Coloured flock of sheep

Which archetypes are ‘hot’ right now?

736 445 Elisabeth Karsten

Every historical phase has its archetypes. That is, certain character patterns that express themselves in the actions of various people and thus give shape to the zeitgeist. I also covered this in a somewhat satirical manner two years ago. I always find it instructive to explore the present archetypes to gain insight into our current collective consciousness.

Boys with LaptopsRegarding our time in general, the environmentalist, the nerd, the rapper and the influencer immediately come to mind. While other archetypes have meanwhile become obsolete or have become social fringe figures. The “matchmaker” has been replaced by dating platforms.  The “old maid” is hardly noticeable among the many sovereign single women, even at old age. And the old “swashbuckler” who proudly reports on his combat experiences has long been on the social fringe.

However, some archetypes are not directly replaced, but their meaning and social assessment changed. Certain archetypes underwent an extreme change quite recently.

Once positive archetypes are becoming negative

I have noticed this strongly especially in the last two years. Some archetypes, which used to have a positive connotation, are now experiencing a strong negative evaluation.

The expert

For example, the “expert” used to be someone who had a trustworthy competence in a certain area and was helpful in sharing his knowledge with others. In the meantime, an “expert” is someone who, to much media acclaim, propagates a very specific interpretation of certain facts that serves a certain agenda rather than the real good of his listeners. As a result, people are now suspicious of the mere announcement that an expert will be speaking on a particular topic.

The lateral thinker

feet on the tableNote: For my English readers: “Lateral thinker” (Querdenker) is used in the German media as a characterization of the people who went to the first protests and have been treated adversarial ever since.

In the same way, the “lateral thinker” has undergone an astonishing reinterpretation. Just two years ago, this was someone who thought outside the social norms, came up with unusual but feasible solutions to challenges, and was generally considered uncomfortable on occasion, but creative and helpful. A maverick, who was able to think outside the box!

In the meantime, the term has literally mutated into a dirty word. Lateral thinker is now used to describe people who in the past were more likely to be called troublemakers – namely unpleasant and unwelcome disruptors of the status quo. Now this type of maverick is someone who is accused of engaging in conspiracy theories. He is considered to be at least rightwing, if not radical and violent. Overall he has nothing else in mind, but to insult and unsettle his fellow human beings and to destroy the state.

The politician

At the same time, I observe that the image of the politician has been deteriorating over the past two years. Quite contrary to what the leading media generally publish. At first, politicians were honorable, dedicated people who apparently worked for the good of the community and their country. Then they became spineless turncoats who could be bought and bribed. Now, they are increasingly seen as parasites on society, more concerned with their personal gain than living up to the mandate of their constituents.

Once negative archetypes have also become positive

Some actually experience a reversed change. This was caused by the events of the last two years alone. And even if the covid measures fall away and many people long for a return “to normality”, the changing of our archetypes will not be reversible! On the contrary, it continues massively!

The couch potato

The couch potato became a kind of hero due to the lockdown phases. He stayed at home, not because he was too comfortable or too cowardly to face the outside world. It was because he didn’t want to threaten others with his potentially virus-laden presence. Staying at home, watching Netflix and having food delivered – also so that the catering trade wouldn’t suffer even more – was suddenly something quite admirable!

The civil journalist

And from my point of view, the citizen journalist has undergone an enormous revaluation. In the past, he was considered an amateurish reporter. He reported on the power struggles in his allotment association or the conflicts in local traffic management on his private local radio or television station, away from the public media. But the type has changed:

Now he has become a vigilant “civil journalist” who is always has his smartphone ready for video and sound recordings. He shares his often-controversial observations in his blog, on his website or on social media. His commitment and credibility earn him his fans – who personally support him financially in return. This allows him to devote himself freely and courageously to the search for truth. For he is completely independent of any political and/or ideological directives to which his colleagues in the leading media must submit.

And the community of freelance journalists, who have been pointing out and denouncing contradictions and cover-ups beyond the social narrative for years and decades, warmly welcome these “truthers” and “digital journalists,” some of whom are still very young. Indeed, they network and connect in their shared commitment to truth.

Three archetypes that are now increasingly important

In my constant enthusiasm for applied mythology, I have been researching which archetypes might be playing an important role right now. The following three archetypes particularly caught my eye.  I believe they will be instrumental in the current and growing social change.

Therefore, I’ve been looking into them a little more deeply. And I suspect that some of my readers can find themselves among them:

The archetype of the black sheep

These are known to be the people who are out of line everywhere. They can’t or don’t want to stick to the usual conventions of their environment. This is, for example, the freelance artist in a family of civil servants. But also, the farmer who uses glyphosate among organic farmers, or the spa guest who avoids most treatments and treats himself with long walks and wine spritzer…

Strictly speaking, in every black sheep there is a conscious-unconscious rebel who refuses to be hindered in his own self-expression by the traditions, fears and habits of others. And not all “black sheep” easily agree with one another! On the contrary – there are so many more possibilities to disagree among themselves than to grow together to become functioning community. But this is exactly their task now!

The black sheep must learn to form a healthy flock!

The particular challenge for the “black sheep” is not to boost their ego by being “different” and standing out – they usually even prefer to be disagreeable than to be pleasantly conspicuous…. But even more important is that they learn not to lose their energy in unnecessary power struggles or even to identify with them.

And it is especially difficult for a “black sheep” among other “black sheep”. Because, if everyone dances out of line, you only stand out if you dance “in line” – and mutate into the white sheep among the black ones…

What also distinguishes black sheep is that they couldn´t care less about the opinion of others. They don´t give a damn and are sometimes even proud of being considered inappropriate by others. They like to say:

“I am now one of those people my parents always warned me about when I was young.”

The strengths of the black sheep

Often, they have explored and trodden other paths than the usual ones of those around them. They are used to things that seem to work effortlessly for others being a challenge for them. Therefore, they can encourage others who suddenly find that something in their lives that has always worked before no longer works.

For among our contemporary sheep are many who have long known how to grow vegetables on the balcony. They can teach children regardless of curricula. And they seek out doctors only in absolute emergencies because they have a solid knowledge of naturopathy and a corresponding medicine cabinet.

They basically follow their heart and common sense more than any expert or any media recommendation. Their authenticity is sacred to them, and their knowledge and authority is owed to their – often painful – experience. They are often adamant about that. This can make them exhausting contemporaries. Also, for each other.

However, these frictions can also release new energies, perspectives and creative impulses! For a black sheep actually looks for the best solution above all. And since this is often an unusual solution in our time – because it is not based on the usual conditioning – it is often a welcome solution!

Black sheep bring more color into society

There are many situations in which it is not only important, but also necessary for a society that not all sheep are white…. And when I talk to “black sheep”, i.e., people who often perceived themselves as outsiders in their environment already as a child, they often explain charmingly but also provocatively that they rather consider themselves as “psychedelic sheep” or “rainbow sheep”…

But many a black sheep has slipped into a certain outsider position not only because of its character predisposition. Sometimes it is also a stroke of fate that has thrown the person physically, psychologically or on both levels off track and to the edge of society. Thus, many of them also have a close relationship to the following archetype.

The archetype of the wounded healer

The concept of the “wounded healer” goes back to Greek mythology and a certain centaur – half horse, half man – named Chiron.

One day Chiron is accidentally hit by a poisoned arrow of Hercules. This is very unpleasant, since as an immortal he cannot die and is thus condemned to eternal torment. And all his wisdom does not help him. He – the greatest teacher of the healing arts, is unable to heal himself.

Finally, he comes up with the idea of sacrificing himself for the god chained to a rock. According to a decree of Zeus, Prometheus (who brought fire to mankind and was punished for it) should only find redemption if someone would willingly take his place. Now Chiron becomes human, can die, and descends into the underworld. As a reward for his sacrifice, Zeus places him in the sky as the constellation of Sagittarius.

The incurable wound that changes the whole life

Many of us also experience a psychological or physical wound that seems unhealable. No matter what we try, nothing and no one can help. At some point, this forces us to take a path that no one but us has taken before. It means to dare new things, new healing methods and above all, to go into humbleness, before what wants to happen through and with us, even if it is dying. There will be a divine reason why this suffering happened to us, even if we may never understand it. And only when we surrender to it completely and are ready to let go of our life as we imagined it or as it was familiar to us – transformation can happen.

And then comes the groundbreaking realization that the solution lies within us alone. Nothing outside, neither money, nor status, nor fame, nor achievement can help us. It is only the surrender to divine grace and the acceptance of our own creative power. Ultimately, we heal ourselves in cooperation with the divine. And the process of insight, wisdom, and also humility gained in the process are then the basis for helping others with a similar situation.

There is also a kind of shamanic principle, which is that what we have healed in and of ourselves, we can heal in others. But we can’t do it without the original injury and its life-forming consequences.

The challenge of the wounded healer

Among the “wounded healers” there are proportionally very many who, when someone suffers physically or psychologically, immediately do everything in their power to provide relief. Sometimes more than the sufferer actually wants or even demands. And often they are remarkably overbearing in doing so.

In short, many of them have an unresolved helper syndrome. They throw themselves into the mode of “the saving angel”, even if perhaps something completely different would be called for. Because the problem is that it makes all involved and affected weak. The sufferer is pushed deeper into the role of the victim, the helper levies himself up to the role of the rescuer. However, in so doing he often creates more unrest and stress than is necessary. And this, of course, is not at all conducive to alleviating the problem. This is the unredeemed aspect, of the “wounded healer”, which is expressed in this way.

Learning the difference between compassion and pity

Unfortunately, this is total reactive nonsense. All “wounded healers” have to learn the difference between compassion and pity at some point. As well as to ask themselves again and again: is help here desired and appropriate or not?

Instead of presenting remedies, advice, and wise sentences, such as: “You created that yourself – which aspect of you was that?” or “You have to transform your victim attitude!” or “Just let it go – then you’ll feel better soon…” etc. etc…

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with sovereignty and healthy empowerment of the other person! It is to give the other one the opportunity to ask for help and to help him then to solve the problem in HIS way and not to flood him with solution suggestions!

The permission to help strengthens trust

Because every person is basically responsible for their own well-being. And it is absolutely helpful to respect the other person’s responsibility for her own well-being. Even if she feels miserable- and to simply ask: what do you need now? And to wait patiently for the answer.

By consciously asking for support, the ground is prepared for a helpful exchange. The person asking is ready to receive and the “wounded healer” is empowered to give his best. What happens then is a joint creative act for the benefit of all involved!

This makes each individual and a whole community much stronger and more powerful!

The American author and archetype researcher Caroline Myss is even convinced that the “Wounded Healers” will save our world!

Chiron shows up in our horoscopes

Interestingly, a planetoid was also given the name Chiron and always plays an important role in our horoscope. It is considered to indicate our “karmic scar” – i.e., a certain weakness, but at the same time our greatest chance of healing. This can be on the physical or psychological level!

This year Chiron is in the sign of Aries. The weak point is failure. Consistency must be learned. It is about constant new beginnings – which can be too impulsive or too unworldly. And an important aspect in the current constellation is that it stands for “The end of patronage”!

The archetype of the 5D-pioneer

This archetype is in my opinion just about to emerge. I call this type 5D-pioneers because they are already dealing with higher dimensional perception and multidimensional consciousness. They will surely also create new professions!

These are the people who know that NOTHING can go on like it was until now. They love change and learn as much and as often as they can in the areas of their passions, knowing that there must be new ways there as well.

These people have a sense of the future – their job is literally to bring the future, the new, the fresh, the different into the present.

They are not afraid of the unknown

The courage to risk new things, the courage to fail, and courage in general are among their most outstanding characteristics. Fears do not slow them down!

They have the potential to become the heroes of the newness that is about to emerge. Unfamiliar ways of thinking and livable realities, which others thought to be science fiction so far, are their preferred adventure zone. They are quasi the architects of consciousness of the new era!

Many of them have trained their metaphysical perception, have mastered out-of-body travel, lucid dreaming and have a talent for shamanism etc.

Their biggest challenge is to always stay true to their vision – no matter how big or small – no matter what others say or think. Their greatest opponent is the fear of their own courage and the power of others’ fears….

One expression of their shadow is wallowing in negative scenarios…. and – especially tricky – those who are enthusiastic about transhumanism and “total mechanization”…. They too are “5D pioneers” – but they manifest a very unredeemed version of it!

Agents of change

All in all, 5D pioneers are agents of change, breaking previous belief patterns, conventions and even laws that no longer serve humanity.

If you want to unlock this archetypical aspect in yourself, I recommend:

– Scanning positive science fiction movies and books for idea potential.

– Joining forces with like-minded people, with whom one can create a vision with conscious imagination and then easily even actively implement it.

  • – Remaining persistent and patient
  • – Training your intuition
  • – Paying attention to your dreams
  • – Being careful with whom you share your thoughts – many a sprouting plant can be destroyed by a caustic remark of a traditionalist.
  • – Practicing seeing the positive potential in everything, the inherent possibilities for the good of being and also when they are not there and thus a path turns out to be a dead end.
  • – A helpful tool from the toolbox of the “5D pioneer” is not only to see the positive potential in others, but also to awaken it by directing his loving attention to it.

Perhaps we can all be inspired by this

Let us “love” out the good power in each other! Let us practice encouragement and praising each other more than criticizing each other! Sometimes we can even guess which good force is in whom before the person himself can perceive it and, above all, believe it himself!

Let’s be each other’s midwife for our new qualities! They are urgently needed right now!

Note: This blog emerged from a BELIMA lecture on the same topic.