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Personal Balance Check

1920 1531 Elisabeth Karsten

Stressed out? Out of balance? A simple exercise helps to check on your inner balance and if need is, to regain it consciously. Try it out!

Perception And Size

1552 1362 Elisabeth Karsten

I´m always fascinated by the difference of people’s sense for measure. My observation is that in general people allocate too much rather than too little…

Narcissism 2: What selflove is

800 1067 Elisabeth Karsten

The previous article dealt with the origin and the consequences of narcissistic disorders in our society as the German psychiatrist and psychotherapist Hans-Joachim Maaz described…

Narcissism 1: What selflove is not

2048 1536 Elisabeth Karsten

These days I read a fascinating book. The literal translation of the original German title is: “The narcissistic society” by Hans-Joachim Maaz. It is as…

Fear of the other: shame and vulnerability

1559 1692 Elisabeth Karsten

The American social researcher Brené Brown, known to a broader public since her fantastic TEDx talks about vulnerability in 2010, has also written quite a…

Flash or hearth fire?

1738 1760 Elisabeth Karsten

In the 21st century people use their available media to find a partner. Currently also with one or the other smartphone app. But the wish…

The Snowqueen is hot!

1920 1386 Elisabeth Karsten

It is wellknown that Disney films have a longstanding tradition of heroines whose adventure often ends in a wedding dress. But “Frozen” (USA 2013) is…

Hammer Or Cooking Spoon?

2560 1381 Elisabeth Karsten

Of course it should actually say hammer AND cooking spoon… However there is still a stereotype notion of what a man is and should be…