turning headwinds into tailwinds

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Elisabeth KarstenTo support you in unfolding your very own potential is the base of my work as a life coach.
Together we will find ways and possibilities how you can consciously create your life with a stronger sense of your very own capacities!

There is always a good solution!

Sometimes we feel blocked, handicapped or sabotaged. If this applies to you, we will look together, what you can change in order to move forward. You will be enabled to move beyond  dysfunctional belief systems, disruptive emotional patterns or encumbering imprints from events. Also unhealthy relationship dynamics within your family, your job or yourself can have an effect and might require a review. It is our goal to release everything that is no longer in service of your soul. Some things may not even be your own, no matter the realm of consciousness they originated from.

This can free up ever more energy and strengthen your sense of trust.

Immediate change becomes palpable

A particular effect of my work is that a noticeable shift already takes place during our session. This can change our experience of life immediately.

I apply psycho-energetics, a method I developed. This addresses mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical levels to the same degree. The premise of my work is that our physical being and doing is inseparable from the metaphysical energetics of our soul.

From victim to creator

After the session your soul might feel liberated and more enthusiastic about life. A higher measure of creational force can be available to you as well as a clearer percpetion of your life and its manifold dynamics.

This can allow for a more conscious living and a stronger self confidence and lead to more health in all areas of your life.

A better quality of life for everybody!

Since we are all connected – whether we are aware of it or not – every change you make for your betterment will have a positive effect on everybody you come in touch with and beyond. This is literally a contribution to what I call the “psycho-ecology” of our world. This is the reason why I love this work so much: I help you and together we help the entire world!

I help you

Worldwide in German and English

Worldwide counseling

We can also easily work via phone, skype or fb, as my clients from over twenty countries and different time zones continue to confirm! → Contact me.

How I work

Elisabeth KarstenThree main procedures have emerged in my work over the years, that I often combine with other tools if need is. However, all sessions have a deliberate use of language in breathing in common. Furthermore I also always consider the aspects of any given situation that go beyond the personal – in accordance with what I call “applied mythology”. Every session is customized to the client. This is also easily transferred to a phone or screen session. I work in German and English.


Playmobil-Figuren als Aufstellungswerkzeug


This method makes use of the instrument of the systemic constellation. It allows to explore complex contexts, various dynamics in the underground of the situation and also that which is not accessible to the awareness of the client. This method is ideal for the exploration of conflicts or challenging life decisions, where the reference points seem to be outside of us, as for instance in relationships, at the job, where we live and of course in family dynamics of any kind. This method reveals various solutions that can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling and a more peaceful status quo for all involved. That is why this method is well suited for sessions with others.

A FIT session takes normally 1-3 hours.  I charge 85 euros per hour.

If you are interested, please contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you!




In my work I realised over the years that our bodies are multidimensional antennas and storage units. I developed a way to quite literally get in touch with this body knowledge. In order to access it the client lies comfortably on a massage table and I gently put my hands on the specific body parts. In this way I sense emotional and psychic blockages etc. and resolve them in together with the client. It is always the aim of this work to reconnect the client with his own core. After a BIT session the client usually feels liberated, strengthened and eager to act and feels generally more reconnected to life.

A BIT session takes about two hours and costs 200 Euros.

If you are interested, please contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you!




According to the desire of the client and therefore with his permission I explore his issue and possible solutions in the personal and transpersonal field of consciousness with the means of a pendulum or a tensor. This is particularly helpful when you have the feeling a potential “blind spot” might be diminishing your own discernment and you therefor lack the necessary clarity to perform an important action. I write up the results and send them to the client. Often I supplement the insights with recommendations for free energy symbols, Bach flower remedies and/or mantras.

QIT goes by the time I need for it – 30 minutes are 50 Euros.

If you are interested, please contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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