The Hero´s Journey in our Turbulent Times

1920 1337 Elisabeth Karsten

These days I feel as if the spin cycle of the world washing machine is constantly on ultrahigh speed. I feel thrown back and forth between disbelief, horror, and grief on the one hand and fascination, admiration, and gratitude on the other. No wonder that the hero´s journey is frequently mentioned these days. For our mad times are abundantly equipped with heroes and traitors, perpetrators, and victims, as well as sharp and dull minded people.

Indeed, we could consider the hero´s journey as a cosmic super washing cycle, that rids us of all untruths. In my delight for applied mythology my needs are currently superbly met. I keep being reminded of the wonderful quote by the American author and political activist Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980): “The universe is not made of stories, not of atoms.”

The real heroes currently outdo their fictional colleagues

Hardly surprising the viewing figures for the Oscars was at an all time low this year. Nobody is currently interested in the protagonists of the entertainment industry. The actors of our daily lives and our personal relationship to them are far more interesting right now.

Furthermore we´re also learning that life is the most creative writer of all! For nobody could come up with the story we´re currently experiencing… or could you? However, one thing is clear: we´re all heroes on our own journey through our lives.

The origin of the hero´s journey

The term “hero´s journey” in our time is derived from the work of the American mythologist Joseph Campbell (1904-1987). In the course of his studies, he analyzed thousands of fairy tales, legends and myths. In his work he describes a kind of basic pattern for the course of a story and the development stages of the hero. The more of these stages a story contains, the more universal it becomes and the more accessible it is to our consciousness.

The hero´s journey is omnipresent

Of course, we come across the hero´s journey in many stories. However, many people have discussed it on- and offline for their purposes. There are books and articles and videos about it available. I will not discuss it in detail here, for you can find sufficient information on it yourself. I am rather focusing on the hero´s journey in the context of our current experiences of our lives.

Nonetheless, it might be important and interesting to know that the hero´s journey is not the only “hiking map” to explore our inner and outer landscapes of consciousness. A few wise people have discovered its compatibility with other maps. As for instance the “tree of life” of the kabbalists, the native American “medicine wheel”, the Feng Shui wheel of the Asian geomancers, the greater arcana of the Tarot and finally the stages of initiations in the ancient mystery schools. There are also great literature and links available on these.

My brief version of the hero´s journey

As an initially clueless hero or heroine we´re faced with certain challenges in increasing intensity. Preferably with aspects of our lives we had avoided successfully so far. When the pressure becomes unbearable, we´re finally willing to deal with them. We then also accept that there will be no way back to the old. In literature this step is called “the call to adventure” which the hero or heroine finally answers to.

Depending on how we handle the current challenge, the next one is brought about. This goes on for white a while. It is called the phase of “tests, trials and tribulations”. However, it forces us to build our strengths. And with every test we pass, we´re further away from the old version of ourselves – who we were before the journey began.

Finally, we reach a stage where the old notion of ourselves and of the world collapses completely. Now the cognitive dissonance between what we experience as truth and what we thought was true is has become too big.

It is about the transformation of our own essence

At this point in a story the hero is often confronted with death and extinction. This can express in many ways, sometimes even through our own personal death. Something does have to die, indeed. Usually it is something we were very attached to and that had a great impact on our life.

Only if we are willing to give it up, let it go and direct our entire attention inwardly can transformation take place. If we completely surrender to what actually wants to happen never known wisdom and strength comes to the surface from our innermost core. We learn the plain truth about our self and can embrace it. This resolves our inner conflict and we find peace.

Now we know who we are

Now we know with absolute certainty what we are to do in the matter. Old bugbears and fears are overcome. Oftentimes even our fear of death. For we realize that our essence is eternal. That which dies is only the illusion beyond it. We are now aware of ourselves and deeply know our power.

The next phase is a time of integration, where we apply the new version of ourselves to our own lives. Often, we encounter another round of obstacles. However, this time we handle them effortlessly. The old, small ego-self gave way to the greater, redeemed self. Now we master our world with sovereignty. And as a reward we get the princess, the kingdom, the place at our preferred university or the new job…

…until the next challenge draws us into a new adventure.

The hero´s journey is basically always about the exploration of our personal truth. Who am I really? What is my relationship to creation? And what part am I to play in the bigger picture?

Since the hero´s journey is always about the same questions, Campbell also called it the monomyth.

Diverse applications of the hero´s journey

This rather linear structural pattern has conquered the world since the 1970ies. Especially screenwriters and filmmakers love using it. Quite obviously so George Lucas in “Starwars”, including the archetypical dynamics. Lucas was inspired by Campbell´s book “The hero with a thousand faces” (USA 1968). However, many other artists, writers, and cartoonists, as well as trainers, counsellors and coaches, marketing specialists and advertisers, mystics, and kabbalists and of course, psychologists and philosophers have applied the benefit of the hero´s journey to their work.

According to my research this basic dramaturgical pattern is actually ancient. It seems to be rather well known also beyond our planet. Allegedly, it is also used as a basic plan for the evolutionary course of entire civilizations! We´re virtually following a cosmic dramaturgy!

The hero´s journey is a blueprint of consciousness

In other words: We have had the hero´s journey in our consciousness and our subconscious for eons. Accordingly, we experience and recount our own life in the shape of stories. And quite naturally we apply this ancient dramaturgical knowledge. Even in recounting daily events we intuitively use elements of it.

We are particularly excited by stories where the hero or heroin undergoes a real transformation. After having dealt with all their challenges they are changed in their core. Ideally, they are more mature, responsible, wiser, loving, and sovereign at the end of their journey. Something, we generally also strive for ourselves. For of course, we truly are the heroes of very own life journey.

The hero´s journey is a fractal

Our life is filled with challenges. We are busy with mastering them constantly. And in doing this we´re also exposed to various processes of growth in consciousness. In other words, we´re always in or the other stage of the hero´s journey. We can avoid the growing for a while, but then we stagnate. At some point the pressure becomes so intense, that we start moving again. Frequently, against our own will.

Furthermore, it is important to understand, that our heroic journey can be minute or gigantic. A day at work can be a hero´s journey. But also, a project at work or our entire career. The same applies to any relationship, our places of residence and of course all our physical trips. May they be a daytrip or a trip around the world for several years.

We happen to be always on several hero´s journeys at the same time.

There are individual journeys and as a member of a group. For example, a family, a generation, a nation or even the entire planet. A hero´s journey can last a few moments, a certain time in our life or an entire life. And, of course, also reaching beyond our incarnations lasting throughout the life of our soul. So independently from the aggregate state of our soul we´re always on a hero´s journey and are growing in consciousness. Actually this is what is truly driving us.

And of course: after a hero´s journey is before the next. For as soon as the hero has integrated his insights successfully into his life the next challenges are already awaiting him. They can serve as the call to the next adventure.

Each journey is unique to the hero

And each journey has it´s own cycle. However, not all of them are synchronous. If we experience a crisis in our primary relationship it doesn´t mean, we need to have problems in our jobs or with our friends. Neither are hero´s journeys synchronous in a group or the collective. Even if a group is exposed to the same external events. Like a family moving house or a company undergoing a financial crisis. This has different effects on those involved.

But if you undergo a the journey together with another it has an amplifying effect. In a good way…and sometimes in the not so good ways. I often witness this in couples who are exploring the hero´s journey of their relationship. As well as in bigger groups. And, of course, we´re all experiencing it right now, individually and as a community – in the time of the pandemic.

The hero directs his own journey

The dynamic of a journey is determined by the choices the hero makes – consciously and subconsciously. We are generally aware of the power of our conscious decisions. Usually, we´re willing to accept our responsibility for them. It is harder for us regarding our subconscious decisions. However, we´re just as responsible for them and their consequences can be as powerful as those of our conscious decisions, if not more so. Only our soul knows where we´re truly at. Unfortunately, only very few people have a reliable contact to their soul. Too frequently it is mistaken for their personality.

Recognizing that there is actually a difference can be one of the gains of a hero´s journey. Also, the realization that we are our own authors, dramaturgs and navigators in the creation of our journeys – alone or together with others – is one of the illuminating discoveries of a great hero´s journey.

No real hero´s journey without a transformation

The hero´s journey and its basic dynamics play a big part in my work with clients. Becoming aware of these archetypical sequences and dynamics in our own life is most helpful for many people. It allows them to not take everything so terribly personal anymore. They are simply undergoing a healing crisis of their consciousness. This has a lasting effect on them and their lives. Usually, it means a major gain. They become happier people and more pleasant contemporaries. Because they can appreciate their own skills and talents more and start enjoying them!

It requires an alchemical process

It is highly important to have, what I call the “baking-effect”. For if only the ingredients are collected and mixed – even if the amounts are correct – it won´t become a bread without the alchemical process of baking. Then the whole thing remains an undefined, mushy, and rather questionable dough taste wise. It absolutely requires real or metaphorical heat, a transformative fire and the following cooling down in order to become a new gestalt charged with new energies.

A hero´s journey is only real if a transformation took place. Especially if the hero recognizes himself as being different from before the beginning of his journey. Ideally, he´ll also get matching feedback from his environment: “You´ve come a long way…”, “You´ve changed!” “You´re not like I remember you…” etc.

Ancient dramaturgical patterns and conflicts

Certain patterns and imageries have been part of our perception, experiences and expressions forever. Everybody knows what is meant when somebody says i.e.: “The night is most dark before dawn”, or “The calm before the storm” or “Misfortune seldom comes alone.” Or “All good things come in threes.” Etc. The same applies to certain role plays:  I.e. “He stands in his father´s shadow” or “It was like David fighting Goliath” or “He was a wolf in sheep´s clothing…” or “He was fighting against windmills” etc.

By the way, many literary scholars agree that there are actually only about eight archetypical plots. So apparently there are only very few basic conflicts along which the characters in a drama unfold their behavior. Also, these basic plotlines are found easily online.

Possible archetypical dynamics as part of the hero´s journey

All conflicts can appear in a hero´s journey. Sometimes as the main conflict, sometimes as a sideshow. However, all of them are in service of the whole journey. Some of these conflicts tend to be featured in our journeys more often than others, here a few examples.

Perpetrator – Victim – Rescuer

The most prominent one is certainly that of perpetrator, victim, rescuer and sometimes witness. It is one of the major processes in the maturation of our consciousness to not only perceive yourself in one of these roles. Particularly the perpetrator-victim dynamic often reveals upon closer scrutiny that every perpetrator was once a victim. And that every victim has the potential to become a perpetrator. It will certainly not always pay back in the same currency. However, if for example, a victim of violence is unable to forgive his perpetrators and is offered an opportunity for revenge – in what ever shape or form – he will most likely make use of it.

The battle of good and evil

That is probably the most popular and most common core conflict. In fiction it is usually quite obvious who belongs to which group. In our daily lives however, it is more difficult. For we certainly do not all agree on who or what is good or evil. Also, the evil guys cannot be recognized that easily and often blame the good guys to be the evil ones. We have to rely completely on our own perception and assessment and our personal responsibility in the situation. Especially right now it is obvious: what was considered “good” in the past, is now regarded as bad, and what was propagandized as bad in the past is now considered good… what is actually true?

Fighting the shadow

Oftentimes we are our worst enemy and victim of our own making! Only when we accept that, we can realize that we have to change something within ourselves to regain our strength in the external world. Applied to our current situation I would suggest that many who are blaming others of distorting truth and reality reflect on their own perception and presentation of things. What motif is truly driving us? Who is mongering fear and why and who is supporting trust and why? Is there anybody free in his expression and why? Who is not? And why are some more free than others?

Possible archetypical phases during a hero´s journey

Just as we encounter certain archetypical dynamics we also experience certain archetypical stages

Fake paradise

Seemingly all is going the way we want. We can have as much as we want from anything we like…however, our consciousness is stagnating. Even champagne, caviar and attractive sexual partners can eventually become boring. A nice example for this stage was expressed by a dear friend of mine who sighed many years ago: “I have no achieved everything I desired at the age of 25 and I´ve never been so unhappy.”

The dark night of the soul

This term was created in a poem by the Christian mystic John of the Cross in the 15th century. The psychologist C.G. Jung included this concept in his therapeutic work. It generally describes a state of total despair and helplessness. Like a bad depression. Some unfortunate people commit suicide in this state. However, it is not their body that needs to die, only their old idea of their life.

This painful phase is not a permanent condition, it is only a trailblazer. It is like a “flow heater” to the willingness to let go of all internal resistances. To finally let go of the old and dare something new. To finally take the path you avoided until now. This also includes the discovery of your own slumbering creative potential and activating it. Even if they scare you. Trust in your own self must be (re)integrated!

Currently the dark night of the soul is mentioned frequently. It is to describe the situation of many people who experience despair, help- and hopelessness right now. It is important to make them realize that of course there is a way out, even a redemption. Even thought it might look quite different rom what they can or want to imagine.

Break down in order to break through

So far, we´re still a species that is only willing to change something or itself if the suffering is painful enough. Most of us still believe that we can only grow in consciousness through suffering. As long as that is the case, we must accept that the new can only arrive when the old is leaving. Or rather, if the old is taken from us – oftentimes against our will.

As long, as we´re too attached to situations, things and people fate will always make sure to intervene in a destructive way… It will shake us in our core so that we begin to reflect what kind of situations, things and people are still a match to us. Fate will bring about a healing crisis of our awareness, just like we know it from the healing process of emotional and physical diseases.

The reference to our times is obvious. However, most people only perceive the collapse, the breakdown and less the potential of the breakthrough that´s coming with it.

Archetypical encounters on a hero´s journey

Of course, there are also archetypical characters or roles that are part of every hero´s journey. A lot has been said and written about archetypes – among them most prominently C.G. Jung. If you´re interested in them, you will find a ton of literature on- and offline. Therefore, I will only mention a few examples in the context of this blog.

Heroes – they have elements of all the archetypical aspects whom they encounter during their journey. However, they are typically quite innocent and clueless. For they have to undergo the experiences before their true character can be revealed. That is why the hero is often likened to the “Fool” in the Tarot deck: he walks clueless and naively over an abyss. He has no fear, because he doesn´t know (yet), it is an abyss..

Warriors – they fight for a certain cause with more or less violence. May it be justice, the favor of a certain person or family or property. There are warriors in all areas of life. Right now, the truth warriors in the media are our new heroes. But also, medical doctors or teachers who bravely fight for the health of mankind.

Magicians – they know how to employ metaphysical forces and beings for their own purposes. In the hero´s journey they often appear as a mentor or advisor. A classic example is the young king Arthur and his counsellor Merlin or the fairy godmother in Cinderella. In our presence the boss of the world economic forum, Klaus Schwab likes to present himself as the kind godfather of an oh, so brave new world. And for many he probably is.

Trickster – a character who depending on his mood uses deception jokingly or earnestly to achieve his goals. With him the hero never really knows, where he´s actually at. The trickster lies and cheats easily without qualms. However, the trickster is always in service of the growth of consciousness of the hero. Even though neither he nor the hero are actually aware of this. An example would be Mephisto in Goethe´s drama “Faust”. Or in our contemporary world perhaps the chief virologist of the German government, Christian Drosten. Even though he has a rather shady personality, many people listen to him and he wields remarkable power.

Threshold guardians – their job is to stop the hero from advancing. It is the evil stepmother in Cinderella who makes sure Cinderella cannot attend the ball. And of course, Cerberus – the famous watchdog of the gates to the underworld in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. He is not to allow alive people to cross the threshold. Our contemporary world is filled with threshold guardians: if we don´t comply to their rules, we´re not allowed to move freely…

It is usually easy to recognize an archetype in a story. In real life however, a person can embody several and can even change them in the course of events. Angela Merkel for example moved from an initially rather positive leading figure to turning into an actual enemy to ever more people.

Tripartition is natural to us

Besides the hero´s journey our experience and accounts are often minted by the linear tripartition – this too since ancient times. We all have a natural sense for the dramaturgical tripartition: beginning, middle, end; or Introduction, main body, conclusion; first course, main course, desert; and many more. There is no limit to the imagination!

Generally, the arc of suspense is built up in the first two thirds of a story. Then there is a “show down”, “the big bang”, “the catastrophe. This changes everything fundamentally. In the final third the new status quo is being processed. And the hero integrates everything, he learned about himself. Usually, he then expresses an upgrade of his true self.

Actually, the tripartition is not inherent to the structure of the hero´s journey. For the hero´s journey is truly cyclical. Beginning and End can even be identical. Also, the time spent at each stage is not determined. Some stay much longer in one phase than in another. Sometimes even a major part of their life or their incarnations…

Frequently there is a difference between telling a real life and a fictional story

When we share an impressive experience, the beginning is often quite brief. For it is our life and we´re most familiar with it. So, we begin our anecdotes with the call of adventure or even shortly after. Then there is the transformative moment and then usually quite a long presentation of the integration of the new status quo. We explain in more detail what effect this shift had on us and our life.

However, when we want to tell a good story, it is different. We must familiarize our audience with the world of our protagonist. Only then can the popular before-and-after change have its desired effect. However, the longer-term effect of the transformation is often left to the imagination of the audience. Many stories and movies often end shortly after the transformation, the big shift.

Applying the hero´s journey to our times

Using my own process of insights in the last 14 months as an example, I want to show the hero´s journeys in our current times. The call of adventure is in all cases the “Covid19 crisis” that began in February of 2020.

My personal journey

It began upon my return from Sri Lanka in early March of 2020. Already in the airports we noticed people wearing masks. Once back in Berlin, some supermarkets had already run out of toilet paper and many people were buying masks and sanitizer. To me it was utterly bizarre, and I proceeded with my normal life. But the fears and absurdities increased. On March 11th 2020 the World Health Organization declared a worldwide pandemic. And I finally accepted I could not ignore the events any longer. Also, many people asked me what I thought of it. After quite a lot of inner resistance to taking the events seriously, I finally decided to face them. This was my call to adventure, so to speak.

According to the hero´s journey now the “tests, trials and tribulations” began.

I began researching intensely. Like many of us I dug into virology and epidemiology. I read articles and listened to talks by publicly accepted MDs, and publicly dismissed MDs and began following the work of the international lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. As well as many “truthers” who research in detail and present material that our mainstream media neglects to this day in my opinion.

I read newspapers, watched television features every day and worked my way through numerous websites. Including social media, like FB and Yotube, later Bitchute and Vezee. Finally I acquired a telegram account. There I found the most trustworthy information all on one platform. And I discovered the work of the brilliant international human rights activist Sacha Stone with great delight. His work became a great source of valid information as well as supportive energies and feelings to me.

Driven by my inner feeling

From the start I could sense, there was no real threat coming from the virus itself. In my perception this threat was artificially manufactured and constantly charged with ever more fears and fearmongering. The elephant in the room or rather in the streets seemed to be something else.

So, for the rest of the year, I was busy trying to align the external events with my inner feeling. Some of my insights went into my blogs. The shaping of my own opinion was constantly accompanied by intense discussions with family, friends and acquaintances. For many of them were convinced of the danger of pandemic and the necessity of all the measures and compliant behavior and are to this day.

But I remained sceptic. For if we really were dealing with a major health threat why then were all the things sanctioned that are highly beneficial to a healthy immune system? Like fresh air, many hugs, doing sports, singing, laughing etc. Why was the vaccination considered the only redemption or solution to the pandemic – already then?

Ever more insights

Together with a friend of mine who is a natural health professional we did a systemic constellation on “the truth behind the virus”. It showed us that this virus was only superficially about the health of certain people. It´s actual purpose was to be a catalyst to a healthier way of being and community on ALL levels of our existence.

I realized that it was actually about a shift in consciousness. However, not all people are equally open to it. I know this all to well from my work as a life coach. Many people even go through great length in order to avoid it. They are so attached to the old and familiar – even if it is detrimental to them. Others want to steer the change of consciousness in sync with their personal agenda. They lack humbleness regarding the power of the goodly and godly and often have a disdain for humanness.

This was one of the reasons why I went to the rallies in Berlin in August, as well as in November. Even though I was aware that those would hardly have an impact on political events. For too wide was the chasm between political leaders and the actual needs of the citizens. They were and are treated like unresponsible children.

How much power do I actually have?

So, I began looking at my own responsibility. I checked all the elements in my life wondering whether they had been the result of a conscious choice or rather of a convention, a conditioning, or a habit. I´m far from done with it.

Also, the great change that I´m currently experiencing to which the entire society is obviously exposed as well, only just began! One aspect is the irreversible collapse of the old and especially of old relationships. Ever more people are becoming aware of this.

However, a definite gain of the events so far is that I´ve become much more aware of myself. This finds its expression in stronger authenticity and truthfulness, as well as peace and serenity towards others. For I can also feel, everything will be fine in the end. Or, as I like saying somewhat casually: I wouldn´t have incarnated here if there wasn´t a happy end to it all!

The hero´s journey of society

Everybody is experiencing the current events in his or her own unique way of course. However, as a society, a nation or even world population we realize individually and collectively: nobody can evade this process.

The pandemic, no matter how dramatic it really is or for what reason, is a wake-up call first and foremost. We are called to create a new future that is healthier, freer, more just and more human. For we cannot recreate the old. Not only because many things have been irreversibly destroyed by now. But, because many of us don´t even want to return to the old. We have changed in the meantime.

Many of us not only see the destruction and the losses. We also see the possibilities for creating new and different structures. For the old were worn-out even before the pandemic. In my perception this includes the symptom related academic medicine that should be complemented and partly replaced by cause related natural medicine. We also need a different education system that is in service of the individual talents and abilities of the children, rather than making them conform to a social norm. Our economy should allow for a fairer distribution of goods and do away with famine and poverty.

Catalysis of our individuation process

Community and belonging together is usually sacred to people. Generally, the prerogative of interpretation is left to the seemingly most trustworthy in a community. However, more and more people realize that this doesn´t work anymore. They lose their faith in the authorities and mainstream media. Others regard the alternative media with more skepticism.

I have now been watching the breaking apart of friendships, families, and work connections for over a year. Bewilderment is on the rise. Suddenly people notice that certain people whose knowledge and attitude they considered trustworthy are no longer compatible with their own knowledge and feelings.  In the beginning the schism appeared with regard to the Corona measures: how justified, how effective, how wise do you consider them?

This hero´s journey is becoming ever more intense

Now the main point of conflicts are the vaccinations. And the next conflict is already in the wings. It could be about the power of our media and the role of our politicians. As well as about the globalistic agenda of the so-called “Great Reset” of the world economic forum and perhaps even the “necessity of transhumanism.”

How do we evaluate power, freedom, self-responsibility, cooperation, and community truly? Where do we come together and where do we disagree? This process is far from over. As a matter of fact, we´re in a particular intense phase right now of the “tests, trials and tribulations”. We´re all forced to deeply explore how we want to live and how we can achieve this and ideally, with whom!

Yearning for the tipping-point

And yet…many of us have a hunch that there will be rather sooner than later – perhaps in a few weeks or a couple of months a kind of climax or final point, the so-called tipping-point events. These will hopefully lead to a change towards the better. Whatever that means for the individual…

However, many people agree: it cannot and should not go on like this for much longer! This speculative end point could be an even stronger limitation of our personal freedom – declared as the new normal. Perhaps it is the total economic collapse. Or an even bigger threat to our health – in whatever way, shape or form. Maybe even a real or fake invasion from outer space…

Whatever we´ll have to face next until the end: it will be spectacular enough for the entire collective! All will realize that we´ve crossed the threshold into a new world. It is a potential new beginning for a humanity that is truly self-aware.

We are all part of this – like or not

For that reason, we´re all undergoing the current “spin cycle” of the cleanse of our consciousness. Every day, more people are reaching their personal point of transformation. They finally let go of the old and choose the new that matches them. This applies as much to those who are primarily acting from fear, as for those who have a strong faith in life and themselves. Ultimately, we all confess our very own truth. Everybody is certain to have chosen what s/he deemed the most healthy and reasonable at the given moment.

This includes the acceptance of conflicts with those who think and act differently. For some it even means losing old affiliations. Suddenly the question whether you´ve gotten the vaccination or not is a determining factor. This is already more important to some than a shared past or common genes.

In this way entirely new social connections and clusters are emerging. Their connective elements are compatible systems of values and visions of the future. This new network is primarily taking place online, but also offline. It is happening across regional and national borders. This is certainly one of the positive side effects of the pandemic grounding. How marvelous will this network be when can finally meet physically again without any restrictions!

The cosmic hero´s journey

In this journey humanity is the hero. One expression of our collective consciousness is the current gestalt of our home planet. And this too, is constantly exposed to the changes of the current shifts in consciousness.

In a seemingly infinite number of prophecies, it is mentioned that one day the world would undergo a great change. There would an actual apocalypse and nothing would remain the same as before. That this is no leisurely pleasure is obvious. Otherwise, it might have been named “Apocalypso” and dancing together certainly wouldn´t be forbidden. In the opinion of many, we´re already in the thick of it.

Inevitable change is the order of the day

Our souls know this. Nobody is here right now by chance or accident. We all followed our own destiny, our soul plan. And this is valid beyond single incarnations. So, all that we are, say and do in this current life is also an expression of who we were before and who we will be…

Important life decisions are anchored into our soul plan before our birth. For instance, where we live, with whom we´re going to have children and, also what kind of lifechanging medical procedures we´ll undergo.

Only very few of us are aware of our origin and the focus of our consciousness. And even less of us can truly assess where others are coming from and what they are aligned with in truth. Only one thing is clear: everything, absolutely everything that is currently happening and what we´re experiencing – individually and collectively – is serving our personal and collective transformation of consciousness. In the best way possible, for otherwise we´d experience it differently.

Acceptance, surrender and focusing on the good outcome helps

From this angle we can approve of all that´s happening and make an effort to find the most constructive place for us within it. This includes the respect and humbleness towards others who, – for whatever reason – are choosing a different place for themselves. From the perspective of the cosmic order no place is better or worse than another, no soul worth more or less than another. We are all only creatures that are undergoing a certain experience to increase our self-awareness.

From that point of view all current events are serving the liberation of our consciousness. Especially from our old delusions and confusions, that show up in our perpetrator-victim-rescuer games, in power and fear games and in growth through pain and suffering. We are audience and actors at the same time in an interactive movie…

You have to liberate yourself

This time round there will be no external savior. To come of age galactically – and that is what this is about – we must liberate ourselves. Everyone of us has to accept his total self-responsibility and self-determination and demand is natural freedom as a cosmic being. If you cede your power to another, you must expect others to make use of your resources for their own purposes.

This leads to a consciousness divide: are we only serving our self or are we serving the wellbeing of all, including our own? Are we choosing a hierarchical power, conditional love, fear, and control? Or are we choosing sovereign power, unconditional love, trust, and freedom? Combined versions are hardly viable in this case. And what path we truly chose will perhaps not be obvious right away. Perhaps much after we have chosen this life defining track.

The choices we make now determine our future

We are currently making fundamental, transincarnational choices! They have a great effect on our immediate future as well as our entire soul path. If you become aware of your true power, accept it and live it consciously with likeminded sovereign people, will be free. Then there is a constructive interaction with others in every way. It possibly means the end of all the eternal power games that have determined our interhuman activities for eons.

If we´re truly willing and ready, we can consciously create our own lives. Individually, as well as with others. This creativity will have a new life-affirming quality. It will be guided by real sovereignty, true freedom and in mutual appreciation of our dignity. We will experience an entirely new world. This will most certainly also provide us with new hero´s journeys for our ongoing growth in consciousness!