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Power Source Hair – Part 2: Hairy Times

939 825 Elisabeth Karsten

The topic seems strangely banal considering all the way more prevalent issues like the new US presidency, the debates about fake news and the rumors about a pending world financial collapse and the somehow longed for but also feared restructuring of the world.  I will certainly deal with that. But first something banal…along the lines of what a dear friend of mine side to me many years ago: “Especially when you feel awful, a decent lipstick can make all the difference.” And despite the in ‘serious’ situations often frowned upon attitude, that appearances are to be of minor importance…along the lines of: it´s the inner beauty that counts after all etc.

It´s true of course, however inner beauty does generally express itself also externally – in other words, someone who is clear about him/herself, who loves him/herself unconditionally…radiates this and that makes him/her also beautiful…and everybody gets more beautiful, the more they´re loved. And all this is based on a conscious relationship with yourself and others and that also includes your appearance and how you wear your hair!

My personal attitude was subject of a previous blog. So now the more general article on the subject that I announced back then. But this one will be rather short, for there is interestingly enough already quite a bit of material on this online, if you´re really interested.

Old braids

You can easily find the famous bible episode about Samson and Delilah´s disempowering cutting of his hair, or the story of Rapunzel who managed to fish a prince with her long braids or stories about fairies who weave nets with their hair and bats who allegedly got caught in messy hairdos…

And also the history of hair fashion has been widely documented – in various countries at various times. For instance at the time of the ancient Roman Empire, rich ladies shaved their heads and then wore wigs made of the blond tresses of the conquered Germanic women.

There were times and cultures when the total removal of bodily hair was considered important and to keep it considered primitive, as with the Ancient Egyptians. But there were also times and cultures where cutting your hair was considered sacrilegious, as for example to this day amongst the believers of the Sikh religion. They consider long uncut and well maintained hair a reference to creation, among other things.

And in modern times too, the importance of hair fashion continues. Thanks to modern media even so far that certain hairdos are named after or generally associated with a certain celebrity. As for instance the famous beehive worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany´s” in the sixties, or in the seventies the famous “afro” by the Afro-American actress Pam Grier and the silver blonde waves of the actress Farrah Fawcett in the tv-series “Charlie´s Angels” that made hair history as “Farrah Flicks”.

New braids

Not too long ago I noticed yet again that after the last European soccer Champion ship young men I Berlin of every age group and ethnical background wore their hair like the Welsh champion ship participant Gareth Bale. A somewhat strange looking pseudo-ethno style: the hair further in the front is kept longer than in the back and then tied into a tiny bun with a rubber band, it is somewhat reminiscent of the top and silhouette of a teapot.

Among the currently interesting development in the ‘hair scene’ is that men wear beards again and have been for the last couple of year, and actually a certain ‘nerd-look’ seems to be popular with a lot of hair everywhere and preferably combined with wearing glasses.

Then, that there is a growing number of Caucasian Western men are letting their hair grow and coif them in styles that have been generally privy to women: complicated plaits, buns and all kinds of ways tying your hair up and/or back with combs, clips and ribbons. The American Burt Rutherford is worth mentioning here and his clip “The Man Braid” where he propagates the “Men´s braid” in a funny and charming way. Not in the way of the old wigs, as we know them from Baroque paintings…But a more virile style, as one could imagine worn by a well-groomed Germanic warrior. It must be added that wearing your hair long was and is quite common among men of other cultures.

Men learn to plait

By now we also have the first single Dads who participate or teach in classes, how to make their daughters the desired hairdos themselves. More than one Dad has discovered that he is not only apt with a hammer and cooking spoon, but with a hair brush and silk ribbons as well!

I would venture to say, that we´ve finally arrived in the times where men also have advanced with their heads in female territory (the pun is not intended, but of course rather fitting), without being immediately called a hippie, or due to according prejudice, lacking in masculinity. Quite the contrary! Men with long hair can be just as sexy as women with long hair – provided it suits him/her.

But besides what´s good looking or what the wearer feels comfortable with and considers an authentic expression of their soul, there are other interesting aspects that can enlighten and serve the conscious dealing with your own hair.

Hair as antennas of the soul

Almost legendary by now in this context is the following story, that emerged in the early nineties and only found its way into the internet about six years ago and has been circulating since. If you put Native American, hair and Vietnam War into the search engine you will easily find several versions. Here a brief one: At the time of the Vietnam War the US military recruited young Native Americans who had particularly outstanding tracking and survival abilities in rough territory. This young men then of course had to become proper soldiers and accordingly their long hair was cut off in favor of the military haircut. When these young men were then put to task, they failed miserably. Being asked why they couldn´t track the enemy any longer they explained that since the cutting of their hair, they weren´t able any longer to “sense the enemy”. Further research ensued that confirmed  that a Native American with long hair could track reliably, but after his hair was cut was unable to do so. This lead to the permission for the Native American soldiers to wear their hair long in the future. Interestingly enough not only they did it but the scientists involved in the research as well started to wear their hair long and had beards.

A dear psychic friend of mine was recommended by her metaphysical friends not to cut her long hair too short – in order to maintain her receptiveness. However I did not get clear information on how long exactly hair needs to be to unfold its power as antennas.

Perhaps its worthwhile mentioning here that people to this day that women in India tend to wear their hair long and men did too for a long time – and that they are the representatives of a spiritually very rich culture, including a large number of long haired gods and goddesses.

Incidentally this is touched upon by the US movie Avatar (2009), where the long hair is not only a sense organ but also one of expression.

The Hair of the Earth

According to another dear psychic friend who once communicated with rocks, crystals are the ‘hair’ of the earth and it is well known that crystals are storage medium.

On a scientific and physical level an analysis of hair gives a lot of information, about the DNA (and the biological origin), also about the state of health of the owner at the time of loss of the hair. And metaphysically too the power of hair is huge if one knows how to plug into it. For instance in Voodoo rituals hair can be of crucial importance and a person who is able to do psychokinetic reading learns a lot about a person whose hair s/he is touching.

Our hair also stores our history and if that has recently received some unpleasant blows, then we often feel the need to cut our hair, with the intention that ‘the old’ may go now. But careful, how much is to be cut off: many women react almost with physical pain if it´s too sort and not only because their very beauty seems ruined.

My woman hairdresser who actually considers herself a kind of ‘hair-shaman’ once said to me that our long hair intensifies our contact with the earth. She observed that women, who decide to let their hair grow long put on weight in the beginning – as if they were also gaining in ‘matter’ and ‘gravity’. And it´s of course not the additional weight of the hair, the entire body grows heavier.

But, as usual, it doesn´t have to be that way. There are also always exceptions of people who have a great relationship with Earth with little or no hair or are metaphysically fabulously connected as one or the other bald guru might be proof of. And conversely not everybody who wears his/her hair long is automatically metaphysically more receptive. It´s certainly not the hair alone…

The trend continues

Even though I am a great fan of the old hairdresser adage ‘Short hair is about the face, long hair about the hair’ I finally grew tired of my pageboy hairstyle of 15 years three years ago. I let my hair grow and now accept the clearly more intense grooming effort. However I cannot tell whether the longer hair actually improved my psychic abilities.

Nonetheless I believe this trend to be more than just a fashion. I think it´s a byproduct of a general trend away from all things artificial towards the natural, as we also are currently experience in the change of diets, nutrition and the rise of organic food markets.

If it is our yearning for the more natural, nature and the natural order of thing, that perhaps being (again) healthy men and women is part of it and being able to meet each other on eye´s level. Whether he is wearing a long plait and a skirt and she the short hair and a suit…or vice versa or in any combination. It´s essentially about being free to be whoever you happen to be at this very moment, independently of conventions! That is certainly a worthwhile perspective – and I personally believe this trend will continue long term and worldwide – no matter how much resistance it meets in the short term anywhere.