What do we expect right now?

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

In my perception, our current being and doing is always being accompanied by an intense flavor of waiting and expecting. As well as the strong feeling that we are in a “transition phase”. But a transition to what?

Some expect horror

There are those who, with somber expressions and affected tones, conjure up horrific images of the future. These easily do credit to the dystopian Greenpeace commercials of the 1980s. According to their assumptions, we are soon heading for a time when the surface of the earth will become a toxic desert. Natural cataclysms and man-made environmental disasters will completely ruin our planet. Man is threatened with extinction. There are hardly any children left and no one is really healthy anymore.

Cloth masks are no longer enough. Humans are on the move with gas masks. Because our atmosphere collapsed due to climate change. Also, because we humans didn´t react properly in time. Despite the looming horror, we carelessly continued to pollute the waters, cut down the rainforests, depleted the soil and poisoned the environment with our exhaust fumes and garbage. In doing so, we opened the doors to disease, poverty and misery ever wider. Doom and gloom have become reality.

We few survive only because medicine and technology enable us to endure our increasingly inhumane environment. Considering what is to come, the last 18 months were harmless!

Others expect paradise

There are also those who declare with rapturous smiles that all these are just birthing pains of the “Golden Age”!  In reality we do not have to worry! This is now the apocalypse! It is also called revelation! This means our divine nature as human beings and our wonderful connection to our galactic soul families will be finally revealed to us!

According to them, it is very probable that rather sooner than later, our extraterrestrial relatives come along with spaceships. They will then remove all our dark and evil fellow citizens. Exploitation, abuse, greed for profit and violence will then disappear with them. Only those humans will then live on Earth, who are of pure heart and noble attitude. With the help of the intergalactic siblings who have the appropriate technology, the oceans will be cleaned, the deserts greened, the forests reforested, diseases eliminated, and the climate put back in balance.

Peace, joy, free time

Then, when everything has its paradisiacal order again, we devotedly take care of Gaia, the host and mother of all of us. For the earth is a living being and deserves all the respect and love of which we are capable. All of us happily grow our own food and are, of course, vegetarians. When the temperatures are mild, we like to gather around the village lime tree after our work is done for a round dance. In winter we sit together in the warm glow of the fire. Happily we do craft work and sing folk songs. We are enchanted by the shining eyes of our children when they see the organic roasted apple from the stone oven. This is accompanied by fresh whipped cream from extremely happy cows.

And the more love, peace and devotion to creation are lived, the more man is again capable of telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. Then there is no need for technology anymore because we do it by the power of our consciousness! If nevertheless more is necessary then, a telepathic message is sent to the intergalactic kinship with a request for help! But this is actually not necessary anymore! For finally, we are so peace-loving and constantly harmonious that all bad guys take fright before us! They know that they can’t play us against each other anymore and that more powerful forces than the ones they have protect us! Life is getting better and better and the last 18 months are just the swan song of the old days!

Yet others expect a new normality

They assume that we as humanity will now have to get used to pandemics. Wearing masks will become a permanent part of everyday life, as will getting tested regularly. Perhaps at some point a kind of universal vaccine will have been developed that will not only cope with the current viruses, but also with all the mutants of the future. Perhaps babies will be injected with it right after birth.

Or perhaps one must take a kind of ultra-immunizing multifunctional drink every morning before putting on the mask. Or one is immediately chipped and then gets sent the software from the appropriate departments of the WHO. A quantum biological anti-virus program, so to speak. Maybe it can also be done via wifi…

All for the protection of mankind

Our scientists then spend a large part of their intelligence and time on detecting imminent dangers in time. Together with the pharmaceutical industry, which by now also has a major influence on the textile, food , tourism and entertainment industries, they help us to cope with our oh-so-threatening everyday lives. Everything is then of course available with a subscription function and is coordinated with each other. Without us even having to think about it!

Oh, brave new world! Food is grown super organically and delivered to our homes. Pollution is eliminated and everything is 100% recycled thanks to disposal technology. State-of-the-art energy supplies reduce electricity and heating costs, cars can hover and phones project holograms so you can face each other in the flesh! This also opens up completely new perspectives for culture, art and venues.

The virtual is on the rise

In general, consumer electronics have become quite advanced.  It is no longer possible to distinguish whether you are really in Costa Rica or only thanks to the connection to a device that virtually creates this world. In truth our charming vacation acquaintance is actually toasting us with her Caipirinha from Ohio! The whole thing is so perfect that even the biochemistry in the body is activated, which provides the desired vacation tan. If necessary, you can also activate a jetlag function.

The last 18 months have shown us how quickly things can change and how large crowds of people can be moved easily! The last 18 months give us hope!

Or should we expect a mixture of all the above?

I personally believe that there will be everything at the same time. Everyone experiences it and in the form that suits him – consciously or subconsciously. It is already the case! In China, surveillance technology is so advanced that the fine is already debited from your account before you have reached the other side of the road, which you are crossing illegally on a red light. In Florida, on the other hand, you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, you don’t need an MOT, and you are free to decide about your health in every respect. Also regarding the possession and handling of a weapon!

And contrary to the impression given to us by the media, the regulations have gaps. Concerning those of the pandemic but also of the vaccinations. There are rebellious places all over the world, which resist in their own way. That we do not hear about this publicly is hardly surprising! For not only would it badly disturb the narrative of mainstream media. It could also mean an unwanted flood of “narrative refugees” in these places.

More division is certainly to be expected

All kinds of possible worlds and manifested realities will now coexist for a while. Until each of us has made his choice for himself, which one is most coherent for him. I am becoming more and more aware that the ancient wisdom of the mystics, that each of us creates his own reality and resonates with like-minded people, is incredibly true.

The consensus realities as we knew them are breaking apart more and more. Even if we try to stop this and do not want to be divided. But people who have chosen different worldviews are becoming less and less compatible with each other.  No matter how much they believe they love each other. At some point, the day comes when you must let the other person move “into their world.” A bit like deciding to live on different continents for the rest of your life. Now, apparently, we decide to live in completely new worlds. Letting go is an act of love. For all should be allowed to live their desires.

More and more conscious people are to be expected

New currents are increasingly forming right now. Certain people not only question our previous world and its reality, but simply believe it to be a brilliantly staged illusion. For their sense of truth reveals something else to them.

There are those among us who have long maintained regular exchanges with extraterrestrial contacts and also regularly spend some time off-planet. Many of them also know about the true history of our planet and how extensive lies, deceit and deception have been part of our history and culture for millennia.

Then there are those who have long been completely autonomous in terms of food and energy supply. And many who no longer want to let their lives be determined by some outside authority. They choose to  consciously control their own life and being themselves. Self-responsibility is sacred to them, as is a conscious use of their sovereignty.

This path may soon include positive forms of artificial intelligence, economic forms beyond money and a complete restructuring of our society as we know it. Including our education system, our health care system, and political systems we are familiar with.

Stagnation or boredom are certainly not to be expected

I believe we are living in one of the most exciting times imaginable! And for the first time in our history of consciousness, everyone has the chance to decide for themselves how their life path should continue.

There are many more possibilities than we currently suspect. But this requires great trust and brave steps. As well as overcoming loneliness, isolation, social ostracism and sometimes even massive fears and suicidal thoughts. But I am hearing more and more frequently from courageous people. They give up their previous life, including a secure job and their own home, in order to secure their personal health and freedom.

Even if it means at present that they have to fight or will still have to fight massive restrictions. Their love for creation, for nature, for their loved ones and for themselves gives them the strength to get through this. They know deeply: every condition on earth is only temporary! And as long as there is a chance that the good comes, they will hold out!

Further consciousness catalysts are to be expected

In the meantime, there are a few things that are likely to reinforce our current growth in consciousness and healthy individualization. Whether it is a climate shift, the overdue pole jump, the earth axis correction, the “big solar flash” or the worldwide public appearance of our intergalactic neighbors or all together! Much is feared, other expected and some even hoped for.

But no matter which of these happens when, each of us is currently being urged to be EVEN more authentic. With the microbe gone wild last year, a process was set in motion. This process will lead to each of us ultimately having to openly show our true nature. Especially if it was hidden even from ourselves until now! The more and sooner we do this, the more becomes clear which potential the human collective in all its forms has. New groupings, social structures and cultures will form. There will be new professions and vocations! In general, much more will change even during our lifetime than we can imagine at present.

Quantum leaps of all kinds are to be expected

To me, it feels like the mid-eighties of the last century! Back then, we didn’t even have fax machines! And we couldn’t even imagine that computer and mobile technology, as well as the internet, would change our lives in such a drastic way within 15 years. There is no area that has remained untouched by this! And a similar leap in development will happen! However,  more massive, and way more revolutionary!  I suspect this will unfold in the next 10-15 years! Because this time the progress concerns not only our technology, but also our consciousness.

But no matter what happens when and how and where we stand with our consciousness right now. It is never wrong to let maximum intelligence, compassion and love prevail! For the more that is part of our vision and focus, the more joyful our being and future will become – individually and collectively! Then we can confidently expect the best!