Current Projects

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Current state: June 2018

The Sametimers

In my new novel the interweaving of various time levels is yet again crucial. In the center of the story is thirtysomething Mick, who despite his miserable financial situation and a broken foot must deal with his tottering career as a flautist, his chaotic band, the demands of various women and the needs of his five year old son. But when finally suprising house guests turn his life and his notion of the world upside down – he realizes that he seriously needs a new life strategy. But that will only be revealed if he is willing to fundamentally change a few things – first of all himself.

Project status: Presently I’m continuing research and and detailing plot sketches

Tessa, Simon and the LBQ


A cross-media project for children aged 5 and beyond
Do moles like perfume? Do crows take voice lessons? Why is there no king bee? What do tomatoes need besides earth, water and light?
Tessa, her best friend Simon and Tessa´s magic toy animal, the LBQ – who comes alive at night and enables her to communicate with nature, explore these and other exciting questions in an entertaining and instructive way.

Project status: Presently four stories and the according radio play versions and game concepts are available in two languages. There are also sketches of illustrations. For this huge project I´m on the look out for a publisher. Please contact me for more information – there is a short exposé as well as a detailed concept.