A Vision Prayer

1920 1240 Elisabeth Karsten

Praying with a clear vision in mind can make your desired future become actually manifest. Especially if we unite in this.

Guys, Wear Skirts!

441 644 Elisabeth Karsten

I must make a confession: I love men in skirts! And I very definitely am not talking about dragqueens or men in women´s clothing. I…


Yin-Yang and quantum psychology

1777 1920 Elisabeth Karsten

The idea of balance only makes sense if one is aware of what is actually to be brought into balance. Let’s imagine a seesaw .…

The Snowqueen is hot!

1920 1386 Elisabeth Karsten

It is wellknown that Disney films have a longstanding tradition of heroines whose adventure often ends in a wedding dress. But “Frozen” (USA 2013) is…

Hammer Or Cooking Spoon?

2560 1381 Elisabeth Karsten

Of course it should actually say hammer AND cooking spoon… However there is still a stereotype notion of what a man is and should be…

We want to love each other, but?

2560 819 Elisabeth Karsten

A key for peace and growth in consciousness is harmony between masculine and femine. But that is not so easy. Neither outside of ourselves nor within. For mostly only the conflict is in focus. But there must be other ways? What do they look like? And where are they put into practise!