Elisabeth Karsten

creative being

Elisabeth KarstenI really like being – a human, a woman, a friend of creation.
I love people, meeting others and the co-creativity that can emerge.
I love my life and myself.

I am perfectly imperfect

I can bubble like a mountain spring or calm like a deep lake. I can produce creative order or creative chaos, soothe or rouse and hold on and stabilize with the same force I can let go with and get things moving. I love my strenghts just as much as my vulnerability. I deeply know that in every expression of our shadow, in failure and in pain there is also always a potential waiting to be revealed.

My sense of humor and my compassion are infinite

I don’t take anything too seriously. Not even myself. And only love as that which is our actual core and deepest connection – is truly sacred to me. I deeply know that we’re all junkies of experience otherwise we wouldn’t be here. And that everything we experience contributes to our growth in consciousness and ultimately our awareness as conscious creators. By accepting what is we can strengthen our ability to love ourselves and others more unconditionally.

I love celebrating our individual and collective potential as creators

The unfathomable diversity of creation, the shere abundance of life and the particular uniqueness of every human being and his or her life never cease to touch me and often makes me humble. I feel awe considering what is possible in truth and am deeply grateful for all the good that each of us creates for himself and others.

I’m a change enthusiast

I truly love change when it leads to growth. I dislike stagnation – it’s the swamp where gnats and pestilence thrive, like unhealthy belief systems and fears. Problems bore me and good solutions inspire me. I love endings and beginnings.

I have a sense for the dictate of the moment

I can clearly sense what the underlying theme of a situation is – independent of all ideas and demands, of all exhausting drama and seemingly important side shows. I can listen really well, to mind, heart and soul and I can place an impulse, like needles of acupuncture, that can have a long lasting positive effect.

I am a midwife of becoming

I help everything that wants to emerge through e or through others into our physical life. For we are all learning to become conscious creators and become ever more loving and conscious. I know of the alchemy of encounters, of words and of stories – and when the ‘mixture’ is just right, magic happens and real transformation becomes possible.

Elisabeth Karsten

Life coach, author, translator, ritual designer

Furthermore: fan of change, applied mythologist and game developer.
Formerly: lecturer, screen writer, script consultant, dramaturgue, script constellationist, entrepreneur, online editor, event manager and in even former times costume- and set designer, chef and ambulant secretary

I’ve certainly learned most through life itself and my deliberate exploration of our consciousness. In experiments of my own as well as participant in seminars on shamanism, metaphysics, psychotherapy, body psychotherapy, trauma therapy, sound healing etc.

2002-5 Seminars on systemic constellations with Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer, Viktoria Sné Schnabel and Heimo and Sabine Sölter.
1996-99 Screenwriting (MfA) at Columbia University, New York, USA

Screenwriting workshops with Frank Daniels, Linda Seger, Keith Cunningham and Tom Schlesinger

1987-92 Theatre Science, History of Art and German Literature at Erlangen University, Erlangen, Germany
1986-87 Scholarship at Mount Holyoke College, USA

Barnes & Nobles Award for Best Young Screenwriter 1998
Kölner KunstSalon Screenwriting Award 1996