Readymade: the breath of the goddess

The Feminine Consciousness of Creation

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readymade: the breath of the goddess

the breath of the goddess | wooden boats, gilded, sage and cedar from Taos, New Mexico | born in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany in 2016

The pictures of the performative art event 1000 Gestalten (1000 creatures), a kind of quiet demonstration during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on July 5th 2017 touched me deeply. In an impressive way it shows the powerlessness of all the sole beings who begin as a grey anonymous mass and then – human by human – liberate themselves and each other and reveal the power of the many through community. In deep silence, peacefully and intensely these performance artists communicate a very powerful message: man is more than his functions and roles and yearns for peace and freedom… Then I thought of Yael Deckelbaum, Miriam Toukan and the “Women Wage Peace” movement. Again art, this time music, put in service of worldwide peace. And again there is talk about the rise of the feminine in the world. Is there a connection?

Musing about this my dear friend Casmina Magdalena Haas came to my mind whom I highly appreciate not only as a friend, but also as an artist. I perceive her to be truly feminine and if someone were to ask me if there was something like feminine art, I would clearly refer them to Casmina.

A broad, feminine consciousness

Furthermore Casmina has been highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since her childhood. She is able to perceive the impulse of creation in its manifold renditions. She can literally communicate telepathically with everything that is sentient – if it wants to communicate with her as well… For example dogs tend to be rather talkative, whereas cats are more reticent. But Casmina also speaks with rocks, plants, deserts, oceans and expressions of consciousness for which we don´t even have words, but who are in our world and interact with us nonetheless. Unfortunately most people don´t have a sense for this, but Casmina, with her expanded consciousness does and therefore I considered it a good idea, to ask her about art and the feminine in our times:

What do you think is the task of art for a human being?

Art is a tool of our very own inner space, to make ourselves and that what we are, visible and experienceable. Ideally art takes us as creator as well as onlooker into the center of our own power. Art reminds us of what we are and of that which wants to be placed and anchored through us in the world. Art is a means of creation within and through us. It reaches into everything that is endowed with life from creation itself.

painting: female release

female release | pine needles, gold, acrylic, chalk on canvas panel | 30 x 30 cm | born in Orange Grove, Tucson – Arizona 2015

Where do your creative impulses come from?

My art emerges from my cooperation with the earth´s field of creation, which is nature and in this manner exposes the sacred space of materialized light. It is in each and all of us, in all things that live and supremely in that which we cannot explain, but sense. Through my love for the field of creativity, that creates and renews the universe, our earth and ourselves constantly, my art pools the creative expression of life itself. My art documents with all my love the tireless sacred cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The idea and realization of the Interdimensional Art (term for her current work, note E.) emerged from the many years of my artistic path. From the actual creative process as well as from my love for nature, earth, life itself and especially the deep space of the origin of all new beginnings that in turn create life.

Delighting in this I travel the world, enter communication with rain forests, deserts, mountains, continents… During my meditative retreats in various countries my art emerges from these sensitive and at the same time powerful encounters with earth and her creations, I collect sticks, grasses, sand, stones, leaves, feathers, animal hides, bones etc. in nature. These I weave into my art work, may it be paintings, installations or readymades (a kind of objet trouvé  arranged in a special way by Casmina, note E.) From this collection of natural materials oftentimes art works emerge autonomously. While doing this I experience myself in a creative synthesis with materialized life itself. Many of my works were born around the world in this way in recent decades. They are also always a reference to the particular energy, history but also the potential of a specific landscape, a country or continent.

Thereby earth expresses herself through me as part of the feminine. As part of that what we all are – a yet unexplored miracle of life itself, which can never be truly understood but holistically sensed and thereby experienced. My art is a reference to the infinity of creation itself and – ideally – a deep reminder of that to which we can only surrender, life, the “divine” and the endless eternity…

readymade: the monumental needn´t be large

the monumental needn´t be large | wood, rose quartz – gilded | born in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany in 2016

Your works are called: “Breath of the Goddess” or “Freedom of the Earth Soul”. How do you come up with those titles?

The titles of my work emerge out of the creative process. Or during the creative process while it becomes ever more tangible what frequency of life they transfer. In some cases the intention that is inherent to the piece of art reveals itself in interaction with the viewer and even more often in interaction with the buyer, who usually always develops a rather intimiate and emotional relationship to a work of mine.  

What do you think, why the feminine is currently so popular?

In our world today the yearning for the truth of life is ever expanding, for religion, society and science are reaching their natural limits. Art is the field through which we can consciously participate in creation. Through art we give creation more space in our life and in our society.

Nowadays the feminine field in particular reminds us of the depth of peace of all being. Very naturally and obviously it constantly creates life out of itself and lets it flow continually.

The feminine in art is a field that deeply knows but doesn´t want anything. It is a quiet space, constantly informing us beyond all words through manifestation about beauty, dignity and uniqueness of any creation. Thereby we can be reconnected to the miracle that we ourselves are as part of creation.

This reconnection can reward us with the insight that there is nothing to improve. But that it´s about accepting the abundance and the freedom that is inherent in creation and to share it with each other. In and through this force field peace is not only possible but a natural consequence of the respect for life itself. Everyone is able do this and together we make it ever stronger. Isn´t that wonderful?

painting: freedom of the earth soul

freedom of the earth soul | feathers, gold, sand, acrylic, oil on canvas panel | 30 x 30 cm | born in Tucson, Arizona 2016

About Casmina Magdalena Haas and her work:

From the beginning of our friendship on, the exploration of creativity and especially of women as creators was one of our favorite subjects. I could often observe how Casmina´s work emerged and changed throughout its development. From every trip she brought back new impulse, new paintings, new readymades.

In all of these an aspect that is inherent to her work in a special way became increasingly clear since 2012: a material expression of reverence to nature and creation itself. They seem almost like physical prayers of love, worship and gratitude. Often the onlookers of her works get tears in their eyes or become very quiet, as if they entered a holy place. And indeed every space that contains her art and where it can unfold its power becomes sacred in the best of senses and it can actually turn it into a healing space. For who is open to this can be touched in the core of his being and thereby remembers who he truly is. That is a deeply healing experience.

Meanwhile it has been observed that her paintings shine in darkness. Photographed without flash they seem as if they illuminate their environment. This obviously particular energy that emanates from her work has been examined by a dowser. He measured that it can achieve up to 200.000 Bovis which means the paintings and sculptures lift the frequency in their environment with a range of up to 20 kilometers.  Sensitive people often notice the healing power of their radiation. In fact Casmina´s paintings can open the personal access to creation and the sacred presence of all that is in the viewer and thereby the frequency of universal love in the hearts of human beings.

After studying art at the art academy in Munich, Germany and the college of arts in Bremen, Germany, Casmina Haas has been working freelance as an artist since 2000. Currently she is living on the Baltic Sea and all over the world. Almost everywhere, where she listened to the song of creation and expresses it in her unique way, she also exhibited her art, may it be in Germany or America, the Arab Emirates or India or the many other place all over the world!

In this manner the special frequency of peace, of harmony and the celebration of creation that distinguishes Casmina and her work is spreading ever further in a natural, gentle and yet sustainable way. Truly a feminine path!

readymade: and they dreamt on and on

and they dreamt on and on | angel wings of plaster, gilded, coyote heads | born in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany in 2016

Note: These two dimensional renditions  do the actual power of this multidimensional art hardly justice, unfortunately. On Casmina´s homepage this works much better and there is also more to be found about her!