Exploring our consciousness. Where are we? Where do we want to go? And how do we get there?

The Holy Nights in 2020/21

1920 1079 Elisabeth Karsten

The Holy Nights between Christmas and January 6th are a special time. Especially this year and we can make use of it!

The Power of our Perception

1920 1135 Elisabeth Karsten

In our perception the current events are rather unpleasant. Is it possible that this may change if we change our perception?

The Fine Power of the Solfeggio Frequencies

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

Solfeggio frequencies support us in a pleasant way in lifting the vibration of our consciousness – if we want!

On Peace and Freedom

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

What we once took for granted is becoming more restricted every day. What are we willing to do for peace and freedom?

A Vision Prayer

1920 1240 Elisabeth Karsten

Praying with a clear vision in mind can make your desired future become actually manifest. Especially if we unite in this.

Twilight of the Gods

1920 1281 Elisabeth Karsten

It seems there is a lot of destruction going on right now . However I already see the seeds or even the sprout of the new: the apolcalypse as midwife

The Biggest Show in the World

1920 1365 Elisabeth Karsten

An apparently cosmic view of our current show allows for possibly enlightening insights, new perspectives and questions

The good, the bad and the clueless

1920 1266 Elisabeth Karsten

Obviously the battle for our consciousness is increasing. But where are we? What is our truth? And when will we express it?

Our visions right now are key

1920 1282 Elisabeth Karsten

While the old collapses ever more, we become the architects and builders for a new consciousness and a new way of life and living.

Conscious departure from the old in order to enter the new

1920 1257 Elisabeth Karsten

The pandemic teaches us what we must appreciate and perhaps also what to release. How free are we for a new future?

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