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Elisabeth Karsten

My passion for applied mythology and my work as a lifecoach have provided me with deep insights into the meaning of rituals. Since they bestow a special meaning to our being and doing, they are a truly beautiful element for the conscious creation of our lives. Often I counsel people who wish for a ritual in their daily life that supports their expression of self and promotes their personal creativity.

Conscious creation of rituals

On occasion people have asked me to support them with a ritual in a more official setting. This can be a wedding or a baptism. But also moving house or founding a company can be enhanced by a ritual. I truly love doin that and consider it a great hnor. For consciously designing a ritual can ideally provide your life with more depth, honor and power and sometimes even a certain magic. This can make the ritual an unforgettable experience für all involved and their guests.

We create the best possible one for you!

If you desire this for yourself, we develop the form together that is most suitable for you. For a ritual is truly effective if it touches upon the uniqueness and the particular wishes and aims of the persons involved.

My personal aim is to create even more space for love – for this is core and goal of everything we desire!

Possible ceremonies



the sacred arrival

Here the main focus is on the change that the arrival of a child can bring about and the new roles that are received, may it be as parents, as siblings or grandparents and of course, to provide the new family member with a wonderful start into family life. This can include the celebratory naming of the child.


coming of age

the sacred threshold

Often the departure from childhood comes along with fears. The prospect of becoming an adult and accepting responsibility for your life can appear to be threatening. A conscious look and honoring of this threshold makes dealing with puberty easier. The deliberate celebration of this treshold allows for a better orientation and stability for your own future.



the sacred union

Together we explore, what the bride and groom and both together need, to have an optimal start into a powerful and longterm union. Externally and physically as well as in the inner, emotional and metaphysical realms. If certain blockages appear, we will resolve and remove them, so that the wedding is a “high time” in the best of senses wherein the highest possible potential of two people can unite in love!



the healing separation

I have observed repeatedly that a powerful ritual of separation for a former married couple can bring about great relief and liberation for the future life path. To set each other consciously free is perhaps the last act of love, one can do for each other. Of course both have to be ready for it and if they are really courageous, the even invite a few of their former wedding guests too…



the powerful shift

For many retirement means a great change. Suddenly the familiar routine is gone and a higher degree of self determination has to be exercised and lived again. A ritual can help to clarify what of the old is meant to stay, what of the new is desired and how to possibly unite the two.



the sacred departure

I am not trained in terminal care – but if a family desires a neutral eulogist or support in parting from each other, I offer my abilities.


Elisabeth KarstenFirst we meet free of charge in order to get to know each other and see, if our ‘chemistry’ works. If that is the case, we will discuss the desired ceremony in future meetings: the number of participants, where, how and when etc. and of course, the budget. Furthermore he sequence of events and all your desired elements. Together you and I will create the custom made ceremony for you and all people involved. Ideally the ritual will then unfold a positive, joy filled and lasting effect!

If you would like me to create a ritual with you, please contact me!

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