building bridges for ideas

English books that inspired me and had a lasting effect on me, I happily translate into German. Currently mostly books by the modern mystic and spiritual teacher from Australia, Michael J. Roads.

For me his books are a recurring motivation and hint to how our human potentials – if we discover and live them – can empower us.

Translated books

book 'Stepping Between Realities' by Michael J. Roads

Stepping Between Realities

metaphysical journalism of the highest order
(for the German version, see the German page)

book 'Insights of a Modern Mystic' by Michael J. Roads

Insights of a Modern Mystic

An almanac with inspiring and motivating texts for every day.
(for the German version, see the German page)

book 'From Illusion to Enlightenment' by Michael J. Roads

From Illusion to Enlightenment

For everybody who wants to grow beyond his current patterns of belieff and behaviour.
(for the German version, see the German page)

If you would like me to translate your books, please contact me!