Professions with a future

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While our familiar world is collapsing evermore, I´m often asked by young people what our future will look like. They also want to know, what profession to choose for themselves. I encourage them to explore what they are really enthusiastic about and what makes them happy and use that as a guide line. As for concrete professions – I have a hunch, that we are in for some powerful surprises soon!

New professions will emerge

In the print edition of the Swiss parent magazine “Fritz und Fränzi” of September 2020 a list of professions is presented that are important now and in the future. The list made me shiver. For the 17 listed professions, i.e. “listener” for people who suffer from loneliness, “feelgoodmanager” for people working in companies, and the “e-sportsmanager” for virtual sportsevents are not even the most creepy. For the list also includes the “pandemic advisor” the “fact checker” and the “drone traffic manager”.

Are we really to settle for more pandemics, a constant war regarding the truth and interpretative sovereignty? Shall we really accept ever more control, isolation and digitalization? I think not! I will fully focus on a time in which the following 21 professions are to become important. Quite along the lines the teachings of my friend and mentor Michael Roads: “Where you focus, energy flows where it connects and creates!”

Opening up to the good that wants to happen through us

Talking with the young people I often tell them of the time when I was their age. When I graduated from high school in the mid-eighties of the last century, we had no idea that many of us would one day work in professions for we which we didn´t even have words then. I.e. IT-programmer, web designer, influencer etc.

Already the communication via screen and a machine that delivers information on any desired subject via voice seemed most futuristic. Or the constant accessory in shape of an increasingly handy communication device seemed pure science fiction to us.  However it inspired us at the time: one of my childhood friends studied physics because he wanted to invent “beaming”. Another wanted to become an ‘intergalactic diplomat’. He now works for the UN!

We are close to quantum leap in development

My feeling is that we will accomplish a similar quantum leap in the next 10-20 years. However this time more encompassing, in many areas. In comparison to that the progress from a rotary phone to the modern smartphone will seem rather ridiculous. And we will probably surpass the renditions in current science fiction films. For up to now we only developed intellectually and technologically. This time however, it is also about our intelligence and our unique human consciousness. Individually and collectively. The paradigm of power, fear and separation is finally giving way to responsibility, love and connection.

Vocation and profession will become one again

I am absolutely sure that our profession in the future is to match our actual vocation! What we do and who we are is in sync! And we can express the unique truth of our being. Making money will not be the primary motif. It will be more about the optimum unfolding of our individual abilities for our wellbeing and that of our community. Personal contentment, fulfillment and joy of life will not be defined by money anymore. For we will develop other means and ways of exchange and compensation. Success will no longer be defined by figures in your account, but by the degree of personal fulfillment.

Furthermore, I can imagine that many of us will work in more than one profession. Partly, because many of us have more than one area of interest. Partly, because the boundaries are fluid – with a holistic life approach everything belongs together in some way anyway.

Truth trainers

Far more important than “checking facts with other facts” is our inherent ability to sense truth. Beyond all tricking of the senses, we can actually feel if something is true for us or not. The perception organ for truth is our heart.

This ability has gotten lost in our culture a long time ago. However, some people managed to maintain or reclaim it. Since we all have this ability, it is possible to reactivate it and train it again. And then we will also understand and kindly accept that people do perceive truth differently depending on where they´re at.

Hologram directors

We become ever more aware how easily our perception can be manipulated. “multidimensional cinema” is possible and already being made use of. How often these kinds of special effects are actually already part of our news media – is only known to those who are doing it. But this also opens up entirely new possibilities for art and creativity: you can literally sit in the middle of the movie!

A special place among the makers of the experiential hologram will be held by those who develop narrative projections that unfold a healing and inspiring quality. These dynamic holograms will go beyond entertainment!

Time managers

More and more we realize that time is an illusion. So far this illusion has caused us more stress than support. However, now we are learning how to make it serve us. People who already know how to consciously expand and condense time will teach us their skills. They will instruct us how we can achieve much more in less time, are always on time and also how we can deactivate the ageing process. (It is merely a program, albeit a very powerful one.) And on the whole they will show us that the physical laws the way we know them are more conventions than laws and that we do not have to be controlled by them, if we choose not to.

It is a conscious decision whom you believe and give credibility and to who not. Furthermore, the time manager will also help us to structure our own time with more awareness. What is work to us or leisure time? What can we do for the community, what do we have to do for ourselves? How can we use the concept of time to our best advantage? Including dealing in a constructive manner with the cycle of the seasons and our own life!

Neighborhood coordinators

Networking is a major key in the future. Furthermore, we´re ever less inclined wanting to own and maintain everything that we need. Therefore, there will be people in the future who make sure the lawn mowers, drills, sewing machines etc. are shared in our neighborhood.

Or they help us find a private tutor for the kids, or company for the elderly and/or lonely and pet sitters. They also organize fun gatherings, like funfairs, street fairs, communal picknicks and the cultivation of communal parks. All in all they take care of the communal interactions. I.e. the organization of a ring exchange of kitchen-, sports-, and gardening gear or the montage of bigger pieces of furniture or a garden pavilion.

Light- and sound designers

Many people are intensely stressed by energy saving lamps, neon light and LEDs. Especially in the darker seasons they lack sufficient light. This is where the light designers come in. They help to arrange the best possible illumination for your own environment and take the needs of all people concerned into account.

The same applies to environments that are stressed by noise. Perhaps due to a construction site or a motor way. There will be ingenious solutions in the future. Until the traffic noise will disappear completely due to the new innovations in the automobile industry. Partly, because many vehicles will be equipped with an anti-gravity module. And partly, because there will be no surface friction anymore. Furthermore the engines will be much more quiet – because they are powered with free energy.

Free energy engineers

This profession might become the most prosperous in the near future. For literally everything that has been powered by electricity will be increasingly powered by electromagnetism and free energy. This is so all encompassing that we shall have to learn to think in a completely new way.

Fortunately, there are a few brilliant pioneer among us who have followed into Nicola Tesla´s footsteps! This begins with our energy supplies – nuclear energy, windmills and extensive solar cells will disappear. As well as high-voltage power lines, unnecessary radio wave activity etc. We will have a technology that is beneficial for humans and nature. Furthermore, we will find an ethically wise handling of artificial intelligence!

Nature harmonizers

Too often man met nature as an opponent. Now it is becoming ever more important to consider us as partners and communal participants in life. It will become ever more crucial to find good solutions for the interactions of people and living nature. This applies to living, traffic, logistics etc. All arrangements that have been painfully on the expense of nature will change. Too often we thereby also did damage to ourselves. We created air pollution, noise pollution, toxins in food etc. We will also learn to handle the constant climate change in a constructive manner. As we  will know deeply about the correlations between human consciousness and our earthly climate!

Especially people who can communicate with the subtle realms will be needed. They will talk to the nature spirits, but also the animal, plants, and entire landscapes. There will be specialists for forests, oceans, deserts… And especially areas that have suffered intensely from human exploitation will be brought back into healthy conditions. Their actions will lead to potable drinking water which is truly beneficial to our health, nutritional air and food free of toxins etc…

Holistic trauma healers

Many people will need support in dealing with the aftermath of the events of our current times. War trauma research has taught us that traumas are inheritable and can have an effect on the seventh generation after the event. In places with a particular healing energy special therapists will work with these people and help them to overcome their fears and emotional stress so that they are psychically and emotionally healthy again and can lead a happy fulfilled life!

Psychic terminal and birth caretakers

To the degree that we grow in consciousness we will deeply understand that our current physical existence is but one excerpt of our infinite eternal life. We will understand that physical death and birth are but transitions from one state of being into another. And we will make sure that those who are born into our world or into another will receive loving support. This will happen in cooperation with the beings of the metaphysical realms. We will lose our fear of death and will know how to put physical and metaphysical worlds into a healthy relation.

Self-healing trainers and holistic health coaches

Natural healing methods will become more popular than ever before. The old knowledge on the healing capacities of plants, breathing techniques and our own manifestation powers will become part of our lifestyle again. Some will find it easier than others. However, all of us will realize more and more that we personally are primarily responsible for our health and wellbeing. That means that we will treat ourselves and others with more awareness and respect. We will take care of our nutrition and accept that any symptoms of disease are a sign that something is out of balance in our psyche. This will inspire us to make according changes in our attitude and lifestyle.

Sexual culture teachers with integrity

We are becoming increasingly aware again of the sacredness of sexuality and will part from its commercialization. For that debases, desecrates and distorts its actual qualities, because it turns people into objects. However, our sexuality is intricately connected to our creative powers and the more consciously we act on this the more we can connect with life in a fertile way. In this manner we can realize our dreams and visions to the wellbeing of all in a powerful way.

Certain people who are specifically trained in this will convey a healthy and age appropriate sex culture to our children  during their upbringing. They will love and appreciate themselves and handle their sexuality with respect and responsibility. They will also honor the highly important connection of sex and love.

Holistic gardening coaches

With the growing trend towards building natural health and the maintenance of a “home grown pharmacy” the interest in creating your own produce will increase.

Quite a few things are already possible on the balcony or the roof terrace. Wise, botanically savvy gardening coaches will help us to find out which plants are particularly good for us. They will show us how to make them grow and thrive in the spaces we have available. Presumably they will also manage a network of local gardeners to exchange their produce. For some are better at growing potatoes, others at growing apples…

Meditation coordinators

It is well documented that large groups of people meditating together have a measurable effect on reducing the crime rate, violence etc. This amazing and easy to achieve effect will become ever more important in the future. Not only in order, to reduce violence. But also, to promote peace, joy and creativity! And therefore people are needed who coordinate this – world wide!

Astral travel agents

Ever more people master lucid dreaming. They also know about other realities and dimensions and that this is one possible way to reach them.

And it is becoming ever more obvious that many things are happening in the subtle realms that have an effect on our physical realm. Those, who can freely move in their metaphysical bodies will instruct others how to do this. And they will work together in order to consciously prepare things in the metaphysical realms so that they can manifest in physically healthy way.

Intergalactic diplomates

When we have finally taken our proper place as a conscious species among the peoples of the galaxy, the already happening contact with extraterrestrial civilizations will increase. This will require skilled diplomates who are familiar with interstellar travel, very exotic cultures and the interests and conflicts of an intergalactic population.

Frequency dejamers

Ever more people realize that there is absolutely no need to be so stressed by the emanations of our devices. For example by electro smog, radio waves, and 5G to the degree that it is the case currently.

Possibilities exist and have partly already been put into practice to change those waves and radiations. These frequencies can be made beneficial to nature and humans or to at least be freed of the unhealthy parts. This can include a filter for unwanted subliminal messages!

Power dance instructors

The power that emerges when people do something in unison, like singing or meditating is well known. This also applies to group dances. Many indigenous people know this and use it for the wellbeing of their tribe and its individual members. Also, in antiquity this was known and made us of.

I am absolutely sure that we can reclaim this knowledge and use it constructively again. These dances are not only about contact with the subtle realms, healing rituals or contact with the ancestors. Under certain conditions the emerging sound and scalar waves also have an effect on the magnetic forces of the earth. Furthermore, it is simply great fun to dance power dances in large groups and this joy will feed into he collective of all of earth!

Managers of med-beds

I am absolutely sure we will experience a major revolution in medicine in the years to come. Frequency-, information field- and natural medicine will boom like never before. The so-called “med-beds” (medical beds) and their capacities represent a quantum leap in medical treatment. They will turn our knowledge and thinking regarding health and disease upside down. Insofar pandemics will certainly be a thing of the past. For this new medicine practise and its responsible application new doctors will be needed! They need to be able and willing to   think, feel and act according to new parameters.

History correctors

Many things that did not fit into the narrative of our historians will come to the light in the near future. I am imagining an interactive data base (without the bias of Wikipedia) where people and peoples can enter their documentary material. Then each interested individual can do his own research. And all of us will learn the truth about our origin.

Furthermore, all the manipulation in the various history books will be brought to light and corrected. Due to the truth training that already begins in childhood we will feel ever more precisely what is true and what is not. And the joy regarding the hidden truths that are finally becoming public knowledge and enrich our lives will help us to grow our sense of inner security. This in turn will hopefully help us to deal with the anger that might emerge when we realize just how much intentional suppression and deception regarding these important facts has been taking place.

Applied mythologists and ritual designers

We will need new stories and myths that help us to deal more consciously with the mysteries of life. Furthermore, they are to support our values and our individual strength. For too long our consciousness was fed with stories that were not in service of our growth in consciousness or the exploration of our personal purpose.

They were designed to create a rather low-maintenance and functioning society. Fantastic and magical things were only to be experienced in stories or virtual game spaces. Usually by people with a tough fate. An amazing number of our heroes are orphans, have dysfunctional parents, often nasty stepmoms or mothers, mean monsters, devious dragons etc. etc.

However, the true magic of life has been underrated. And just how much creative power can be set free if you have a conscious awareness of unconditional love has been severely neglected. In the new time love as the power of creation – not only as a sentimental feeling – will play a fundamentally new role. Happy couples and families are the foundation of a happy community and a happy people. Promoting and celebrating this can be a wonderful profession! And to be able to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally is an enormous and necessary enrichment of a truly healthy, holistic life.

Liberators of consciousness

Regarding the capacities of human nature, we´ve been misled in many areas of our lives for millennia. For it example, it has often been stated that humans are inclined towards violence, begrudge each other what they own or achieve and enjoy denying their fellows the space where they live. In brief: humans are evil, stingy and envious.

However, this – if at all – applies only to a small minority of unhappy people. The vast majority of people want to do good stuff, are generous and enjoy sharing. Under that premise we could live a completely different life together. This requires that we let go of our fears: fearing the other, fearing lack or whatever other adversities. Letting go of fears is an individual process in which we can get help from others.

Cleansing our manifold abilities

So far, many things were employed to the detriment of mankind, in order to make people obedient, compliant and fearful. But of course, the same tools, technologies and methods can also be used with a good effect. Even for the wellbeing of all mankind. Putting these partly ancient, partly hyper modern consciousness technologies back into a healthy application is important for our healthy future. The liberators of consciousness are experts in this!

Some of these new teachers will also remind us of our uniquely human abilities and help us reactivate them, for we lost them in the course of millennia: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, bi-location…and the manifestation ‘from nothing’.

We will be free again and self-aware, conscious creators

Professional liberators of consciousness are working on dissolving all the distortions of our fundamental believes regarding who we are.  They help us to let go of all the belief systems that relied on separation and fear and were serving power structures. We can then replace them by more natural and healthier belief systems and principles. This includes a new awareness of economy and trade, the re-assessment of politics and leaders as well as what ought to be taught at schools and universities.

They help us to increase our self-awareness and to act from a healthy consciousness. For we always create – whether we are aware of it or not. But if we do it with awareness, we can create a far healthier world for us and others. The liberators of consciousness support us in always acting form trust, love and joy – whether alone or together with others. In that way we can achieve true freedom in the long run: for it is true freedom to be able to consciously choose the next right step to take in our dance with life!

Addendum (August 03, 2021) :

A dear reader has thankfully brought a great American article to my attention. In it, the author gives a detailed overview of what the last 18 months have done to our business world and also what future trends are emerging right now:  https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/future-of-work-statistics/