When is world relationship day?

580 386 Elisabeth Karsten

When I came to my Qi gong class yesterday, another female participant congratulated me because of “World Women´s Day”! I was a bit surprised, because I did not actually feel addressed. Of course I am a woman and happily so and hopefully with a certain awareness. But I could not relate to what is to be celebrated on this feast day. However I did notice the facebook postings on the subject but skipped them with a light frown. My first thought was: why do we need a world women´s day? Don´t we need a world men´s day too then? According to Wikipedia there is one since 2000, on the 3rd of November, whereas the world women´s day officially exists since 1921.

Mixed feelings

On the one hand I believe that neither women, nor men actually need a feast day, just as little as mothers, fathers, parents or children. However they exist: Mothers’ Day is traditionally always on the first Sunday in May, Fathers’ Day in May or June (there are cultural differences). In the US there is national parent day on the fourth Sunday in July and there is a world children´s day on September 20th.

As a culturally imprinted person from the West one is prone to assume the commercial interests of the gift industry behind it. For we are all of the above all the time – at least men or women and children and often parents. If we all were constantly healthy and handling these roles with awareness then we would honor each other more – in all our aspects.

On the other hand I´m completely aware that we are unfortunately still rather far from that. So it is still important in our time and culture to direct attention towards certain imbalances. As a matter of fact the International women´s day is particularly about women´s rights and their position in politics, culture and society and wherever it is still deplorable. And unfortunately that is still a dark reality in our time. This also applies to children and the children´s day. Whereas world men´s day is focused on honoring and supporting men´s health…Obviously also an aspect that requires special attention… Men, who are still the dominating gender in our time apparently seem to not sufficiently care for women, children and their health.

The focus is on separation not on connection

However what always is rather bothersome about this is the inherent fact that all this would be unnecessary. If we only could stop perceiving and treating ourselves individually and collectively as victims and perpetrators.

Nothing against compassion and intelligent involvement for more peace and freedom and rights… But all too often this results in the polarization of at least two opposing fronts. Many are prone to categorize society by winners and loosers and – depending on their mood, place themselves with one or the other group. It is also popular to think in terms of “we’re the good but weak ones” versus “the evil but powerful ones”. These polarizations feed the conflicts far more than that they lead to a solution or even peace.


Honoring is always good

Of course I enjoy continuously learning when and which women contributed to the changes of the world and even influenced it positively – there are too many to list them. And just as much I love certain men for the same reasons. And I love women, because they are women and I love men, because they are men and everybody in between because they are who they are. I love people! Even more so if they manage to love themselves and others rather effectively and thereby contribute to peace on a basic level!

We already have a feast day for the romantic love between people on February 14th. And even though this day began as a commercial impulse and this aspect is ever present with the many super special deals in restaurants gift and flower shops it did however increase the focus on not only romantic love.

Relationships are sacred!

There is a quote by Wilhelm von Humboldt that I read once about thirty years ago and since became one of my most favorite quotes:

“Basically it is the connection between people that give life its worth.”

I love this quote to this day and enjoy writing it into gift cards for people getting married. Furthermore I have come to the conclusion that society should care much more about honoring the relationship itself. Surely also about the people involved – without whom the connection wouldn´t even be possible. But the connection itself, that makes more of the people involved than they are on their own seems the essential element to me.

Therefore I suggest to initiate a world relationship day. On that day the relationship one has to one self should also definitely be honored and then to all other people, creatures and the environment in general… Where and when can there be more sharing, a bigger exchange of love, compassion, joy, humor etc. etc. That also allows conflicts to be there – in order to be resolved, turning disharmony in harmony… Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but definitely.

Desired date? I would say: every day – then all of life would become a feast!