The Fine Power of the Solfeggio Frequencies

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

While doing research for my new book I discovered the Solfeggio frequencies. Their allegedly transformative effect made me curious and so I began experimenting. By now I consider them a most wonderful accompaniment to my daily life.

Therefore I recommended them to friends and clients. The feedback is so positive that I want to recommend the Solfeggio frequencies to my cherished readers as well. Perhaps they can also enrich your wellbeing – or are already doing it?!

Solfeggio frequencies are healing frequencies

Humanity always knew about certain healing frequencies. We already notice this when we sing or tone ourselves. Something is happening, besides getting into a good mood and some effects are stronger than others. The Solfeggio frequencies were forgotten for a long time and also were considered new age nonsense for a while.

The Vatican had a big part in this, as they did not allow the usage of the Solfeggio frequencies during mass and public events. For the sounds and frequencies can have a broadening effect on consciousness and that was not desired. They dod survive in Gregorian chant in monasteries, far away from the public and also the composer German composer J.S. Bach supposedly knew about them but handled them with great discretion.  However they are featured in classes on music for they are part of the development of our musical scale yet their healing features are hardly ever mentioned.

Solfeggio frequencies match the ancient scales

Today seven rising notes of the musical scale are known that we call by the syllables Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. The ancient scale began with Ut instead of Do and the Ti was also added later. They were derived from the first verse of the hymn to John the Baptist (allegedly composed by Paulus Diaconus 720-799) as it is still sung in Gregorian chant.

Revival of the Solfeggio Frequencies in the last century

The Solfeggio frequencies were only rediscovered and made popular in the 1970ies by three Americans. The natural doctor Joseph Pueblo realised that they all have a cross total that match the “key to the universe” according to the Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla: the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Furthermore he explored the effect of the sound of each syllable. The meaning of the classic six frequencies was finally defined by David Hulse, the sound researcher and therapist. The dentist Doctor Leonard Horowitz finally added three more Solfeggio frequencies to the known six. And finally there is a great likelihood that all frequencies that have a cross total of 3, 6 or 9 might have a healing effect. They are measured in Hertz (Hz).

The effect of the Solfeggio frequencies on people varies

Since everything in our world consists of energy and vibration and we all vibrate right down into our cells it is natural in a most beautiful way that we go into resonance with other vibrations. That sound waves have an effect on the human body is well known. Healing frequencies have been applied in medicine for a while. There is sound frequency therapy and of course there are many sound and music therapists that work with healing music.

But not everybody is equally susceptible to the Solfeggio frequencies. It is similar to homeopathy, Bach flower remedies or bio resonance: some people react very strongly to them others not at all. It is very easy to find out if you have an affinity yourself. In order to do that I recommend listening to a piece of music in 440 – the usual standard and then again to a version in 432 Hertz. Here is an example with different kinds of music from youtube.

I have discovered for myself, that music that is pitched to 432 Hz rather than 440 feels more pleasant to me. Even though I cannot always hear the difference, but I feel it. You can also make the differences visible. Here is an example where the pure frequency is broadcast onto water crystals. Please turn down the volume on your device before listening – it is quite piercing:

Overview of the Solfeggio Frequencies

Currently the following meanings, effects and chakra attributions of the known Solfeggio frequencies are circulated. The links are all sound examples on youtube. However you can find Solfeggio music on all sound platforms and of course other websites by now.

Solfeggio Frequencies
Name Hertz Effect Chakra attribution
174 Frequency of the earth energies

Healing of emotional and physical pain and trauma

285 Frequency of the primal (whole) form of energies, healing of tissue and strengthening of the immune system
UT 396 Liberation from negative feelings, dissolving of fear and anxiety Root chakra
RE 417 Resonance with the universe, undoing situations (or their effect) and making changes more easily, removal of negative energies Sakral chakra
MI 528 Transformation, miracles and signs, dna repair and regeneration of the cells Solarplexus chakra
FA 639 Harmonious relationships and connections, healing of heart, love and compassion Heart chakra
SOL 741 Awakening of the intuition, clearing and solution of problems, general detox of cells, organs and negative belief systems Throat chakra
LA 852 Return to the spiritual order, awakening and strengthening of your intuition, strengthening of the digestion of the cells and more energy in the cells Third eye
963 Frequency of divine harmony, activation of the pineal gland and connection to your higher self Crown chakra
999* Divine Oneness, making the aura golden, angel frequency, galactic awareness

Application of the Solfeggio frequencies

You can explore yourself what works best for you. Many people I know started looking on youtube and then created their own playlists on other platforms. It is important that it is music that touches you. When it seems pleasant to you it has a harmonizing effect.

However if you find it unpleasant then it can mean various things. It is possible you´re listening to a bad sound quality and the frequencies are not transmitted clearly enough. Or you have a resistance because something is affected that you would rather avoid. In that case it is worthwhile to explore that feeling and ask for it and its cause to be healed. Ideally you repeat listening to that specific frequency that triggered the negative reaction. Eventually it will become harmonized and you won´t experience it as unpleasant any longer.

While relaxing

Many people like listening to all 9 frequencies one after the other while they are about to go to sleep. Here a popular track is on youtube that takes about 90 minutes.

In meditation

You can intuitively pick a specific frequency and listen to it more extensively. I usually recommend at least 20 minutes up to an hour so things can really shift. And the more often you do this the faster is the result. Some people do it in the morning and in the evening.

For transformation

A great way to go about this is to think of an issue that you would like to shift. For example “stress with my partner” or “writer´s block” or “back pain” etc. Then you pick the according frequency and listen to it while sitting or lying down you open yourself ever more to the changing of the issue and relax ever further into the sounds.

To calm

Pets and children often react particularly well to the frequencies starting at 528 Hz.

As background

It´s a good music while doing chores. We often tend to be in a slight trance anyway while we do the dishes, iron our clothes, brush our teeth etc. So it is easily possible to put some part of our focus on the music and open to the healing effect.

Peculiarities about 432 Hertz**

The single Solfeggio frequencies are being researched and discussed in ever more detail. The frequencies of 432 Hz and 528 are receiving a lot of attention currently.

There is a certain debate around the decision for the general tuning pitch of 440 Hz that is used in groups of instruments or entire orchestras. Since an international conference in London in 1939 this is considered the standard pitch in many countries. Allegedly because it is the easiest pitch to achieve for all kinds of instruments. However there is also the myth that it was an agenda of the Nazis to take the harmonizing effect away from music and therefore they introduced 440 Hz also in 1939 as their standard pitch in music. But I couldn´t find evidence for this “dark agenda”. Even though I can easily imagine that it is no accident that music lost its harmonizing effect at that time in a general way.

Yet the pitch of 432 is still considered very special by many musicians, indigenous people and people as particularly harmonious.

The founder of acoustics, the French scientist Joseph Saveur proved in the 16th century that many body functions are tuned to 8 Hz – and amplified 54 times it´s 432 Hz and therefore a strong boost.

Furthermore 432 Hz is the sound of the annual tone of the Earth (and her orbit around the sun) and therefore matches the traditional vedic and basic sound of “Om”.

And I noticed that when I work with my tuning fork that is pitched to 432 Hz people can center themselves more easily and it is easier for them to let go of anything that doesn´t really belong to them.

528 Hz is considered the miracle frequency

This frequency has a very special reputation (and its own website). Due to its use by John Hutchinson, an expert on electromagnetic energy in Vancouver, Canada, water that was polluted by oil was cleaned and not only in the lab but also at the location of the pollution. These frequencies also contained the sound of the planet Jupiter that according to recordings by NASA vibrates close to 528 Hz.

Masaru Emoto, who explored the ability of water to take on information also exposed his water crystals to Solfeggio frequencies. The higher the frequency was the more complex the shaping of the crystal became. For copyright reasons I cannot put a picture here of them. But you can enter Emoto and Solfeggio in the search engines and the pictures show up.

I have no doubt the Solfeggio frequencies will become ever more important in our future. They are getting increasingly popular. Five years ago there was hardly anything about them online. Meanwhile there are tons of links – some more informative than others. You have to use your own truth antenna to discern the valid from the bullshit…

Not only Solfeggio frequencies help through sound

Recently a meme ran through social media according to it you cannot sing if you are in fear! And besides the Solfeggio Frequencies and your own singing there are binaureal beats you can also listen to without music and that deliberately aim at our body, our mind and our soul.

And a final remark: the content of this blog matches my current state of knowledge on the Solfeggio frequencies, according to the books, links and reports of others as well as my own experiments. I do not claim that it is complete or entirely correct. You have to check all I said for yourself.

Currently we can all use maximum support in maintaining our inner balance! And the effect of the Solfeggio frequencies can ultimately only be positive and not only for the individual but for our entire world! Therefore I want to encourage each one of you to explore the sounds and frequencies for yourself! It is most rewarding!


With gratitude to an alert reader I would like to add the following:

The description Solfeggio actually only applies to the original frequencies that ar named by the syllables Ut-Re-Fa-So-La. (See table).

*999 Hz ist not part of the Solfeggio frequencies. Even though the cross total is a matching 9. However I will leave it in the table because this frequency also seems to have a powerfully transformative quality for many people.

** 432 Hz is also not a Solfeggio frequency – and it is not listed in the table. That I even mention it is confusing in this context. However I thought the debate about it interesting and many attribute also a certain healing quality to it. So for me it is part of the healing frequencies, if not the Solfeggios at least “psycho-logically”.

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