Conscious use of cosmic symbols

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I have been working with the cosmic symbols of free energy for over ten years, and I am having more and more powerful experiences with them. So, I would like to introduce this powerful tool to those of you who do not know it yet. Maybe one or the other of you has a use for it. For these symbols have been specifically made available to humanity for our time of great transition.

Symbols are the language of our unconscious

Working with symbols is as old as humanity. Our minds may not always be able to interpret them, but our souls and subconscious minds can. That is why they are used again and again in healing work. Many know and work with the Körbler symbols. Others with various “magic” symbols, such as the pentagram, crosses, spirals, etc….  But also, the Chinese characters, which also have symbolic character can evoke healing power. And also, other system catalogs from more recent times find application, as for example the fascinating symbol sign language developed by Stewart Swerdlow.

There is something for every personality and every need. And we all like to paint hearts, stars, the peace symbol, or cross something through etc. to give things a special power. And it works! Because otherwise we wouldn’t do it over and over again. Even if we sometimes rationally claim, not to believe in it. But something happens in our consciousness when we specifically direct our energy to something with clear intention and a pure heart. This is reinforced by the symbols and their contemplation and also by conscious drawing with the hand. It is a form of conscious creation.

An “accidental” discovery

A good ten years ago I had a client with a violent eating disorder who asked for my help. I replied, somewhat overwhelmed, that she should find an eating disorder specialist. But she persisted, saying I could help her. However, I had no idea how. A few days later, I was in a secondhand bookstore and a book literally dropped off the shelf in front of me: it was the blue book with the Antares symbols.

I purchased it and decided to try it out with the client in the next session. After all, we had nothing to lose. Using my pendulum, we found a symbol for her and fed it into her energy system. And then we forgot about the whole thing and devoted ourselves to other things. A few days later, however, she called me, amazed, and said she hadn’t had a bulimic episode since the session!

The symbols are a fantastic tool

This boosted my curiosity and so I bought the other two volumes. And the more I work with the symbols, the more powerful they become. My success stories now include the return of a stray cat, the reappearance of a lost passport, the immediate ending of panic attacks and nightmare phases, and a sad-sounding piano that changed its tonality to joy.

And also the reactivation of various non-functioning electronic devices succeeded several times: for this purpose, the symbol sound from the Ingmar system is used in the triangle on the device. Then let it work for a longer time, preferably at least 12 hours.

And it’s becoming ever clearer to me: everything is frequency, everything has consciousness, and everything communicates. And these symbols somehow optimize these ways of communication.

Doing harm is impossible

The symbols are a kind of “light code homeopathy” – and always work for the good of the whole or not at all. And only those aspects work which are beneficial at the very moment – the others remain dormant. It may be that they will be used at some later time, or not. Though if someone gets the idea to use these symbols with negative intentions, he must reckon with consequences for himself.

And when the effect of the chosen symbols is finished, they stop “radiating”. Then, in a completely natural way, the need to pick out a new symbol will arise again at some point.  I use the symbols for everything possible and impossible by now. For instance, to transform my inner conflicts or conflicts with others. As well as for all kinds of physical symptoms or everyday adversities.

All living creatures can benefit from the symbols

And they also work wonderfully with children and animals – where helpful intervention is often hampered by lack of verbal communication. But also, as a “metaphysical travel insurance”, as a “party booster” to enhance the good potentials of encounters, to boost creative projects and business, etc., etc.

In my experience, these symbols help in dealing with all kinds of physical and psychological ailments – depending on how open and receptive we are to them. But of course, in case of emergency, a doctor or healer should be consulted! But in any case, the symbols help to illuminate the view of what is happening.

The three symbol systems

I work mainly with the three books and symbol systems of the same name. Larimar, Antares and Ingmar. They are also available in English. In all books there are pendulum tables for the determination of the symbols. There are also sets of cards from each book to work with. All books and supplementary materials are currently available here:

Each of the books contains a particular system of symbols by entities from the respective star system. They were channeled around the turn of the millennium by two Austrians, Werner Neuner, and Wolfgang Becvar. Ingmar comes from our star relatives in Aldebaran, Antares, as the name suggests, and Larimar from Sirius B. All symbols are basically meant to facilitate our transition into the fifth dimension.

As an explanation, here is a quote from the book Antares: “The transition that is about to take place is an expansion of the emotional body from a 4-dimensionality to a 5-dimensionality. To be more precise, this is only a lifting of the restriction and a return to its original form. Through this dimensional increase, in any given situation, the choice of one’s reactions will increase, and an incredibly strong sense of freedom will arise.

This can change almost everything on our planet in a wonderful and revolutionary way. The ties to karmic laws and the often-fateful ties to one’s own ancestral lineage will thus completely lose their effectiveness. This reversal of polarity is already in full swing. It is often we ourselves who retain these attachments within us since a complete liberation from them arouses temporary discomfort in our minds. However, we have been repeatedly assured that even one conscious step is enough to free us from these attachments.” (*Antares)

Adding on to this from the book Ingmar: “Planet Earth is now preparing for the transformation into the fifth dimension, in which it will primarily come to an extensive change or correction of the collective, as well as the individual worldview – that is, the perception of what actually IS.” (*Ingmar)

I think we are right now in the middle of this “correction”!

Antares Symbols

According to Werner Neuner, the Antareans understand our world as a 13-dimensional matrix of six rings each. The symbols of the 5 rings plus a central symbol are ascending in their effectiveness. The higher the ring, the more cosmic, all-encompassing, the lower, the more earthly-physical. And the central symbol encompasses the effect of all symbols of its dimensional level and more.

Antares symbols are mainly applied to the energy and emotional body of man. The book says: “It is as much about one’s own personal energy flow as it is about the energy exchange and energetic weaving patterns that occur in the interaction of the individual with his or her environment and the larger, holistic systems in which he or she is woven. When the forces flow freely and beautifully here, this has a strong accelerating effect on the personal and overall human development process. The symbolic effect is often aimed at creating an environment in harmony and balance.”  (*Antares)

Larimar Symbols

Larimar symbols from the system of Sirius B work mainly on the level of spirituality and promote spiritual development. In the Larimar book it says: “Larimar wants to be understood as source food for those creations that call the illusion of individuality their immovable destiny.” (*Larimar) So, these symbols help us to overcome the illusion of separation and to develop again a consciousness of wholeness.

The Larimar book also states: “The described “Free Energies” from the solar system Sirius B reach the consciousness (the matrix) of the earthly morphogenetic (form- and shape-giving) fields with the help of the corresponding symbols, which also come from there. Via the spiritual Internet this information is transmitted very quickly to planet Earth. Together with other information, a network is thus created that enables earthlings of all kinds to experience the ongoing transformation of the planet without harm. It behaves much like a pressure lock that allows the transition from one dimension (water) to another (air) without complication.” (*Larimar)

That is, these symbols are ideal for the transition from the Piscean Age (water) to the Aquarian Age (air).

Ingmar Symbols

The Ingmar symbols originate from the Aldebaran system. They primarily address the physical level. In the book they are explained, as follows: “Ingmar is the collective term for a pool of a large number of symbolic forces. Energies are unbound and free, forces are bundled by very specific symbols. These forces are available to all responsible people at any time and free of charge.” and “The symbols are to be understood like funnels through which certain free energies are bundled. A free energy is understood as a spiral swirling to the right or left (clockwise or counterclockwise) It flows and moves up and down, breathing. The symbol acts like a funnel and focuses this energy. This results in a directed force (vector).” (*Ingmar)

However the Ingmar Symbols are a completely open system that anyone can work with creatively. The book states: “It is left to the reader or the entity who responsibly deals with the described symbolic forces to find out for himself how many and which possibilities arise in the application of the symbols and combinations.” (*Ingmar)

The possibilities of application are up to the user

The symbols are available to us humans for free and responsible use (see above.) And the combination possibilities are infinite. I observed that certain symbols appear again and again regarding my own concerns. This suggests that certain aspects need a longer-term strengthening. Others come up very rarely and then I know they have more effect on the situation than on me.

And by the way, all the books contain further, extensive information that I can’t go into here. For example, the Antares book contains ritual instructions for earth healings, apartment cleansings, and exciting information about the Christ Grid. The Larimar book explains the Chephren Alphabet, and the Ingmar book explains how to create energy fields for pyramids and stone placements. In addition, all the books contain detailed instructions on how to transfer the energy of the symbols directly to a person or situation, or how to do a remote transfer.

I have found that often a combination of up to four symbols proves to be particularly powerful. These symbols can come from all three books.

Determining the appropriate symbol via indication list or looking at them

A good way of application is to match the given situation to the indication list and then choose the appropriate symbol. For example, there is a specific symbol for jet lag/sleep problems or for reactivating malfunctioning electronics or for energizing food.

And surely, just looking at the dousing tables or list or flipping through the book and seeing where your attention gets stuck works too.

Determining the right symbol by dousing

As a rule, I first douse which of the three books has the right symbol for the question. Sometimes it is more than one. Then I work in the order given by the pendulum.

In each book there are dousing tables to help determine the individually appropriate symbol. Then, using the alphabetized table of contents (Larimar and Ingmar) or the given order (Antares), one can look up and read through the symbol description. I am always amazed how exactly the respective symbol fits the situation. And I cannot manipulate this: there are too many symbols and I hardly know them “by heart”.

I noticed that when I douse with the intention “What is now the optimal symbol for person X in matter Y” I get the best results. Often the clients have a better understanding of the meaning of the symbols determined for them than I do. Then I douse the optimal form of application.

Forms of application for the symbols

For myself, I do it through self-transference via the inner eye. I imagine that the symbol is enveloping me. The graphic representation is of course two-dimensional. But if I approach it in my mind´s eye, I also feel the other dimensions and can go “into” them. For me the symbols are and work multidimensionally. So, even if all illustrations are two-dimensional, the symbols have a multidimensional shape. For example, when I wrap myself in a circular symbol, I often feel surrounded by a sphere.

The creation of an essence also works wonderfully.  You can paint the symbol on a piece of paper or similar (black and white suffices), put a glass of water on it and charge it (about 7 minutes, in sunlight it is faster). Usually one glass of “symbol water” is enough to bring about a change. Sometimes this is even immediately noticeable, sometimes you notice only a few days later that “something is different”.

Instead of putting water on the paper, you can also put the paper with the symbol in a suitable place: under the bed or under the sleeping place of your pet and I have also already painted symbols under the shoes of children…

Via remote transmission card. There are different models offered in the books – also there I douse, which is the most appropriate one.

The transmission incantation for the symbols

But no matter whether I use the symbols for myself personally or for others – (for this I either get their personal permission or determine their spiritual consent with the pendulum) – I always use the following transmission incantation:

“By virtue of my divine consciousness, I order that the symbolic force…which works in accordance with cosmic laws be transferred to … and that it will remain effective as long as it is beneficial for… I bless the symbolic force of X and express my thanks.” (**Original sentence Antares book)

The explanation of this from the Antares book: “The individual parts of this incantation have the following meanings: “By virtue of my divine consciousness…” – addresses yourself in your true greatness and totality. You are an entity from very high dimensions – I assure you! – and you have voluntarily agreed to enter this planet in a 3-dimensional physical limitation. In truth, however, you carry a divine consciousness that is temporarily inaccessible to you, but continuously present. So, you go into this true greatness and from here you request the symbolic forces to start their effect.

… and that it will remain effective as long as it is beneficial for….” creates the possibility that the energy forces requested here can go freely again as soon as their effect here is no longer required or the development process has been completed. The energies do what you have ordered and remain attached to the person or object until they are released from that connection. Over time, it can be inconvenient to create bonds that are not necessary. Therefore, this addition has a special importance. “I bless the symbolic force…:” seals the demand of the effect (like a signature) and “I express my thanks” testifies to your high regard for these energies. These parts of the sentence are essential, but otherwise, of course, the wording can be changed at will.” (* Antares)

The symbols online

There is a German website whose kind operators have taken the trouble to upload the symbols in a color version, according to the color explanations in the books.  However, not all the symbols from the books are there. But all in all, there are so many symbols that you can use them by using the table as a dousing table. And the description and presentation of the symbols are well presentend in terms of color and content.

Especially when I’m on the road, this site is a wonderful resource. I have copied the dousing tables from the books and usually have them with me – but not the books. And so, I can look up most of the symbols on the website. The explanations unfortunately are only available in German. However, this website might prove useful to get a color impression of the symbols and using them on the road. You can look the meaning up in your English books later.


In the meantime, Werner Neuner has published another book with Susanne Petschauer, with symbols of the Anda-Te – not available in English yet. These are specifically designed to walk “The Path of Love”. I am sure that this book, too, will lead to wonderful results if the contents are applied in an appropriate way. I have no personal experience with this book yet.

Deep gratitude and great blessings

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the authors and channel mediums, and the entities to whom we owe these symbols. Through their act and also through the power of the symbols, it becomes more and more clear to me: we are powerful beings, and it is time that we humbly and responsibly take our role in the grand scheme of things. That we will be able to do this is certainly also due to the support of all our friends from these and other dimensions.

For this blog I have doused symbols to give you an impression of them. You are all invited to explore the symbols deeper for yourselves. Just click on the image. I now wish everyone much joy and success in working with these powerful symbols and beneficial experiences!

*Note: Although the books are available in English, I do not own them and therefore I dared translating the quotes myself for the purpose of this blog. That is why I can only name the book source but not the page numbers. The only original quote is the **incantation for transference. I asked a dear friend who owns the English books to kindly send the official English version to me.






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