Michael Roads

Suffering as an exam task for all

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

Suffering seems to become a new Olympic discipline – how do we deal with it? Within ourself but also with others?

Soul-Selfie: What a Masquerade!

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

Mask yes or now? Opinions differ on this question and the conflict makes us ill – united we´d all be healthier!

A new world religion?

456 457 Elisabeth Karsten

In many parts of the world the religious fronts seem to become more intense. It is as if politics and the media want to feed…

Balance has a colour

610 458 Elisabeth Karsten

This blog is dedicated to the perception of balance by Michael Roads. He actually sees it as a color! But first a little digression. As…

Michael Roads spiritual teacher and author

Balance contains disharmony

2021 2560 Elisabeth Karsten

Michael Roads, the spiritual teacher, writer and metaphysicist from Australia posts his musings regularly on his facebook page. Today balance is his topic and it…