Michael Roads spiritual teacher and author

Balance contains disharmony

2021 2560 Elisabeth Karsten

Michael Roads, the spiritual teacher, writer and metaphysicist from Australia posts his musings regularly on his facebook page. Today balance is his topic and it fits my blog so beautifully that I copied it into my own blog.

Discord and harmony are both part of balance!

MICHAEL’S MUSINGS: Balance is the meeting place between discord and harmony. Don’t be fooled into believing that balance is all about being undisturbed and blissful. To be balanced is to allow the discord of life its expression without being stressed, and to be unattached to harmony.

Let harmony be an important part of your life, but not at the cost of denying discord. Denying discord is counterproductive. Accept discord as part of the orchestration of life. By flowing with it, rather than moving into opposition, you will find the deeper base rhythm of inner harmony. This is the place of balance. In many ways balance is a place of inner peace and surrender. You do not strive for it, you simply allow!
Balance is more easily found when you constantly and consciously . . . choose Love!