Portrait picture of Elisabeth Karsten in nature, text with date of birth and death

Parting words

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Basically, it’s the connections with people that give life its value.

Wilhelm von Humboldt

„I ask forgiveness from all those who ever felt offended by me and who are still preoccupied with this today and that they can let go of their resentment with my passing. May there now be peace between our souls!

I want to thank the many wonderful people who have made my life so worth living – human interaction has always been the most important aspect of my being. All the many beautiful conversations, hugs, ventures, shared experiences and exchanges about one’s being and being. Infinite thanks to you for that!

I have always lived this with conviction and I am convinced that the heart connections also exist beyond death. Therefore, do not mourn the end of my body, but celebrate the new freedom of my soul.

May we all be blessed!

Unterschrift Elisabeth Karsten

For those wishing to know more:

Elisabeth wished for her condition to stay rather private until either recovery or death. After a summer of increasing weakness, Elisabeth was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2022. Two operations followed in the fall – one to remove the tumor and the other to ultimately remove the pancreas, which left her diabetic in addition to her fighting cancer. Dear friends took turns caring for Elisabeth until she was admitted into the hospital in March. There, with the increasing physical and mental pain, she decided to embrace dying and made her peace with life and death. Through her whole process she intended for the highest good for her Soul to express itself, and she accepted death as part of her soul plan. She died in the morning Sunday, April 2 in the hospital.

Wishing you all peace and blessings. As our dear Elisabeth would say: Choose Love!

Family and friends