Aus Freude am Teilen

Elisabeth KarstenPeople, who enjoy my writing either in my books or my blog often ask how they can support me beyond buying my books. What I need most is undisturbed time to write without financial worries. So what really helps me is

Money as a gift!

After thorough research and legal consultation the gifting principle proved to be the best solution. Financially supporting sums for my writing are therefore not a charitylike donation and also not an investment in the sense of crowdfunding.

If you really feel like supporting me in my creativity, you can check out the projects I´m currently working on or also choose my blog and put that as a reference with the money transfer.


To number: 004915233691270
Please select “send money to friends or family”
Message:  support

bank details

Elisabeth Karsten
Landesbank Berlin – Berliner Sparkasse
Bank sort code (BLZ): 10050000
Account: 4134529714

IBAN: DE91 1005 0000 4134 5297 14
Purpose/Reference: support

Thank you so much for your appreciation!

You enable me not only to realize my projects, but you encourage and inspire me to do my best, to honor your support to the highest degree!

Unterschrift Elisabeth Karsten