We want to love each other, but?

2560 819 Elisabeth Karsten

In Germany almost every second marriage ends in divorce and yet the dating websites are booming. Partnership coaching and flirt schools have ever more people signing up. Websites on the subjects are ever increasing in number and the mountain of literature is also ever growing. There are studies, i.e. by the Allensbach Institute in 2013 “Where most relationships start” and the bestseller “Why Men Don´t Listen & Women Can´t Read Maps (Alan and Barbara Pease, 2001) which was even turned into a movie in Germany. Then there are sobering books, i.e. “Why love hurts” (Eva Illouz, 2013) and self-help books like: “Love Yourself And It Doesn´t Matter Who You Marry.” (Eva-Maria Zurhorst, 2009). finally the more than twenty years old bestseller : “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” (John Gray, 1993) including the American parody “Women are from Bras, Men are from Penus” (Anna Collins and Elliot Sullivan, 1999) as well as many comedy programs that draw their material from this field.  And love is considered an important element – but just how important? And this is not limited to the so-called ‘battle of the sexes’.

The relationship between male and female can be a lifelong challenge

If we look at our culture and our lives and the degree of stress and fortunately also humour which constantly result from the tension between both genders/polarities/principles a certain question arises: where do these tensions actually originate? And that brings up the question: why is there actually masculine and feminine? What´s the deeper sense behind it? Is there actually one? What is the present take of evolutionary biology on this?

The first assumption is often that it´s primarily about procreation. But my research has shown me that this is much less obvious from a scientific point of view than one would think. Also the viewpoint of the religions can be enlightening – for it is not nearly as simple as one would imagine. Philosophy also offers some interesting impulses and both make a mythological review worthwhile for it offers a metaphysical view on the issue.

As this is far too rare part of public discussions I will put a special emphasis on it in my blog. Furthermore my research has taught me that the field of tension between male-female was dealt with very differently in various cultures and at various times even quite peacefully.

High time for a closer look

If we really want peace and a more mature, conscious treatment of each other, inner peace is essential. But very often our internal and external relationship to the genders plays a keyrole in this and can make our growth in consciousness more difficult.

This blog is dedicated to all these manifold questions and angles of approach and does not shy away from any source for interesting answers! If that also allows for a more peaceful and even more fascinating dealing with the subject, it was already worthwhile. For creation has doubtlessly intended something infinitely wise by creating genders. Maybe we haven´t really discovered the true potential yet that actually lies within this field. It is time that we explore this. This blog is my contribution!