Twilight of the Gods

1920 1281 Elisabeth Karsten

I am still absolutely convinced that our current stream of events will have a good ending. Right now is the time that so many cultures prophesized. Probably the most well known term for this is the biblical term of the Apocalypse or Revelation – and we´re in the midst of it. Wheter we like it or not.

Resistance is pointless, participation is not

With a bit of luck and a clear intention we can seize the opportunity right now to liberate ourselves from a lot of fears. In order for this to happen, these fears need to be triggered. And that is exactly, what´s happening right now on a big scale. Once this liberation has been achieved we will eventually arrive in a fundamentally new quality of consciousness amongst humanity.

In the foreground it seems to be all about a virus, a pandemic and the national and international health industry, as well as the political, economic and social repercussions. Suddenly all of us are forced to deal with our very own fears regarding health, disease, and the qualities of life and death. Many are worried about their own wellbeing, the future of their family members, the fate of the elderly, the political destabilization, the loss of their personal livelihood and whatever might happen next.

The fears are raging and sometimes they are lethal

Currently many are dying. However much less by or with Covid19, as was speculated initially. The actual victims of the pandemic are dying because of fear: many don´t go to see doctors in time, because they are afraid of getting infected. Fearing a flood of infected people hospitals postponed essential operations and reduced treatments. Finally many people are currently committing suicide because they feel they cannot cope with the situation.

However there are many more fears that have an effect on the ‘weather conditions’ of our collective psyche: there is the fear that Covid19 is actually truly life threatening. And then there is the fear that it isn´t and that it was pointless to have been in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

And there is a fear that this not an inadvertent error but an intentional production. This is frequently attached to the fear that the consequences of the measures are actually much worse than having suffered the illness would have been. Then there are the fears of those, who promoted the fears in service of their agendas which have not come to fruition and that in turn put them in danger.

There are also the fears of those who helped communicating and possibly exaggerating the danger of the virus and now realize they possibly served the wrong agenda. They are also afraid of the anger of those who might make them responsible for their fear mongering disinformation. Furthermore there are the fears of those who always want to do everything right and somehow always feel that they´re doing things wrong. And finally there is the fear of many that all of this will get ever worse and there is no way out. In brief: fear, often mixed with anger, is currently dominating our state of mind and many of our discussions.

Confusion is spreading ever more

The troublesome thing about fear however is that it makes you narrow minded and – I cannot say it more elegantly – stupid. In such a state we usually imagine only negative scenarios. We are reactive and follow some instinctive body impulse in order to find a seeming safety. This might just about work if you´re chased by a T-Rex or a swarm of bees. But when the fears are complex and somehow omnipresent, it can occur in certain extreme moments that we sit on our home couch, enduring a silent panic attack soaked in sweat. Many people are seriously traumatized by now. And the hypnotic effect of the repeatedly evoked horror scenarios by mainstream media continues to dim our healthy intelligence and our clear perception. The collective IQ seems to be plunging ever further.

We are all part of a worldwide crisis. Nobody remains untouched and we cannot reliably imagine the extent and the consequences of what´s currently happening. This makes it similar to a war even, a war of worlds. Only, that now it´s not nations fighting each other. This time the frontline is running between different attitudes and, for lack of a better word, ‘concepts of reality’. For if you look really closely there is a lot of confusion going on. What is true and real and what isn´t and what applies to whom? We don´t agree by any means.

Fighting for the narrative

Various groups represent various ‘narratives’ and for each one there is sufficient proof and reasons. For it is our attitude that determines our perception – in brief: we see, what we want to believe – and not the other way round. Thus each group feels at home and safe in their favoured narrative thereby hoping to control their fears.

These groups are of various sizes and since I´ve already written my last blog about them I will not go into further detail. However I do want to point out some core points of some of the narratives. There is for instance “Bill Gates is a philanthropist and that is why he most generously donates money to the most honourable WHO.”

However you can also hear: “Bill Gates wants to further his wealth by being involved with pharmaceutical companies, just like the corrupt WHO. That is why they work together in making and keeping people sick.”

Or “Bill Gates is a victim himself of a much larger conspiracy against humanity that is led by satanic reptoid bankers who want to use him and the WHO to decimate the human populace to a large degree keeping only a couple million as work slaves in order to have the planet for themselves.”

And finally: “In truth we can be grateful to Bill Gates, for together with the WHO and their invisible puppeteers they represent the evil pole which allows us to develop the good pole in us more strongly. This allows humanity to finally liberate themselves from abuse and heteronomy and activate their self healing capacities.”

Who decides what is true and real?

Even more important than the content of each narrative is the feeling of belonging to those who promote it. The communication scientist Paul Watzlawick once conducted an experiment  that illustrated this. As far as I remember, he drew two parallel lines on the chalk board in a class room filled with university students and told them, that no matter what, they should insist that the lines are running apart from each other. Then a clueless student was called in and asked to describe the lines on the chalkboard. Of course he said they were parallel. However all others opposed him and finally he gave up and agreed with their perception. None of the guinea pigs was able to fight for his truth against longer than ten minutes. They all gave in.

It is a fact that only because something is claimed by many with a strong conviction over a very long time doesn´t mean that it is actually true. From this perspective you could consider Galileo Galilei as a prominent historical conspiracy theorist. For he insisted that the earth orbited around the sun and that the sun happened to be at the centre of the cosmos. The official belief at the time was that Earth was at the centre of the cosmos. Public opinion and especially the Catholic Church fought hard against him. He finally revoked his claim – in order to avoid being burned at the stake as a heretic. Just imagine if the discussion at that time had taken place with modern media. The comments of the flat earth society alone would have been delicious… Perhaps our current conspiracy theorists are the heretics of our modern day and age? But I won´t digress further.

Clearly we humans depend on the knowledge and the competence of others. None of us has the time or the capacity to become an expert in all areas. And there was never as much knowledge as there is today. Without our scientists we wouldn´t even know viruses existed, let alone are able to kill us. We could not heal our brokken bones without doctors, couldn´t do complicate financial transactions without bankers and had no cars, phones or computers without the engineers etc.

Our judgement is impaired

We must be able to trust other people and rely on their competence. And since we generally want to contribute to the wellbeing of others with our knowledge and skills we assume that others are like us. It is always hard to digest when we have to realize that certain fellow human beings do not put their abilities in service of others, but primarily into increasing their personal wealth or following orders of yet others. Since they hardly ever tell us this openly, and actually present themselves as kind and benevolent, we do not question their motifs.

Furthermore many of us have a tendency to pass our responsibility on to others. This has the advantage that we don´t have to deal with certain things more thoroughly ourselves and we can blame somebody else when it goes wrong. That it was us who gave their power away initially is something we like to forget. However you cannot pass the responsibility for yourself on – only ignore it. This always reminds me of little children who cover their eyes and then believe nobody else can see them either…

With all the complaints about politicians it is repeatedly forgotten that they owe their power to all of us together. A majority agrees with their leadership. And their decisions can only be put into practise when we all cooperate. But without followers no leaders. We mix up the causality: they are powerful, because we obey them. But we feel, because they´re powerful we obey them. As individuals we feel powerless and sometimes even threatened. We forget that we are part of much larger mass that is incredibly strong when united. We could connect with a sufficient number of likeminded people and resist decisions we think unwise. We could also resist people in power positions. But somehow we do that quite rarely and often very late.

We feel disempowered

Rulers who primarily want to maintain their position work intentionally on making us feel separated and helpless. The famous adage “divide and rule” is applied. They deliberately pit people against each other and fuel fear and powerlessness, often taking the carrot-and-stick approach. Unfortunately many fall into the trap: denunciators, certain violent policemen, bullying shop owners and many others. As long as there are sufficient conflicts among us we will not unite and face our common enemies together.

A further strategy to make people forget how powerful they actually are is to make fame and fortune exclusive commodities worth striving for. If you strive for money and glamour you will generally not use your power against those whose status you want to achieve. To the contrary, pleasing others is your main drive and it is well known that only a privileged minority can achieve this. Here the principle of separation is at work again.

This aura of the “special, even larger-than-life way of being” is embodied in our time by the representatives of the publicly efficient entertainment industry. Music, film, television and sports stars have achieved a godlike status. Some of them are literally worshipped. They receive fan letters full of admiration, reverence and sometimes even the request for granting a – usually generous – wish. And many of them comply and not always out of pure charity. However they always make sure to maintain a most positive image.

But all this is an illusion of course. Just because they´re famous or have a lot of money they are by no means better or even happier people. Idolizing them is absurd. For in truth they are only become stars because we admire them. Admiration was first, not the star status. Again we mix up cause and effect.

We are afraid of just not being good enough

Unfortunately humans have a fundamental tendency to compare themselves and to project. We want to be as attractive as x, successful as y and rich as z. This is typical for teenagers and then I can accept such statements. But I also hear this from older people, who would have liked to look like x, have been successful as y and still want to be as rich as z. Then they sigh whistfully and declare that it just wasn´t meant to be. So they pseudo-humbly accept their state and then end up having depressions and ulcers because they feel like victims of their fate.

From my perspective there is more than one thing wrong here: firstly there is a real lack of appreciation of your own being and your own achievements. Secondly I am amazed at how easily people blame their own inability on fate. And finally I find it distressing how many people consider fame and fortune as essential to being happy. In my experience the happiest and content people I know are those who genuinely love their life. Absolutely independent from what they do, what they own or how well known they are.

Our potentials fall victim to our fears

We are stuck. As long as we become so easily  insecure regarding the truth and would like to have a different life than we actually have and would rather be different than we actually are. The root lies in an habitual and partly inherited mixture of shame (for it should be different) and lack of self worth (if we were not so deficient, it would obviously be different).  So we willingly give our power away, estrange us from ourselves and get caught up in lots of conflicts with others who are in the same situation.

This makes us lose sight of our true potentials. We often also lack the courage to  explore them, deal with them and then connect with those with whom we can realize them. In this way we are trotting through our lives and dream more than we enjoy being actually awake. That is not wrong, but rather sad.

Fortunately there are a few people who decided already a while ago to replace heteronomy by self-determination. They know about their truth, their passions and continuously grow their inner peace and wisdom. However they are still a minority. For something to change on a big scale this group must become bigger.  Our chance to achieve this is now.

There is a powerful catalyst

For a while now I´ve felt reminded of an illustration I once saw in a Time Life book on dinosaurs when I was a kid. In the foreground a T-rex is bloodthirstily pinching into a stegosaurus while a few mammals are busily scurrying in the background and a meteorite is racing towards earth. As we all know it the meteorite didn´t do the dinosaurs much good. However the mammals began to thrive. They have prospered proficiently since. But for a while evolution has been stagnating now and another boost was required. Apparently catastrophes are the best way to precipitate development.

It is my feeling that we are in a similar ending and beginning of a new time. The dinosaurs are the old, inhumane structures. The mammals are the young, partly not quite fully developed models of a new sustainable, environmentally friendly and, to keep with the metaphore – more cozy interactions than the rather coldblooded abusive way of the gigantic reptiles.

Perhaps our catalysing meteorite is simply microscopically small, but has the same job as his cosmic colleague: to catalyse the growth of human consciousness.

And I am specifically talking about the growth of consciousness. For wars and past pandemics (the black death, cholera) have prompted the development of mankind. Especially regarding hygiene, medicine, transport and technology. However in the course of this we separated ourselves ever more from nature, destroyed our planet rather than serve her and became ever more sick and lonely.

Our current gods will have to die

Many people whom we have admired and respected will sooner or later be revealed as not longer worthy of our admiration: the winners in an old system are usually the losers in the new system.

And vice versa: a positive side effect of this pandemic is already that many people have realized that professions like doctors, nurses, teachers, supermarket managers also can be heroes – albeit not in quite such a glamorous way as a music star or a talkshow queen.

An just to avoid possible misunderstandings: I do consider artists just as important as doctors or teachers. Art to me is a life essential. I am all for artists being paid so well for their creations that they can freely express their art. However I would also appreciate it very much, if pedagogues and nurses who work just as passionately and competently in their profession would be met with a similar social and financial appreciation as say, a professional football player or a tv actress. This would also motivate a lot of young people!

Besides the monstrous organisations their representatives and their guiding principles that caused their cancerous growth will also shrivel up. The more the pandemic faces us to question our perception of reality the more we realize that money, bankers and economy, medical science, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, police, state and secret services serve the people much less than we always thought and hoped. Quite to the contrary, they make us serve them. This really has to change.

Do we need a saviour?

Since many don´t have any idea how such a change could take place and even fast the longing for a saviour, even a redeemer is rampant right now. Some hope god or the angels might intervene. Others hope our extraterrestrial friends could finally act in a visible way. And some hope president Trump and his allies – especially the mysterious Q – could bring about this change in a rather magical way. I do not want to exclude any of this. However for each of these entities – or all of them together, as far as I’m concerned – it is much easier when we actively participate. Then it will probably also go faster. Besides, then we also stand a chance to experience a successful change if one of the saviours is going to show up!

To make this image more clear imagine what it is like to dance with another person. When we both actively follow each other in our movements it is much more dynamic and joyful than when we are passively being moved like a bag of potatoes. It is the same with life and its change: the more consciously we surrender to it and dare actual contact the more powerful, sustainable and lively the dance becomes!

But what does such a dance look like in our daily life? Especially right now when so much fear, confusion and plain exhaustion because of the constant overwhelm is influencing our life? I believe a first step must be the strengthening of that which is truly important to us. To always treat others the way we would like to be treated is surely part of this. Also to develop an attitude that makes us less susceptible to fear and manipulation. This requires for us to become more aware of ourselves.

We must consciously embody our divine qualities as humans

The wonderful thing about us humans is that we are so versatile. We are so complex and yet able to change. On the one hand we can be very frightened, gullible and trusting, easily made insecure, doubt ourselves and vehemently be on the wrong track. We struggle with our self-responsibility and our capacity for humbleness. And we can feel so strongly being the victims of our fears that we are too paralyzed to act in a meaningful way.

On the other hand we can be unbelievably courageous, perseverant, tender, helpful, supportive and encouraging. We are enthusiastic, we can even laugh about ourselves and feel deep joy and immense grief, sometimes from one moment to another. We can learn and constantly adapt our opinion and our behaviour to what we feel is genuinely true. We have unbelievable patience and compassions with others and should more often also have it with ourselves. We can consciously  decide yet again to live a healthier life in ever more ways. We can let go of past conflicts, apologize to our self and others and ultimately forgive all involved.We can practise even more healthy self love and grow our heart to be more open for others and the whole wide world.

We can consciously respond instead of following a reactive pattern. We can consciously decide to become ever more aware and practise it. The probability that a negative scenario comes to path is the same as the probability that something positive happens. It depends on us and where we place our attention and action. That is a maturation process.

Our capacity to love and be loved is infinite

Conscious loving changes our perception. When we change our perception, our life changes and so the world changes as well. Loving consciously and unconditionally is perhaps the most creative power of humans, an actual superpower. For what is created from and with unconditional love is always good for all. To act actively from this place can change our life completely within a very short time.

There are a few ways to achieve this. Here I want to suggest two masters concerning the changing power of love. One is the Australian nature mystic and spiritual author Michael Roads who regularly posts his musings and an occasional video regarding the current events. You can find him on Facebook and Youtube. The other is Dr Joe Dispenza, who initiated a fantastic movement called GOLOV20.

Let´s awaken and activate our divine qualities

The story goes that god created us according to his image. Many also assume that actually humans created god according to their image. Either way: the divine is naturally inherent to us humans. However we sometimes forget and suppress this – but we can draw it back into our awareness, our heart and our life anytime.

We are the creators of our new time. How unbelievably creative we are and how fast we can realize things, we learned in the past weeks. Things that seemed impossible, are suddenly done. Many also want to keep the newly created pathways for they seem more efficient and life affirming than the old way.

May we live the divine in us consciously and then together create the world we are all wishing for, where at least health, freedom, peace, food and living space for all are the norm. And a lot more that allows for a joyful, fulfilled and co-creative togetherness on this planet. May we leave the old roles of victim-perpetrator-rescuer behind and finally meet each other eye to eye as responsible and conscious creators.

Then we will not be any longer busy solving odd problems, but can surrender to unconditional love and excel in what wants to be expressed in and through us. That is always individually unique and therefore always a magnificent enrichment to the community. We will then appreciate this within us and in others. We love us, our environment and our life.

Focusing on this view the current storms will be weathered more easily. For now we know that all that is breaking down now will and must be replaced by something new, better and more healthy. Some of us already have an idea, how to proceed and can inform us competently about it. Then we can discuss it and finally decide together what the best for all of in this is – now and in the future. The beginning will probably be anything but smooth, but the result will be mindboggling. And nothing stops us from already getting started!