Huffy air pumps

1920 1200 Elisabeth Karsten

To vainly indulge in a lack of talent with great self-confidence and without competence is a disregard for creation – I think.

Readymade: the breath of the goddess

The Feminine Consciousness of Creation

1200 641 Elisabeth Karsten

Everywhere I hear now is the time of women, the feminine is on the rise – but what exactly does that mean? How does it appear and what does it signify?

From the Venus with penis to Conchita Wurst, Part 2

568 652 Elisabeth Karsten

Challenging society and entertainment go well together: the theatre stage has always been a place where things were dared and said that were unfathomable in…

A beastly lady!

1841 1938 Elisabeth Karsten

I probably watched my first Muppet Show in 1977. Aged eleven at the time and I was a Miss Piggy fan from the start. Once…