Conscious Loving Manifestation

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For the first time in the history of human consciousness, change does not come through a new ruler, a new religion, or even radical new climatic conditions. Though mythologically, it does.

KroneHowever, the new “ruler” is each of us over his own life and creation!The new religion is authenticity, truth and freedom and of course unconditional love! And the new climatic conditions are benevolent coexistence and constructive exchange for the benefit of all involved. (By the way, there is a direct interaction between our collective psyche and the weather and in general the happening in nature – among other things topic of BELIMA-2!)

Conscious loving manifestation is meaningful

Mann auf einer Wiese am AbendMaximum peace and love within ourself and in dealing with others are the order of the day. As well as a willingness to give up our previous world views. For they are too narrow and do not really do justice to our actual human potential. Many of us are still deeply rooted in old patterns, imprints, memories, and conditioning. But these are increasingly proving to be a stumbling block. A constant letting go of the old and being open for the new is the order of the day.

We also have to change

Many things that have been familiar to us are collapsing before our eyes and proving to be unsuitable for shaping the future. But what do we need now? What will help us move forward?

Personally, I believe we need to learn to think, feel and act in a new way. Now is the time to develop new structures and forms of organization that are more in line with and serve us individually and collectively. This includes a much more conscious and healthy approach to everything that determines our lives.

We are the midwives of the new age

I belong to those people who have always known deep in their soulsthat they were born precisely for these times and those that are to come. And so, I feel it is part of my current vocation to co-create the way for the new that is about to be birthed through our consciousness.

Storch mit Bündel im SchnabelIn fact, I feel myself to be a “midwife of emergence” in every sense of the word. I support people in individual sessions to find out where and how things are going for them. In doing so, I have found that many people have the same questions and  some answers can actually help many.

So, I started to make this the focus of my blog “Gods of Balance”. Because in my perception we are the gods of balance. We are responsible for the healthy balance within us and also in our environment! I even see in this an acute collective task: to bring ourselves, but also our environment, indeed the whole earth, back into a healthy balance!

Networking with like-minded people

In the middle of last year, I realized that my occasional blogs were not enough. Our “consensus reality” continues to break down. The various narratives and interpretations regarding what is happening are too different and incompatible. And many people experienced, sometimes insidiously, sometimes suddenly, a certain alienation from old friends and family.

Mädchen mit Farbe an den HändenThe events of the last two years have catalyzed us all – whether we wanted to or not – into more authenticity. Everyone now suddenly must “show their true colors” and “take a stand” – first on hygiene measures, then on vaccinations, and currently on the situation in Ukraine…. And many of the media are making an inglorious contribution to polarization and division. This displeases many.

Now many are looking for an exchange with people who have the same values and a similar attitude to life. Also, to get to the bottom of the question again and again: is current news information delusion or truth? Because at present this goes so fluently into one another that sometimes only the exchange with others and the “wisdom comparison” in the united perception brings clarity.

BELIMA – keys for the opening of the new

So, I decided to find a form to meet this need for exchange and encounter. However, so that we do not get stuck in the eternal recycling of the old, I began to develop practical concepts to simultaneously promote the emergence of the new consciousness.

Schlüsselbund auf GrasThese concepts are as colorful as they are varied: because ultimately everything is connected to everything else. And there is not only one key, but many. But they all hang on the same “key ring”, which I call BELIMA, short for “Bewusst liebend Manifestieren” in German, which means in “Consciously Loving Manifesting” in English. All the keys on this ring together open the way to inner and outer peace, constructive togetherness, unconditional love and mindful co-creation.

BELIMA talks

So, a series of lectures came into being, which I have been offering every few weeks in my living room in Berlin since August 2021. On the one hand the event consists of a talk  which should inspire new thinking and feeling, and on the other hand of the meeting and exchange over soup and dessert during the break.

The current topic and the next date can be found under Events. So far the events are entirely in German. However, if the popularity grows, I might consider an English zoom version.

BELIMA newsletter

Under belima(at) you can subscribe to the BELIMA newsletter. The newsletter always contains the current script as well as the announcement of the next event. Occasionally also material collections from our telegram chat as a PDF or documents, which contain desired supplementary materials.

BELIMA  Telegram group

Furthermore, there is a Telegram group of the same name – mostly in German. Whoever wants to be added, lets either me or a member of the group know.

Schoko-MuffinsThis group serves the exchange and networking among each other.  But most importantly, it offers the opportunity for practical application of the new knowledge. I am really determined that we manifest in a more conscious and loving way ever more. One aspect of this is to direct our own attention toward the good! On the powerwithin us, on what brings us joy, as well as on honoring and appreciation others, but also ourselves.

Of course, we all have our quirks! But we also have fantastic talents, great abilities, and unimagined potentials. But we often overlook and disregard these. Because we grew up in a world in which people always look first to see what is wrong with somebody. And so this imprint makes often fearful and cautious to show ourselves in our true splendor. This is unfortunate.

BELIMA offers the exercising of a new orientation.

This is what Marianne Williamson means in her book “Return to Love” when she says that we fear our light more than our shadow. And we are also often afraid to “mirror each other in the light,” as I call it. It is so hard for us to focus on our spiritual greatness instead of, as we have been taught for generations, on our shortcomings. Many fear that they will then be accused of self-importance, lack of modesty and delusions of grandeur.


But quite honestly: the eternal nagging about our own being and thatof others only allows us to go around in small, stuffy circles. We don’t get anywhere with that. This also applies to the frequent confusion of what is, with what tragically once was. As well as the perceived failure of what ideally should be. This prevents healthy growth of consciousness and the unfolding of our essential truth. But this is essential not only for us personally, but for all! Even for the whole creation!

In the uniqueness of our individual being and our creative abilities slumber the answers and solutions for our present and future challenges! We need them now urgently!

BELIMA talks from now on also on Zoom

To my great surprise, the response to the BELIMA events has been so positive and steadily growing that I have now integrated them into my website to give even more people access.

Teaser BELIMA Zoom-Link

From now on they are so-called “hybrid” events. You can now alsoparticipate via Zoom. Next time there might also be a recording. We’re still tinkering with that. It is a constant improvising, growing, and becoming – right now the computer with the camera is still on my ironing board…

In the meantime, I had to realize that I don’t have the capacity to present a new and solid lecture every three weeks in the long run. Therefore, from now on, members of our growing group participate with their knowledge and passion to help our new world to emerge and grow stronger!

Sharing and spreading the BELIMA content is explicitly desired

Hände halten Sprössling

Because it is important to me that the knowledge developed within the framework of BELIMA is effortlessly accessible and applicable in everyday life, there is a script for each lecture. There you can read thecontents and do your own research using the links and reading recommendations.

The scripts have no academic claim. They are primarily a collection of material and a snapshot of what we were aware of at the time of the lecture. Everyone is encouraged to check the content and truth for themselves and update if necessary!

The lectures can also be found in short version on my blog, if you want more than the information provided there, you can download the PDF with the script for free. The short versions are in English, the PDF in German.

And the scripts may also be shared: the expansion and strengthening of our new consciousness can only serve us all!

Financial appreciation is most welcome

And as always with my offerings, financial support to promote what I do is most welcome. Under promotion on my website, you can transfer money to me via Paypal or Iban. The basic cost for participation is 5 Euros, plus donation. Most people pay about 15 Euros. After the expenses are covered the speaker receives the rest for creating the talk and the script.

Please always indicate as keyword the respective BELIMA with number (they are numbered consecutively) or the topic, then I can forward the contributions effortlessly to the respective speakers!

Thank you for your willingness to create a new consciousness

Aufeinander gelegte HändeI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their interest, participation, and commitment to BELIMA and long beyond. So many good ideas and offerings have emerged and continue to be created.

This is how we motivate and inspire each other and make our many contributions so that the world we deeply desire can take shape more and more! It is a constant learning, becoming, and growing – and unfolding of our highest potentials, individually, but also as a community. This is truly a reason for constant joy!