The Biggest Show in the World

1920 1365 Elisabeth Karsten

In my recent research in the alternative media I came across a possibly leaked document concerning our current show. Unfortunately I cannot retrieve the source anymore. My daily research is sometimes rather chaotic. I only remember that it was utterly questionable. However some of it seems quite enlightening to me.

So I do not want to withhold it from my cherished readers. All are asked to carefully examine the document and to make sure, to not get it the wrong way. For that is not so easy these days…  May you all draw your own conclusions from it:


Cosmic Office for the Devising of Accidents and Coincidences (CODAC)

Character profiles for the worldwide reality show

“The Big Change”  Season 2020 – The Battle for Truth

Issue 2.3 wip (work in progress)

To make the show continuously exciting, we divided the actors roughly into four groups – the borders are blurred. The groups are of varying size, but easily in constant conflict with each other. Furthermore there are also many thriving conflicts within the groups that are sometimes more sometimes less obvious.

That ensures rich daily entertainment. For at any time various possible points of friction can be put dramatically into the foreground. This allows for the story to continue over days, weeks, months – even years. (See plot list, also previous seasons)

We added a few character sketches to each group that are merely to offer some inspirations. Of course there is no limit to the creation of a part. For the exact character is up to the individual participant in the show. Depending on the story it is also possible for one or the other, to change the profile of their character and thereby become a member of another group. There is lots of room here for improvisation, as well as for the dynamic changing of leading and supporting roles during the course of events. The characters are to be chosen and realized according to temper, relationship web and the need for growth in consciousness.

Show-Group 1 “The Sheep” (or the ‘sleepers’)

Main quality of consciousness: STS as well as STO (‘Service to Self’as well as ‘Service to Others’)

They are by far the largest group of all. They express the decisions made by the other groups more or less clearly. Their willingness to change is rather limited. But if it takes place slowly enough – they tend to follow suit in accordance with their herd mindset. One possible impediment is their tendency to cherish their acquired habits even though they might be detrimental. They always prefer old unhealthy habits over  unforeseeable changes even though the likelihood they might be positive is large. Their trust in the old is always much bigger than their trust in the new. Therefore resistance is to be expected. However not because of opposition, but because of lack of understanding and especially the perceived threat of their security which is most important to them. Truth for them means especially the belonging to ’the right’ group and the ability to separate from ‘the wrong’ group.

Spectrum: from deeply asleep to dozing, to refusing to wake up- also during day time

Character profile: obedient, acquiescent, friendly, righteous, gullible, great willingness to be a victim: they easily let go of self-determination in favour of heteronomy. The responsibility should lie with others, who ideally know better because they are more rich, more powerful and smarter.

Ideal dispositions for this role: being reactive, having a herd mentality, avoiding thoughts and feelings that are too deep, easy to distract and misguide, easy to appease and to agitate, able to ignore paradoxes

Driven by: Their trust that those “up there” do know what is right, otherwise they wouldn´t be “up there”, they need others to tell them what is ‘right’ and ‘important’

Positive aspects: kind, polite, helpful

Negative aspects: fearful, ignorant, cowardly

Energy source: Power in the masses (But everybody is doing it!)

Blind spot: obedience doesn´t protect you from responsibility

Amount of work: small – medium, approximately like extras in big epic stories like the Mahabharata or the Bible.

Particularity: a willingness to wear textile masks – despite their collective apathy they are always able to produce utter surprises – by suddenly waking up and becoming active. Sometimes even together. They are very unpredictable.

Sample character sketches

The good neighbours

They are always kind and friendly and make an effort to turn their textile leftovers into colourful facial masks, give their accumulated toilet paper away adorned with a brightly coloured ribbon and cheer everybody standing in line at their local grocery store up with an obtrusive radiation of “All will be fine”.

The doomsday chickens

Aside from having horded toilet paper, canned soups and jarred fruit they also have also turned their basement into a bunker. They also kept an old DVD-player and a huge collection of DVDs. This required also the acquisition of a generator. They only maintain few contacts for they suspect treason almost everywhere.

The snitches or denunciators (with ambition of becoming a ->beta-hound)

They describe themselves as the friends and helpers of our friends and helpers (police and army). They are eager to put any new regulation into practise. If need is by publicly humiliating others. This helps them to uplift their own damaged self-worth.

The good respectable citizens

They always do everything right, have great manners and are often kind people. Resistance is only something for revolutionaries. And people who – in their opinion – cause unnecessary chaos are to be abhorred. Security and  undisturbed privacy is highly valued by them.

The committed teachers

They love their profession and always have the feeling to more and better than most others. They like instructing others and generously so. They primarily trust in logic, facts and objective renditions from neutral, unbiased sources. They are unaware that these too often are serving some kind of agenda. They prefer simplified and therefore occasionally distorted presentations of complicated issues over intense personal research that might be unsettling.

Show-Group 2 “Hounds” (Sedators)

Main quality of consciousness: STS (Service to Self)

This group is much smaller than the above group, but more active. Often, but not always, more noisy and much more aggressive. They can be subdivided into alpha hounds and beta hounds. Alpha hounds like to think of themselves as woolfs. However they often ignore the fact that they may give orders but are in turn recipients of orders from their lords and often rather more sheep dogs than hounds. The size of the flocks that they are to lead as well the masses of matter with which they can operate differs, but their basic profile is the same. Their willingness to change is generally small. Unless they can control it according to their needs, then they fight for it rather vigorously. To them truth means little to nothing, unless they can use it as a manipulable currency to realize their intentions.

Spectrum: from mildly disturbed and narcissistic to fanatic and ruthless to completely psychopathic

Character profile: self-righteous, unscrupulous, greedy, reward oriented, addicted to power, acknowledgement and money, they often confuse perpetrator and victim. They see themselves as the victim where they are the perpetrator and vice versa. They love having the power, but like to pass on the responsibility to others

Ideal dispositions for this role: hierarchical thinking, easy to seduce, doubtful of the good in people, prone to violence, enjoying perversions, megalomania, deliberately creating paradoxes and using them (confusing others while maintaining the clear view for themselves.

Driven by: Winning at all costs – they trust that those giving them orders are knowing and doing the right thing; god may rule in the heavens, on earth it´s us – for we want the best and what´s best for all is to be determined by us, power is clearly more important than love

Positive aspects: often intelligent, well educated, leadership qualities, good at organizing and logistics, abstract thinking

Negative aspects: extremely elitist, manipulative, inhumane, corrupt, arrogant

Energy source: power by manipulation and threat, the absolute conviction to be a member of the truly privileged, actually being one of the few chosen

Blind spot: sure of victory, general feeling of superiority

Extremely high work effort: building and maintaining constructs of lies, a lot of make-up, possibly serving more than one master, growing the ego, wearing complicated, multi-layered masks convincingly,

Particularity: They are will to be abused so they can abuse others. And some of them do lack a soul – and psychologically deeply disturbed and sick. Compassion is here less of service than a deliberate withdrawel of any attention.

Sample role sketches

The corrupt politicians

They carefully discern between what they actually think and what they do and say. They demonstrate a high degree of commitment for their personal goals all the while appearing most altruistic to the public. Often they have a penchant for glamour and the exploitation weaker people

The submissive journalists

Due to their business they deem themselves much better informed than most of their readers or audience. They put their often amazing abilities into service of their customers. They know all too well how dependent they are on their employers and have a natural aversion against people exploring the truth at any risk – since for them that risk is too big.

The spindoctors

They are masters of language and juggling news. The can get any show into their cunning hands and are basically geniuses at marketing. They turn scandals into honourable revelations. They produce fake news without qualms for they know the short memory of the public all too well.

The gaslighters

When the work of the spindoctor is not enough, they step in and employ heavy machinery in order to serve the agenda of their masters. They brilliantly create images and scenarios to support the credibility of their employers – truth is a matter of selling to them. Everybody who questions their actions and their ‘honorable’  motifs is immediately ridiculed and aggressively dismissed as a -> conspiracy theorist.

The fear mongerers

Exaggeration in everything that evokes fear and unrest is their vocation. Stress of others boosts their energy. Usually they are under constant stress themselves and therefor they have an aversion against peace and serenity. For them it´s Halloween all year round.

The philantropists with a catch

Unbelievably rich they can buy the consent of almost any person in a power and decision making position. No matter whether in technology, chemistry, media, sports or art etc. That allows them to make the world yield to their taste. Externally they present themselves as philantropists, who actually are only caring for the wellbeing of mankind. However how this wellbeing is to be defined is their privilege. Furthermore they are so convinced of their seemingly good deeds and promote them so persuasively that others won´t doubt them – similar to a marriage impostor. All the well they are doing is finally contributing most to their own wellbeing.

The satanists

Sie have completely renounce human values, despise life, deny love, compassion and care. They consider power and property for the sole fulfilling thing. They don´t know any taboos – torture, torment, abuse of minors, black magic sacrifice rituals are a source of power and food for them. They use the metaphysical laws exclusively for their own gain, including the ‘redirection of karma’, they might bring on themselves.

The bad aliens – often reptiles

They are members of a species that can get much older than the average human and consider earth humans only as a means to an end, since they see them as primitive and gullible. For many centuries it has been common practise to feed on earth humans and particularly on their suffering. Therefore they ensure this with sometimes unearthly means.

Show-Group 3 The Foxes (‘prompters’) (Mainly STO – sometimes STS)

This group constantly underestimates its size, but will become aware of its power as a community in the course of the show. Their willingness to change is large. Their need to direct the change according to their needs is much less, than their need to stop others from directing it along a malevolent path. They value individuality and authenticity very highly and appreciate open discussions. For them it is not about a unified view but an agreement on basic values, as there are for instance freedom, the dignity of man, health and free unfolding of the spirit (creativity) and the care for the wellbeing of all. Truth means a lot to them – for they consider it the path to real freedom, the correction of grievances, healing and harmony  with all that is.

Spectrum: from clueless, but committed to smart and effective to highly intelligent, steadfast and transformative

Character profile: worried, courageous, brave, committed, compassionate, diligent, bustling, perseverant, astute, alert, strident, passionate, self-responsibility and self-determination are sacred to them. They prefer cooperation on eyes-level over hierarchical chains of order. Occasionally they feel threatened by the sheer stupidity of the masses (sleeping sheep) and the nasty intentions of a small, but powerful group (alpha-hounds)

Ideal dispositions for this role: unconditional love for the truth, freedom and life, if need is this love is to be defended with violence, passionate, strong backbone, being able to act despite possible fears and the conviction that a happy, fulfilled, abundant and safe life is the birth right of man,  paradoxes that make no sense are vehemently questioned

Driven by: an unshakeable sense for the truth and the awareness, that there definitely is a good path for humanity and that it is to be realized as soon as possible

Guiding principle: there is a divine order and it is all about to restoring that again, also through me: Love is more important than power – Love will always prevail

Positive aspects: often very intelligent, committed, astute, steadfast, trust in the good, humble, grateful, cooperative

Negative aspects: easily irritated, pessimistic, sensationalist, dogmatic, schoolmasterly

Energy source: power through networking with others in trust – together we´re one

Blind spot: Knowledge won´t protect you of the stupidity of others – truth is also a matter of timing

Work effort: very high – not to become discouraged, maximum resilience is required, as well as 100% effort, lots of adversity is to be experienced, a high capacity for suffering

Particularity: Sometimes a very high degree of sensitivity combined with tangibility and the ability to draw clear and necessary boundaries, even if they are painful.

Sample character sketches:

The disillusioned scientists

Skilled and quite steadfast, they notice that their sensible work is abused and/or disparaged by others. They do not doubt themselves, but their guild and how some of the members present themselves and the reaction of the public and the system.

The information warriors or Truthers or Real News Activists

They have the most refined sense for truth and lies and diligently explore the most fishy situations. They often risk their status, their reputation and their personal safety. But being aware of the grievances they feel they have no choice. Many of them are real heroes.

The civil journalists

Modern media makes it possible – for all can film their environment with their smartphone. In this way more and more individuals put their observations online and connect with other observers. Thereby they contribute to an alternative view of things independently from the narrative sold by mainstream media.

The digital soldiers and q-anons

They collect and compare the information from all sorts of sources online and distillate with great skill from it what actually happened or is happening. Many of them then become -> information warriors. A large group among them are the so called q-anons, a growing movement of ever more connected -> Truthers, who read the ‘Q-Posts’ and knows how to interpret them. The more q-anons work together, the easier it is to understand the often rather cryptical messages (q-drops). It is part of the thrill in the matter, that the exact origin of the posts and he true identity of Q is just as enigmatic, as his messages. However due to the decoded messages the q-anons agree, that Q is working on their behalf and that his or her actual identity is not nearly as important, as the pursuit of the common goal: the liberation from the enslavement by the hounds and the motto: (WWG1WGA- where we go 1 we go all)

The Meta-Truthers (according to the hounds also ‘conspiracy esoterics’)

Are a small, but strong group that acquires is information not only from the internet, but also from astrology, numerology or exchanges with extraterrestrials and non-physical entities. They repeatedly align what´s happening with their own information. This they then share in social media and often include interesting references to history and mythology. For instance the current show is considered a remake of the Atlantean drama. And the prevailing conflict is also involving extraterrestrials as well as metaphysical beings and there is interaction between all levels.

The conspiracy theorists

They disagree with the usage of this term for their work with an indulgent smile. For they know that the term was popularized by the CIA in the 1950ies, who wanted to evade uncomfortable questions concerning the Vietnam war, by ridiculing the questioner. It worked. They themselves use the term -> information warrior or -> Truther.

The Whistleblowers

They are willing to lend themselves to show in their flesh what humans are doing to other humans. They have a very high capability for suffering and an even higher capacity for love for life – otherwise they would hardly survive what is happening to them. They rise daily beyond their limits and often show super human grit and strength of character: they are true heroes.

The sacred warriors

They have committed themselves with their entire mind and body to “the good cause” and risk their lives for it. They are fully aware that they are doing humanity a great service. Even though it may never learn who the brave people were who did this for them. The liberation of the people and the victory of the good guys is more important to them than their own life. They too are true heroes.

The folk heroes

They consider the misuse of power an atrocity and a crime. They fight for justice, freedom, peace and the self-determination of man. In order to achieve that, they sometimes have to seemingly play by the rules of the hounds. Even though they despise it, it is necessary to finally defeat them.  They are not driven by ambition, fame or money. But solely by the knowing, that they have risked their life and consciousness for the right cause. Even if they fail.

The good aliens – sometimes reptiles

Since the ‘bad’ aliens are working with the hounds, it is only fair that the foxes also get cosmic support. They generally are technologically and psychologically ahead of mankind and help the foxes to make their decisions and sometimes even I their actions.

Show-Group 4 The Lynxes (‘awoke’) (Primarily STO)

They are smallest group of all, but with a strong effect.  They do not get entangled in conflicts. However they are well aware that they can experience their outcomes. They believe in ‘breaking down in order to breaking through’. They are in peace with this and have a deep knowing that anything on the physical plane is only temporary and no situation remains forever. Change is the course of the material world. Lynxes know of the power of belief systems – in the good way and the bad way and make sure they remain centered within themselves. They leave the work at the frontier of the consciousness war to the foxes and hounds – and do appreciate them for it. For it is not always easy, to constantly express the polarity of good and evil, to wake up the sheep. They know about the dance of ‘light and darkness’ and that everybody who is participating in this in a physical body, is following his or her own choreography. Truth for them is a means to liberate yourself from all illusion and can lead to the complete awareness of your own consciousness as an expression of divinity and being one with all. They own their divinity and are an embodied expression of perfect selflove and infinite compassion.

Spectrum: from somewhat relaxed to unswerving optimism to completely at peace with all and free of the control of the subconscious

Character profile: wise, knowing, serene, loving, patient, humble, appreciative, neutral

Ideal dispositions for this role: never reactive – always responsive, good at weatherings storms, love for life and mankind, holistic awareness, knowing of the world beyond duality, they have transcended the seeming contradictions (paradoxes) within themselves

Driven by: The knowing that all humans are one – and that the more each of us lives our authenticity in love, the better it is for all and the more the true divine quality of being and life can be realized

Guiding principle: There is no separation – all is part of everything else and only an expression of the cosmic dance. There is no right or wrong, perhaps only a movement towards or against life. However the only reality is: love is.

Positive aspects: sense of humour, serene, encouraging, stabilizing

Negative aspects: aloofness, boredom, phlegmatism

Energy source: being one with all that is – unconditional abundance, love and trust

Blind spot: sometimes the taking on of a clearly defined position is taken too late in favour of remaining the neutral observer who won´t judge

Work effort: medium – aside from a frequently regular meditation practise that is however not perceived as work

Particularity: An unbelievable capacity for joy, ecstasy and grace.

Sample character sketches:

Masters of Truth

They are so solidly centred within themselves that they can always discern between truth and untruth, between illusion and reality. They are no longer the slaves of their subconscious. In their harmony with all that is, great serenity and infinite love for all that is, they are an embodiment of what a human can become, when he transcends the battles of duality. Their inner peace is unshakeable. They own their divinity, and are an expression of complete self love and infinite compassion.

The wise guides

They are no longer controlled by unredeemed aspects of their personality. They know their own truth. It is their hearts´ desire to have fellow humans experience their own truth and express it – beyond the notions of death and birth, identity and purpose.

The fools or tricksters

The never really identify with one group. They know elements of all of them within themselves on which they draw at any given time. That makes them perfect mirrors to others who sometimes forget the benefits of self-reflection. Their main tool is humour and their aim to liberate their own consciousness and that of others by the way of laughter.

The architects of consciousness

While the others are intensely involved in the conflicts of the present and often actively participate in the collapse of the old, they already look ahead. They know exactly what still works and what needs to be changed. They actively work towards the creation of a new future. They develop alternatives to all sorts of dysfunctional areas, for instance in medicine, economy, education, energy technologies and of course in politics, culture and personal development. They will be the heroes of the next season.

The psychic ambassadors

As intermediaries between the physical and the metaphysical realms they contribute to peace and harmony among the diverse civilizations. They are always able to put their personal interests behind in favour of the wellbeing of all and they play and they have an important function in the collective leap into galactic consciousness. However their greatest gift is multidimensional

End of document

Here the document unfortunately ends. However quite a few interesting impulses can already be taken from it:

We certainly all know representatives of all four groups and also of some of the character sketches. Some of them even in person. I believe it is worthwhile to consider who chooses his/her role themselves and who is given it by others. Furthermore it is already obvious that some people change their group/affiliation in the course of the show. And it is by no means clear yet who is going to maintain his role and for how long.

It remains exciting

As in any good show it is to be expected that there will be quite a few more exciting twists and turns. Certain revelations will shed a new light on past events. And one thing is already certain: the orchestration is working extraordinarily well. For the entertainment value of the show is immense – it draws more viewers every day than Game of Thrones, Britain’s got Talent and the Super Bowl put together and this world wide! To me it sometimes seems like a gigantic ‘home-schooling project’ for  all: never have we learned so much while we are sitting on our very own couch at home.

Please perservere!

I wish us all good nerves, perseverance as well as unstoppable trust in your own sense of truth. May we all have the courage to pursue the dynamically moving border between truth and deceit at all times. For only then we can be viewers and players at the same time – without losing the stamina. And let´s also remember Oscar Wilde´s lovely quote:

Everything is going to be fine in the end. And if it is not fine, it is not yet the end.

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