Soul-Selfie: What a Masquerade!

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask seems to be the question. Really? With supposedly increasing numbers of infections and an announced second lockdown this question contributes to an increasing polarisation. I keep hearing and watching that people are falling out with each other due to the mask wearing question. On the train, in the supermarket, at work, among friends and of course in social media. It is incredible how dealing with the mask makes us show our true faces!

The wearing of masks is serving our health

I could list an enormous number of links here effortlessly that are based in science and convincingly convey how much sense it makes to wear a mask to protect you from a virus. These must be the sources to which the people refer who launched the German advertising campaign AHA – acronyms for the meanings of Distancing, Hygiene maintenance and Daily masking.

However I refuse to consider a mask a general prop for my daily life. It is bad enough that it has to be that way for people living in smog cities. It should be called a breath protection mask. That would be more precise. But to program us to consider it as normal as your glasses or your keys – in my opinion that’s downright presumptuous!

The wearing of masks is not serving our health

And just as well I could list an enormous number of links that are based in science and convincingly convey that wearing a mask makes no sense at all if you want to protect yourself from a virus. As a matter of fact it actually contributes more to the destruction of our personal and collective health. So far it has not been proven that wearing a mask saved anybody´s life, though it has been claimed of course.

However, sadly there are first cases where wearing a mask caused serious damage to a person´s health and even life. Those will surely attributed to the category of the “victims of the pandemic” – even though differently than you are inclined to think. This group is growing, in contrast to the group of people who are truly infected. But I´m going off track.

What does the mask actually stand for?

Whether an individual is wearing a mask or not clearly has nothing to do with “good common sense” that is so eagerly desired on so many frontiers. It also has nothing to do with the many scientific studies and media reports that both groups like referring to.

In my view the crucial element is a great need for safety. However I´ve been suspecting for a while that striving for security is actually only fear wearing a mask. And curiously that is the same in both groups: they fear for their own health. There is a second layer. Not only to protect yourself but also your loved ones and finally society at large. And we all love being good people and like to be on the “right side of the moral fence.”

And finally there is the fear of punishment by the controllers. If you don´t wear a mask where it is mandatory you might not only have to pay a fee but get beaten. This is no longer about health, but about power and suppression – and an increasing yearning for safety and peace. This is like the middleages! I know a few people who are dreaming of escaping to countries where they can be free. But the choice on earth is rather limited right now. So there is evena craving  for other planets. But I´m going off track again.

It reminds me of religious persecution

To be honest, it actually reminds me of all the many battles among humanity when we mistreated or even bloodthirstily persecuted each other because of the “wrong belief”. Like the strife between Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Jews, Jews and Muslims, and between all of them and the ‘heathens’. The enmity was and is not only expressed with swords but with fundamental discrimination. And of course always rooted in the more or less conscious conviction to worship the “better God”…

The current debate about viruses, infections and masks appears similar to me. In the end it is a question of your personal conviction. What scientists, media and authorities you believe is a matter of personal choice. That each of these sources can hardly ever be neutral is part of human nature and the way our reality functions. We influence on whatever we place our attention. We see what we believe. Not the other way round. That is quantum physics. Or like my friend and mentor Michael Roads likes to say: “Where you focus, energy flows, connects and creates.”

Our focus is the key

What is at work here is the power of my own thoughts plus feelings: when I´m afraid that wearing a mask will make me sick – then the focus is getting sick. When I´m afraid that not wearing a mask will make me sick – then the focus is also getting sick. In both cases the incentive remains fear. That makes everybody of the other conviction a potential opponent because he seems to be threatening my health. We only have to place our focus on health. A belief system like: “I remain healthy no matter what happens or others are telling me.” would be in much more service to all. Then trust would become the incentive!

And THAT is the common denominator on which we should focus here. It is not about who is right. It is about authenticity and trust in your own judgement. We can assume that every one of us wants to do the best according to his knowledge and conscience and does so – from his point of view. So we should trust in the fact that each one of us has chosen the path he deems right for him. Even though others might see it differently. However disputing it is not productive. Furthermore the constant conflict puts a serious stress on our health. Each one of us is required to explore whether he is driven by fear or guided by trust.

But we can reside and meet beyond this. We can go beyond the mask question and focus together on things we agree on. In this case the maintenance of our health.

Let´s focus immediately on things that will really make us healthy and how to maintain and strengthen our health!

It is much healthier for all of us not to constantly busy ourselves with the threats but with what makes us strong in body and spirit.

A healthy spirit in a healthy body (Mens sana in corpore sana)!

Let us create a healthy world together that´s worth living in! Let´s unite our creative powers to create better conditions for health! May they be so fantastic that wearing a mask is no longer an issue.  Because everybody is brimming with so much health, it becomes a pure joy to become infected with the joy of life, vitality and a healthy self-worth by others.

Resilient immune system

Let´s strengthen our immune system to the max! By eating food with lots of vitamins, getting enough fresh air in healthy nature, enough exercise and doing things we enjoy: laughing, singing, dancing, hugging, loving…

Appropriate hygiene

Let´s wash our hands regularly. However not in such a way that we destroy the protecting microbes on our skin with the disinfectant. But in such a way that we won´t stress the systems of others with microbes that might be stress for them. And finally let´s start perceiving microbes as our friends and agents of our immune system – not as enemies. This is also a fuelled misunderstanding. However recently the BBC broadcasted a fascinating documentary according to which the oceans contain more than 200.000 populations of different viruses – and not a single fish is wearing a mask! But I am going off track again!

Self-responsibility in case of illness

Let´s take good care of us when we are sick and only go back to work or school when we´re fit enough for it again. And may our employers, teachers and us too have honest compassion when we´re absent because of our illness. Grudge is also unhealthy, mutual support however strengthens it!

Healthy environment and food

Let´s make sure our food and our air is no longer so infused with toxins, but actually health enhancing. Let´s teach our children to enjoy their own body and maintenance of their health and that life is worth living. Then they don´t have to constantly distract themselves with electronic devices from the threatening reality…

Let´s choose more trust instead of fear

We can only hold our grounds against the controllers as a united solidary collective! So let´s unite in trust and health rather than getting divided in fear and sickness!

Let´s make generally sure that we no longer have to fear our reality, our future and our fellow humans. Let´s make sure that the fear of something no longer controls our decisions but rather the trust in our common goal. And let´s choose understanding, patience and compassion for us and for others to finally reach this goal together! Fortunately many have already begun to walk this path!