The good, the bad and the clueless

1920 1266 Elisabeth Karsten

I experience our current life as a gigantic drama.  The title of the play is: ‘Awakening to our Truth’. The stage is the entire world. There are a great number of actors, with many different roles. There are not only the good and the bad, but also the very good and the very bad and all variations in between. Many actually embody all at the same time. And we are all part of this. For this time the audience determines the ending of the play.

How we perceive something is intensely fought about. What seemed true today will be exposed as false tomorrow. What seemed outrageous yesterday, is suddenly an indisputable fact. There is a war of information and opinions regarding the awareness of us people. He who can claim the most believers considers himself the winner. In order to achieve that all kinds of scrupulous and unscrupulous means are employed! Truth is considered a hot currency.

Just all much ado about nothing?

Many still have hard time to really conceive of the extent and the meaning of this war. They cannot fathom that suppressing other people, actually most of mankind is an actual goal. And that in order to achieve things things are being done in comparison to which the deeds by even the worst James Bond villain seems like sandbox games. This cannot possibly be the truth?

But while the majority of the word citizens is lounging in jogging gear in front of their screens, a world war is actually taking place. Only that this time round it is not nations fighting each other with weapons. This time round it´s certain interest groups who each want to make sure their plan for the future of mankind takes hold. And that at any cost. So there are indeed ‘war  casualties’ – only they are not described as such. And every group claims interpretational sovereignty regarding the truth.

In truth it is about our creative powers

And thus we have the battle for the awareness of people, to join their agenda. For our individual and collective consciousness has a very special feature: we use it to create! We are an unbelievably creative and productive species. The most recent creative products of the worldwide lockdown alone illustrate that. In truth we can do a lot more than we always thought.

Just imagine if this creative power was deliberately applied for the wellbeing of all? And not only for the most recent great cartoons, brilliant online musicals and unconventional solutions to managing our lives under the current circumstances?

So much good stuff is possible

We could have electricity without electro smog. The exhaust of our vehicles could be beneficial to our environment or even clean the air rather than polluting it? And instead of plastic we would have 100 % recyclable materials that are completely biodegradable. As a matter of fact there are already over 5000 patents – but so far they were suppressed by one of the above mentioned groups. For if every household was autonomous in its energy supplies, no money could be made off hem and you also could not put pressure on the inhabitants by taking the power supply away from them.

This fact alone makes you suspicious that this battle for the human creativity might carry on much longer than most of us thought. According to my research probably much longer than our current history would have us believe. But most of us don´t know this. We were never interested in this truth. For it did not seem to have an impact on our present.

Who determines the way we view our world?

This too is something only few of us explored seriously so far. We were too busy with managing our daily lives and glad about about the little bit of relief we got from our television and other programmes. And they haven´t been feeding our courage to face life or creativity in a long while. Quite the contrary: for decades we have been flooded with negative visions of the future. However I happen to believe that in truth most people would actually prefer positive visions of the future – that make you look forward to life an the future. But our science fiction films and series all conjure a rather grim image. No wonder suicides and depression are ever increasing.

And that is no accident. Many of us know that the media – the information- as well as the entertainment media – are all worldwide owned by a small group of people. They know each other and together they want to influence what´s going on in our heads. They invest the money we pay them into that. This spans from advertising, to entertainment products right up to the news channels. What´s ‘fake’ and what’s ‘real’ is ever harder to discern. Photoshopping software and the possibilities of special effects allow changing any image and film. It is being done more often than not without any qualms in order to strengthen the personal powers of persuasion. They want to impart us their truth as ours and it is anything but uplifting.

Searching for truth

So how can you actually discern the ‘real’ truth? Perhaps the time has come again to explore the sources of information yourself. Actually going to the root rather than consuming the reports and summaries of third parties which is ever so convenient. For neutral reports are hard  to be found. And perception is always a highly personal matter. In brief: each one of us has his/her own truth and perception – as we all know from conflicts with our loved ones.

We can only meet our cluelessness with knowledge. So all of us are required to find reliable sources and check for ourselves whom we trust and believe. Censorship is going on in most media and ever more so. Including among those that deny it, like big daily and weekly papers and TV channels.

Furthermore they are not automatically more reliable than the information channels on the internet. Many journalists who love the truth and who could not any longer adhere to the restrictions of their former employers at newspapers and TV programs now have their own information channels online. And since now even Google and Youtube are censored – besides Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – many move to Telegram. Telegram does not belong to the US app empire, but is owned by two Russians who constantly change the location of their company in order to remain free.

Our sense of truth

Besides the collecting of information in order to shape a clear opinion and to be able to position yourself with more awareness I find the strengthening of our “inner truth compass” crucial. We do actually have one.

But it is the part of the efficient propaganda of those that want to impede our conscious and creative unfolding of our potentials, that something like that does not exist. They distracted us with lie detectors and truth drugs and the ever so unreliable perception of man. They fuelled our doubts in our perception. The differences in witness reports after an accident illustrate this.

Since then our sense of truth is considered highly irrational and ineffably new age. But we all know this. It is this feeling that you feel in your body – mostly in your heart. It is this gnawing feeling that ‘something is off’. Since we often cannot explain it rationally, we dismiss it. But if we followed up on all our intuitions, we probably would find out some interesting things. Almost always you can find the trigger for the perception of a dissonance. The causes span from harmless to dramatic. It could be the husband who buys a surprise birthday gift for his wife or is cheating on her, the sweet and pretty neighbour who regularly beats up her children…

You can train this feeling

It is this feeling we can feel without wavering when we have to make an important choice that has a big impact on our life. Like leaving your partner, quit your job or move to another city.

You can train this feeling. And it becomes ever more clear the more we trust it. The sense organ for this feeling is our heart. I.e. we can feel if someone truly loves us or not. And our heart is always honest – however we don´t always want to accept what it tells us.

It requires courage to feel the truth in the beginning

For if we begin to trust our heart just as much as our mind, it can happen that we feel something unpleasant more often than not. We´d rather not notice that. For ignoring it as well as acting upon it results in stress for us and others. It is unpleasant for all people involved to call someone on a lie, to question a person of authority or to go into resistance towards your government. And we like it comfortable and not taking risks.

Furthermore our truth compass forces us to become more honest towards ourselves and others and be more consequent. For we do a lot of things that aren´t actually good for us – or others. But before we go down that path, we rather numb ourselves with drugs and a fascinating show. Instead of thinking for example about how intelligent synthetic clothes or medications are for our body. Or whether it is actually normal that children are more stressed by school than enjoying it? Wasn´t it the same for us? And didn´t we also survive it? But what would we be like if we had enjoyed an education that truly promoted our individual talents?

Who are we in truth?

Many adults do not know to this day what their talents are or that they actually have any. And that it would be rewarding not only for their sake to explore what they are… Many of us don´t even know their very own primal truths. We still believe that the conglomerate of education, the conditioning and programming by society and often also religion delivers the answers to that question. But all these come from without.

However it is about our inner truth – the stuff that makes us us. Nobody else can tell us that. We must explore that within. It is a highly personal issue an everybody has it! Without a doubt.

We liberate ourselves from the power of our fears

Realising your own truth has a wonderful side effect. It makes us more independent from the perception and influence of others, for we can sense ourselves what is true for us and what isn´t. We can also apply this to any of our decisions. We can check for ourselves at any time if something is good for us or not. No matter what and how the external circumstances are. I actually once devised a tool for this. And I know from experience that there is always a good solution for everybody in every situation. Perhaps not always a pleasant one – but always a good one!

The more we trust our self, our intuition, our inner voice, our heart – whatever you want to call it – the more free and aware we become. We gain inner security and fears cannot hold so much power over us anymore and even block our ability to make decisions. To the contrary, we realize that acting from fear always makes us weak and puts us into the victim position in all likelihood. If we want to get out of that and live our creatorship, that is inherent in us, then it is most rewarding to ask our heart – our organ of truth – whether a decision makes us strong or weak. And there is always a path that makes us strong.

All will end well

To return to the metaphor of the theatrical play: I am convinced that all will end well in the end. However how long it is until this end and how dramatic the movements might be also depends on us. Our courage to find and express our very own truth – generally through conscious action – is key.