A Vision Prayer

1920 1240 Elisabeth Karsten

Praying with a clear vision in mind can make your desired future become actually manifest. Especially if we unite in this.

Applied Mythologyy

1920 1110 Elisabeth Karsten

He who understands that dragons are fought to this day and that knights want to save damsels in distress, knows about the magic of applied mythology!

blondes Haar nah

Power Source Hair – Part 2: Hairy Times

939 825 Elisabeth Karsten

The topic may theme trivial, but sometimes the metaphysical perspective opens a most enlightening perspective on daily or even political issues.

Balance has a colour

610 458 Elisabeth Karsten

This blog is dedicated to the perception of balance by Michael Roads. He actually sees it as a color! But first a little digression. As…

Michael Roads spiritual teacher and author

Balance contains disharmony

2021 2560 Elisabeth Karsten

Michael Roads, the spiritual teacher, writer and metaphysicist from Australia posts his musings regularly on his facebook page. Today balance is his topic and it…

The Wink In The Eye of The Storm

240 240 Elisabeth Karsten

Like a pregnant woman sees babies everywhere she goes, so my perception these days is frequently influenced by my blog. Constantly themes and ideas arise…

Searching for a suitable god!

504 698 Elisabeth Karsten

Of course I´ve been researching whether there actually is a god or a goddess or at least some saint of balance. However balance, even the…

We want to love each other, but?

2560 819 Elisabeth Karsten

A key for peace and growth in consciousness is harmony between masculine and femine. But that is not so easy. Neither outside of ourselves nor within. For mostly only the conflict is in focus. But there must be other ways? What do they look like? And where are they put into practise!