A new world religion?

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In many parts of the world the religious fronts seem to become more intense. It is as if politics and the media want to feed us with the notion of a war between opponents of belief whereby radical Muslims are provoking members of the other religions. But I doubt that their motives are actually of a religious nature. Surely economical aspects play a major role in this. For people who are doing economically fine, who can live in a safe environment and enjoy their lives rarely have the need to jeopardize this in the name of their lord.

The power of power

However these economic divides and their ensuing conflicts are actually the product of quite different beliefs and concepts. They may be less of a theological nature but make a lot of sense from a cultural and psychological point of view. They are based on the ancient belief – and that includes members of all religions – that power is the only valid value. Only then one can achieve wealth, respect and status and maintain control over one´s own life. Insofar the notion of a war of beliefs is true. However the front line doesn´t run between religions but between principles of life.

However these old principles and how they determined the way of life of individuals and entire people seem to crumble and have been for a while. There were always movements that expressed a search for a new way beyond. As for instance the universalistic Bahai Religion and the Flower Power Movement and yet the power structures of their times proved stronger. Until now.

Power is out

That exactly is the amazing aspect of the  shift taking place since 2012, according to a few metaphysicists. Though it seemed unspectacular in the public eye and was even considered a ridiculous myth. Nonetheless it is completely in accordance with the ever present evolution of the multiverse. Everybody and everything is exposed to an energetic shift which is permanently continuing. Some sensed it right from the beginning. Others are only perceiving the signs now and yet others seem unaffected and will probably only notice the changes in the moment of their death or in their next incarnation. For the shifting continues forever.

This energetic shift includes a rise of frequencies in all senses – the vibrations are generally increasing in speed and subtlety and the slower, rougher ones fall behind. Thoughts and feelings too have a measurable frequency. There are actually medical researches on this. The brain waves of a Tibetan Lama who was meditating  on compassion during the examination went beyond the chart… And his brainwaves were obviously much higher than those of people who had been thinking about their spouse, their children or even sex…

Love is in

The power of love is growing in everybody´s consciousness. And thereby a deep knowing of interconnection and that separation is therefore an illusion. Also a knowing about the immortality of the soul and the realization that death actually is a man-made concept, but holds no truth on the level of the soul. Finally also the knowing about space and eternity and thereby the realization that time is a construct and therefore an illusion.

More and more people are becoming aware of their connection to the great field of consciousness. This opens a possible access to the general field of information that permanently surrounds us. Being able to access it makes all kinds of old learning and memorizing methods obsolete. This access too can be learned. An ability that for the longest time was only privy to mystics becomes available to more and more people who are willing and ready. That everr more people are becoming ready is partly due to the afore mentioned increase of frequencies. They are partly even physically measurable. And it partly depends on the current state of development of the individual human being. When the individual actually awakens is again, only a question of time.

Perhaps comparable – to make use of a really profane metaphore – to a pot of corn seeds in oil. As soon as the oil has reached the right temperature, the corn pops and becomes popcorn. Some immediately, some a little later, some at the very end and some not at all…they turn black and will only make it in their next incarnation…

But either way it´s the inevitable path of the human evolution.

Pioneers of the new consciousness

Among those who have already attained this new level of consciousness ever more are going public. They want to motivate and encourage their fellow human beings to join them. These “pioneers of the new consciousness” promote the conscious living of love in the now and lead by example. They are showing us that love is not only a feeling but a creative mode of being.

Here two representatives of these pioneers who have put the word love on the flags of their consciousness campaigns:

The Anglo-Australian Michael Roads awakend at age 49. He has been active as a spiritual teacher for more than 25 years since. He likes saying that he is spreading the “love bug” and is well known for his constant appeal to “Choose Love”.

The young American Matt Kahn who already awakened as a child likes speaking of the “Love Revolution” . He actually says on his website that he feels honored to serve the awakening of humankind and his constant recommendation is: “Whatever arises, love that.”

Keyword Love Revolution

Actually the term “Love Revolution” has become rather popular and widely used among many spiritual activists.  Sometimes it is closely, sometimes loosely or not at all connected to a notion of god.

An example for the unfolding of this new consciousness in the spirit of love is a text by the American Brian Piergrossi . He is also working as a spiritual author and coach. His blog entry of February 12th 2012 keeps reappearing in the internet. It has been adapted to a youtube clip and has been translated into several languages. It has the fitting title: “Love is the new religion.

Another important protagonist of this movement is the German-Canadian Eckhart Tolle . His first book “The Power of Now. A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” published in 1999 has been translated into over 30 languages. It has achieved more than 20 editions in Germany. Through his cooperation with the US Talkshow Queen Oprah Winfrey he – and the movement of consciousness and enlightenment – has made it into the mainstream.

And these are only a few representatives of our Western culture. The East has been far ahead of us in this realm. India has an ancient culture of awakened consciousness. Many of the Indian yogis were called to spread their teachings and frequency in the West. They clearly left their mark and students who have become teachers in turn, i.e.  Paramhansa Yogananda and Jiddu Krishnamurti.

A rising movement

After thousands of years this movement finally has the tailwinds of consciousness behind it. The internet provides a great contribution to this. On the one hand as a means of information to reach these conscious carriers of the new frequency. On the other hand to connect with equally minded people.

This also explains for instance the increasing popularity of “Buddha at the Gaspump”.  The American Rick Archer had been practicing Transcendental Meditation for decades and finally turned away from it for various reasons. He came up with the idea to interview spiritually inspiring people in 2011. Since then he has been more or less weekly interviewing spiritually prominent people and with growing interest. These interviews can be watched on his website as well as on Youtube and are free of charge. He and his wife run this project by donation entirely and it works – since 2011 with increasing force! Incidentally four of the here mentioned pioneers of consciousness have already been guests of Rick Archer: Penny Kelly, Matt Kahn, Brian Piergrossi and Michael Roads.

Obviously a key in this is love

The term love in this context actually denotes quite something else than we’ve generally come to believe. It is far more than only an often romanticized feeling. Love is the power of creation. In truth it is the base of our existence and that, to embrace and understand is the purpose of our being.

Fact is, we are creating all the time. For whatever we think and feel and wherever we direct our attention manifests itself. The more consciously we do that, the closer it is to what we actually want. However many of us still have a rather messy subconscious and from there emerges the overwriting of our actual creational intention. We hardly notice this in the process, but clearly in the final result. The American author and metaphysical explorer Penny Kelly says there are actually only two kinds of creating, no matter whether consciously or not: life serving or life denying. Of course the goal is practicing a life serving, growth oriented creation – humble before life and respecting all fellow beings.

 This applies to everybody

One can actually learn to consciously create. It begins with the conscious decision to do so. Methods how exactly to do it are offered by many spiritual teachers  in literature and all over the internet. That is way I will not go further into this here. However there is something available for every budget and mind.

For all of us humans actually have the ability to love and be loved. Some of us have only forgotten or suppressed it or forbidden it to themselves… But it can be activated any time, especially if one so chooses. For in the end it´s all about consciously living love… And the more and more consciously each one of us does that…the more others are touched and become enveloped by the increasing current sooner or later. At some point the critical mass will be so strong that any resistance will only be temporary. And when this finally achieves dominion our world that has been dominated for the longest time by power dynamics will fundamentally change: it will become a world of love.

An utopia becoming real

That is the golden age, the great change in the collective consciousness that has been announced for our future by various esoterics. However the when remains unanswered. For some are already living in this new state and have created a loving environment for themselves… Others are joining them later and some much later, perhaps only in their next incarnation.

Nevertheless it´s going to happen to every single human being. This is quite independent from his or her possible religious orientation. The souls of all human beings will increasingly connect and unite. Literally being one in Love… And then love is indeed the most powerful religion of all, that in reality is no religion. It is rather a unified field of consciousness with which quantum physics has been operating for a while, perhaps without consciously knowing or admitting that this unified field actually consist of the consciousness of all sentient beings.

Esoterics have known this for a long time. But exactly because they are considered esoterics, this knowledge has not officially made it into the equations of the scientists. That too is only a matter of time.

So no matter how you turn or avoid it: in the end the principle of love is the winner, overruling all old belief systems based on power. For this is the purpose of our evolution.