mainstream! Some things only have to be further developed and optimized – and this can go very fast if the need is large enough!

I once heard that the military in many countries is using a technology that supersedes our common technologies by up to 100-150 years. Furthermore it must be said that there are many suppressed patents of ingenious inventions. This includes propulsion technology and use of free energy technology as well as technologies that serve our heath and nature rather than damage it, as is the current case. But these were too cheap in production and maintenance. So no dependencies could be created and money made off them. Therefore they weren´t released to the market. But this too, can change.

This list of visions is dynamic and growth oriented

And of course the list is by no means complete and can be added on to any time. Where it was possible, I added links to illustrate the vision.

The order of visions emerged from my flow of writing and not by any priorities. Besides everything is interconnected anyway. It is more important to get started than with what we start.

If you have any further suggestions feel free to write me an email and I´ll update this blog article!

Visions for a new time

We honour meetings and community: connection is more important than separation

Many of us are looking forward to being able to hug others again, to dance and celebrate with them. The so-called ‘snuggle-hormon’ oxytocin that stabilizes human bonds is primarily released in loving human body contact. No wonder healthy physical touch is to many people a primary need just like food and sleep. It is possible to live without it for a while, but longterm it can make a human ill. In my opinion this is one of the sad reasons why the number of deaths in retirement homes is currently surging even though the inhabitants are not infected with Corona. However they are more lonely than ever before.

And it is also becoming currently apparent that we can only create real change if we work together as a community. That this is possible within very short time we can currently witness in the reaction of many people to the pandemic. Independently of the suggestions of mainstream-media.

We realize that healthy relationships are the core of a healthy community

We have a heathly love – and family life. We communicate with each other in a free, respectful and constructive way. We are no longer afraid to say what we mean and mean, what we say. One way to learn and practise this is Circling.

We live with a conscious awareness of our power and responsibility as citizens

In Germany and many other countries the distance between politics and citizens has become way too big. This happened slowly. Most of us are so used to it that we hardly can imagine another way. As long as each of us can life his life rather undisturbed, we manage. However this often results in us getting lost within our separation and forgetting about our “mass power”. But actually the real sovereign of a nation is its people! The government should serve its people, not vice versa. But we forget this too often.

It seems like quite an eternity that politics and politicians seem to be something problematic. Rather according to the saying: “Democracy is terrible but it´s the best form to govern that we have.” And many associate with politics guys in suits, endless debates, ballots, lobbyism and rather unsatisfactory results. If we really want a better world, most of us have to deal (again) more thoroughly with our power and obligations as citizens. For then we stand an actual chance to develop a form where the structure of government and the people can actually serve each other.

A few smart people have thought about this already – I am still researching this. However  there are models that already work or at least in part. Some people already live according to the principles of Permaculture. Referendums in Switzerland work.

We create peace together

More and more of us are working to create world peace. There is the Peacemovement of the mothersand the Women of the world unite.

We practise a financial system that is to the advantage of ALL involved and works

The wellbeing of a human being is more important to us than money. For if all of us are increasingly doing better, we become nicer and ever more cooperative. Basic income is spreading to more and more countries. A way to healthily circulate money is explored in a new way, as the Wörgl-System. And the South African Michael Tellinger actually promotes an exchange system without money called Ubuntu.

We have enough healthy food for all

Many approaches explore a world without famine. There are models for food and agriculture for all, community gardens are popular, as are slow food gardens in Africa. The German documentary 10 Billion takes a closer look at this and potential solutions.

Everything is becoming ever more green and increasing in life quality

Buildings become ever greener, vertical gardens have been popular for a while. Our forests are being regrown in many projectss. Deserts are becoming green again and bees return to abundanct meadows without gmo and pesticides.

We live in harmony with nature

Our houses are made of sustainable and growing materials. Eco villages are ever more popular. We live in houses of Houses of wood And many like adobe houses. 

We construct in harmony with nature

We develop methods to make heavy loads light and move them with ease. Also construction noise is a thing of the past – our technology is not noisy and some furniture we grow.

We work from and with joy

Local economies thrive and support their communities. For larger projects several communities work together. We learn new ways of running a business. For example without hierarchies.  We are grateful for our actions towards the wellbeing of the entire community.

Health and healing are a priority to us

We realize that all necessary remedies are available in nature. We do not need to produce them artificially. We only have to adjust our nutrition or make essences if we need medication for any ailment. Natural medicine like Ayurveda flourishes. Also new methods like vibration medicine, experiential medicine and information field medicine has a new status. Classic medicine becomes part of a very broad spectrum and the approach of new (German) medicine becomes ever popular.

Our energy resources are environmentally friendly

Free energy is a reliable source for all kinds of things. The discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and Nicola Tesla finally are allowed to serve all of mankind. Furthermore we make use of natural resources that are in harmony with our planet and the landscape and the animals. Like sun and wind also for private households that strengthens our autonomy.

Our artificial light sources contribute to our wellbeing

LEDs and energy saving lamps are unfortunately not good for our health. Either we return to the old technology or develop new ways, that won´t harm neither us nor our environment. We will learn to equip our interior rooms with healthy light at night time.

We are masters at recycling

We are able to return a product back to its initial substances once it has reached its use-by date. And then we can create anew. This applies to plastic, tires and all the other currently challenging objects. n future all materials are 100% biodegradable and often suitable for recycling.

Our waters are healthy and clean

Many projects are involved with freeing the oceans of plastic. Our drinking water is clean and contributes to our health. There are many ways to energize water. The works of Victor Schauberger inspire many.

Our air is clean, fresh and nourrishing

Harmful pollution is a thing of the past. The air now is enriched with substances for the wellbeing of all. It is full of great prana, chi, life energy…

We wear environmentally friendly clothing

Our textiles are fully biodegradable and also do not stress the environment in production. This applies for instance to bamboo and hemp.

We use a holistically healthy communication technology

Electro smog is a thing of the past. 5G failed. As soon as people realized how damaging the 5G technology is to all natural substances alternatives were developed or optimized, like G-com technology

We see no contradiction in science and spirituality

The discoveries of development biologist Bruce Lipton, and the researchers of consciousness, Dr Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden flow organically into our lilves. Also our recordings of history have been revolutionized, because they no longer have to serve a ‘winner’s agenda’. Now we can clearly see when humanity moved forward or backward.

Art and creativity inspire us

Our current situation shows all too clearly how grey and dull our world would be without music, literature, movies, pictures and sculptures. I personally believe good art reminds our soul of what we are beyond our daily human stuff. Artists inspire entrepreneurs and it is also an essential part of our lives in the end.

Our schools promote the creativity and joy of life of children

Schools that furthermore equips them with a joy in learning and living, as well as looking forward to becoming an adult and creating their future. We realize that every child can be a genius and add new subjects to the curriculum, like meditation, healthy nutrition and empathy.

Our traffic is environmentally friendly

We drive solar cars. And in the long run I can imagine, that our vehicles rise above the ground. High enough to not disturb nature, low enough to not impede the (ecologically friendly) airplanes. For example with a kind of floating technology that was already discovered by Viktor Grebennikov. Or a flyak.

We are a wise species that loves life

We can do what we want – as long as it is in harmony with life. The wellbeing of each one of us and his needs are respected. For we assume that happy people are more peaceful, creative and life affirming than people who are suffering and unhappy.

When we deal with people whose biggest desire it the suffering of others, those of us who are trained in this, shall deal with them. They will explore how they got out of balance with life and the wellbeing of all sentient beings and help him to regain it.

We respect each other, nature, life, the health of all beings and let go of all desires that are too destructive.

We are born, live and die with dignity

We realize more and more that a life of dignity does not depend on its length but on its quality. More and more people decide in their patient’s provision to refuse life prolonging measures.

We remember who we actually are

More and more people experience a quantum leap in intelligence. Holistic thinking comes more and more naturally to us. In our consciousness we can not only connect with each other but with other beings. We realize that all inventions are actually only a poor imitation of something that already exists in nature. And that it is already part of our spectrum of abilities. In the course of time we understand more and more that all consists, as Tesla said, of energy, frequency and vibration. When we have truly embraced that we will transcend time and space and telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation will be part of our daily lives.

We live in peace and friendships with beings from other worlds

You can interprete this as freely as you can imagine…


Addendum (August 03 2021) :

A dear reader has thankfully brought a great American article to my attention. In it, the author gives a detailed overview of what the last 18 months have done to our business world and also what future trends are emerging. Here is the link: https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/future-of-work-statistics/  And in the meantime, I have also written a blog on careers of the future myself: https://elisabeth-karsten.de/en/professions-with-a-future/

And to holistically shape the future, there is now this great movement: https://thenewearthmanifesto.com/ueber-das-manifest/

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