A Story From A Possible Future

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

“Grandma, tell me more about the time when you were little and everything was so different.” “Child, I have spoken of it to you so many times already.” the grandmother sighed. “Yes, but I always find it so fascinating, when you talk about the Revolution of Love! Please!”

The grandmother and her granddaughter, a lively ten-year old, were sitting in Grandma´s garden. They were having tea and biscuits on the terrace. The grandmother gazed longingly at her vegetable garden. She had actually planned to pull out some radishes and salad for dinner and wash them. But that could wait. It wasn´t good for the veggies  if you were absentminded while harvesting. And right now most of her attention was with her granddaughter. There was just enough left to continue making the socks for granddad. She grabbed her knitting and nodded.

Money was very important.

“All right then. When I was little, we grew up with the notion that only very few people could ever really have everything they wanted and do anything they liked. Simply, because they had more than enough money. Everybody else had to work hard, to make a living.” “What do you mean ‘make a living’?”

“Well, at that time not everybody had a guaranteed home, enough food, clothes and a place where he enjoyed living. Nowadays we consider it natural. But in those days, we had to struggle so we could afford it. And very often we could afford much less, than we would have liked. We often also did things just to make money – even when we didn´t enjoy them. Today it´s very different. We do things, because they match our true abilities, excite and fulfill us and thereby contribute to the wellbeing of the entire community.

“That sounds exhausting and sad.” The granddaughter said. The grandmother shrugged her shoulders. “We didn´t know any other way and were already happy when we could afford a trip to a far away country or a nice car.” “The cars were using petrol at the time, didn´t they? And such vehicles that damaged the environment with their exhaust really made you happy?” “Yes. Often. Besides, there were no affordable alternatives. We also didn´t know yet that smart people had already invented functioning alternatives but that these were kept from the people!”

An unhealthy system

“But why did they do that?” “Well, they thought it was to their advantage to keep human beings dependent, in lack and constant feelings of guilt, I believe. And we all participated. For at that time we still believed, that it is normal, that a privileged minority takes care of the masses. Our entire political system had been structured that way for thousands of years. That only a very small group of people governed over an entire populace of a country. These people also made us believe for example, that humans have an inbuilt tendency to go to war with each other, commit violent acts, exploit each other and generally suppress one another. But these rulers claimed that they were doing their best to keep greater damage from us. Most of us believed them and for a long time.”

The mad conspiracy theorists

“But there must have been people who thought otherwise?” the little girl exclaimed. She was swiftly rocking back and forth in her wicker chair. Grandma grabbed the chair and signaled to the child with a stern gaze to stop it. The child stopped and quietly said: “Weren´t there any people who could feel that something was wrong?” Grandma smiled at her in a conciliatory way and continued: “Oh yes, there always were. But for a long time nobody took them seriously. To the contrary they were considered dangerous madmen, reality denying utopians, system destroyers and conspiracy theorists!”

“What are conspiracy theorists?” the child asked. The grandmother chuckled as she explained: “It was only recognizeded much later that these people who refused to believe in the lies of the rulers and privileged people were in truth much more practical and truthful than their opponents. For there actually was a great conspiracy against mankind. However, in the beginning nobody wanted to believe it. For what reasonable person would deliberately and ruthlessly exploit another human being?”

“Evil people!” the granddaughter cried. “Right! But for a long time, we didn´t even want to acknowledge that such evil people could even exist. However in the beginning most of us were rather naïve and trusting and truly believed that human beings are basically benevolent toward each other. And that is true. However, we weren´t aware that we were actually not dealing with human beings.

Heartless creatures

The granddaughter frowned. “But what were they then? For we recognize the extraterrestrials immediately. They feel different to us!” The grandmother shook her head. “At that time, it wasn´t easy for us at all. For many of us weren´t able to feel in such a refined manner. And these creatures… They had learned during their long existence on earth to assume the general human shape. It was impossible to tell them apart from human beings like us. However, they had a different genetic base than we do. It provided them with a different energy system and a very differently functioning emotional network. They could not love. Power however excited them and they enjoyed the suffering of others. It nourished them.”

“That sounds horrible. These poor beings. It must be awful when you cannot love.” The granddaughter got up angrily. She moved over to the cat that had nestled on the warm tiles near Grandma´s feet. The grandmother watched the little girl as she was sitting on the floor and gently caressing the little tiger.

Good people can hardly imagine evil

“In the way you´re treating our little Minou – I don´t think it would have possible to them. It simply was never in the nature of these creatures. Love was alien to them and unpleasant. And the human beings that we were didn´t realize this for thousands of years. For they always appeared to be one of us. And a good person can just not imagine how evil an evil person is. When the other is just a little kind or has good manners, so we thought at the time, than he probably had a good heart and maybe only some bad traumas that had made him close his heart.”

“And a closed heart can be opened again!” the granddaughter beamed. The grandmother gently caressed the child´s head. “Yes – that´s right. When you´ve closed your heart, you can open it again. But these creatures – we stopped calling them people at some point – didn´t have an emotional heart. They had a strongly developed power organ and a brilliant mind. And they wanted to rule over earth forever. But in the long run they were to fail.” “What happened?”

The pandemic in 2019

“It started rather unobtrusively with a worldwide disease in 2019. It was the first pandemic in our lifetime. People made an effort to protect their own health and that of their fellow human beings as well as they could. So we stopped meeting with more than one person at a time. We paid extreme attention to hygiene, wore breath protection masks, avoided hugs and…” “But hugs make you healthy! They strengthen our physical powers!” the girl interrupted her Grandma with slight irritation. With a certain emphasis Grandma replied: “Yes, but many weren´t aware of this at the time. They thought, it would be worse if they inhaled the breath of the other. For that was the way the dangerous microbe might enter their body.” “Fear of dangerous microbes? They are not dangerous. We´re full of microbes! The weakness makes us ill – and fear makes us even weaker.”

Medical errors

“You know we didn´t have the knowledge then that we have now. The art of medicine has changed dramatically. When I was little we had to use crutches for six weeks when we broke a bone in our foot. If somebody had a terrible disease he could spend weeks and sometimes months in so called hospitals and sometimes he even died of the disease.” The little girl shook herself and said: “But you only have to activate the healthy matrix in your energy body. Then the rest happens practically by itself.” “Nowadays we know this, yes. But the special power of emotions and the connection of our consciousness with our energy body was only known to a minority then. And those who dared working with this knowledge often got in trouble with the authorities.”

“This sounds as if you were meant to be sick!!!” “This actually was the case. However, we didn´t realize it immediately. It took a long time until more and more of us became aware that the so called “means of protection” where actually causing more damage than creating good things. And finally more and more people became aware that a disease is always a reaction to an imbalance by mother nature. And we had no idea, just how much out of balance we…” “But the metaphysical precedes the physical!” The granddaughter interrupted her grandmother again. Grandma nodded.

Life was out of balance

“Indeed! So, the cause for the pandemic was our quite unhealthy lifestyle as a society. We were all out of balance. And this phenomenon of the pandemic showed us all too clearly, what was wrong with our lives but also with our awareness. More and more people then began to choose a more healthy lifestyle. This also included that we considered it unhealthy to give up our rights and freedom to a corrupt minority of power-hungry politicians and bankers.

We began to question and check within our hearts what we had been told for such a long time and that we had believed without a doubt. Fortunately, the time quality was on our side. The entire cosmos was in a process of lifting its frequency. That allowed ever more of us to feel our hearts and actually sense if something resonated with us or not.” “For we can only know for ourselves what´s truly good for us! The heart is an organ of truth! We recently explored that in our learning group!” the grandchild remarked.

The heart energy finds her way

“Very true! And more and more people began to discover that at the time. And then they seeked out others who assessed things similarly.” “But you weren´t allowed to meet, you said.” “Well, we connected via the internet. Before people began using telepathy we had various electronic devices for communication. You know these small rectangular objects with the screen – or the bigger ones with keyboards.”

“Oh, I know! I saw them at the museum: computers and smartphones or i-phones they were called, right?” “Exaclty, Miss smarty-pants! From todays perspective rather primitive. But for us it was the peak of the technological development of our time. And these devices prevented many of us – unfortunately not all – from suffering too much of loneliness. For many people lived alone at the time.”

The granddaughter shook her head with concern. “It is nice to be alone if you want to be alone. But having to be alone, if you don´t want to is terrible.” “It was terrible. And more and more of us were bothered by it. And that´s how it began, the…”

“The Revolution of Love!” The granddaughter beamed! She got up, brushed the dirt off her dress. Then she sat back down at the table and took another piece of cherry cake. With great delight, she bit into it. Still chewing she looked at her grandmother brightly. “Love always wins in the end!” A cherry fell out from her open mouth onto the ground. A gift to the sparrows the grandmother thought. Chuckling, she continued.

The Revolution of Love

“Yes, however rather quietly and almost unobtrusively at first. In the beginning there were many individuals who combed through our news media looking for useful information beyond the propaganda. They tried to tell the truth from the lies. That was hard. For sometimes they were mixed like motley beans in a stew. Some were better at it than others. For it is really hard to let go of our habitual way of looking at things.”

“Like color blindness? But there are corrective lenses!” The girl suggested. Grandma laughed. “Color blindness would be pretty metaphor. But as a matter of fact, we had to discover that we had been led to believe that black was white and white was black.” “You mixed up light and darkness?” “Yes, many of us did.” “But couldn´t you feel it?” “We had lost our feeling for this in the course of the centuries. Besides, we had been deliberately trained to not use it. It took a very long time, until we developed a healthy trust in our own perception again. However, some could do it sooner than others. They helped us to heal our own perception again. We had to learn and practice it at first. It sometimes was like finding an object in a wimmel picture, that doesn´t really belong there.”

Trust in our own perception returned

“Like a dolphin in a farm wimmel picture!” the child cried. “Yes, or a wolf among sheep.” the grandmother added. But the child didn´t understand. “That´s very easy!”  “Not, when the wolf is wearing sheep´s clothing.” Grandma explained. “But I didn´t mean it quite literal. It was an expression we often used at the time.” However the granddaughter had already jumped ahead with her thoughts. “And these people with their super perception, did they have a special training?” “No. They were people just like today. But simply a bit more awake than the rest. These men and women dared trusting their hearts more than the stories from our general news outlets. Eventually they became our heroes for they were courageous and intelligent enough to ask the right questions. And sometimes they even presented astounding answers.”

“A bit like mystery games?” “A little bit…but of course it wasn´t a game. It was our reality. So we thought at least. However, more and more of us realized increasingly that our reality actually functioned in a very different way. We came to realize that the principles according to which it allegedly functioned were actually put in place to the advantage of the controllers. And this permeated all major areas: politics, economy, law, health, education, science and even the religions. Those especially, actually. And everyone of us eventually underwent his or her own process of realization that there is truly nothing that is above love.” The little girl jumped up, took her sweater off and threw it into her chair. Then she ran from the terrace into the garden.

There was lots of confusion

She waved with her arms in excitement. “I love love! Father-mother-god IS love! And love never lies. For then it cannot be love. Even children know this!” “Todays children do indeed. But when I was little…this was different.” The grandmother replied and picked up a new ball of yarn. The granddaughter did a few cartwheels and then finally sat back down. She put her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands. “How confused you all must have been.” she sighed. Grandma laughed. “Oh yes, we were confused indeed. But, as I said, very slowly things became ever clearer. People realized that there are other ways to live together in a community. Even when an entire planetary populace is part of that community.”

“And the extraterrestrial civilizations helped you! Those that are more advanced than we are! We live a galaxy of love, after all.” The granddaughter gazed up into the blue sky. The grandmother followed her gaze and continued: “That´s true. But that came later. First we discovered love within and around us again and gave it ever more space.” “How did you do that?”

First alone, then together

“Well, many of us meditated first by themselves and later on together with others on a better world. Some went to rallies. Others got together with likeminded people and decided not to accept the ever more aggressive orders of the government anymore.

First restaurant owners and shop vendors united, then hairdressers and fitness studio owners and ever more other groups. The police that considered itself serving the government tried to stop it. But they were outnumbered. Meanwhile the measurements became ever stricter even though less and less people got ill.” “That is absurd!” the granddaughter snorted. Grandma nodded: “We thought so too, but the reasoning was that it was due to the severe orders that the numbers had gone down.” “Oh, dear!” the granddaughter sighed and folded her arms across her chest. Grandma understood the discomfort of the child. The intense emotional waves of the past historic times reached right into this time. What a powerful timte that was. She continued.

We took our fate into our own hands

“Ever more people finally agreed that what our governments demanded was no longer to the wellbeing of the communities. By now many more people suffered and had even died from the means than had ever been hurt by the disease directly. We wanted do change this. And even though we could not quite agree what exactly was to happen when and where – we still were united in our vision of our future. We all wanted a peaceful world, with freedom, abundance and health for all. And we also agreed to make the golden rule our guiding principle.”

“Treat others as you want to be treated!” The child quoted. Chuckling, the grandmother gave her a thumbs-up and continued: “So we excluded people who were deliberately violent from our communities, and supported each other in practicing new, just and benevolent ways. Those who snitched on others or sought to take advantage of others – were excluded. Their deeds became public via the internet and so other people avoided them and some shops denied them entry. Some rough cases we took to the police. Either they then changed his ways and started contributing to the wellbeing of all or were completely isolated and ended up in prison.” “You turned the tables!” the girl grinned. Grandma returned the smile. “Perhaps a little, but we were always open and forgiving if somebody acknowledged his errors and clearly changed his ways and behavior.

The community in love grew ever larger

Thanks to the internet we learned what ideas people in other countries had had and how they liberated themselves from the exploitative system. This inspired and motivated us and strengthened our courage. First we connected in small groups, then in bigger ones and finally worldwide with other people. And then we confronted this corrupt, conflict-oriented minority with a peaceful and freedom oriented majority.

We also realized that we no longer wanted power hungry and controlling rulers. So we began to self-govern. We completely abandoned the old political system to which we had become so accustomed. This worked much better than one had ever allowed us to believe. We also understood that power must hold hands with responsibility. And that the wellbeing of the individual is the base for the wellbeing of the entire community.”

The granddaughter nodded in agreement. “In our learning group we also always decide together what to do next.” “Yes, we were like a particularly large learning group!” the grandmother confirmed. “Every community made their decisions for the community together. In that way it was guaranteed that they all had to accept the consequences of their own decisions. For nobody was willing to ever give up his power for another. We insisted on total self-responsibility. That makes social interactions infinitely easier!”

The granddaughter frowned and finally asked: “What if somebody didn´t agree with a decision nonetheless?” “Then he could either choose a different community more to his liking or we looked for better solution together. For sometimes the discontent of some is only an expression that there is an even better solution that simply hasn´t been found yet. And then we looked for it!”

“That sounds tedious and difficult!” “Initially it was, but we got ever better at discernment and recognizing what was mutually beneficial for the wellbeing of the individual and the wellbeing of the community. And that you can always find a decent solution. Especially if the entire group focuses on this solution.” “That’s brilliant!” the granddaughter cried. With a certain pride the grandmother replied. “We actually became ever more brilliant and stronger in our own way.”

They sat in silence for a while. Finally the granddaughter carefully asked: “And what happened to the truly evil creatures?”

The end of evil

It was very hard for us. Their expression of non-love had developed into unfathomable deeds in the course of time. When we became aware just how long and to what degree they had tortured and suppressed mankind and had taken advantage of it, many of us got very, very angry. Others became very sad and felt completely helpless. But we became also aware that to meet them with anger, despair or revenge was the wrong way. For they thrived on exactly those negative feelings.

The only way to make this energy source no longer available to them was – as tough as it was for many of us – to move into ever more peace, joy and love. Love for our miraculous creation which they had made so sour for us.” The child bit her lips with concern. She looked into the big garden and it seemed to her as if suddenly everything was covered by a nasty grey veil. Instead of the flowering bushes she saw a karstified wasteland where garbage was piling up. She asked for the dissolving of this inner image and the bright colors of a healthy and abundant nature returned to her gaze. She sighed in relief. And her attention returned to her grandmother. Concentrating on her knitting, she might not have noticed her distraction. Grandma carried on:

“And the more people embraced love and peace within and in their interactions, the less comfortable these creatures felt. Unconditional love was a horror to them. Many of them couldn´t stand the ever friendlier and community-oriented atmosphere on the planet.  They eventually all left the planet in different ways. Some under pressure. Others tried for a while to make people believe that individualism was only hidden egotism, and that freedom was always lived on the expense of another. They claimed, that they alone knew what mankind needed for their next step in evolution. It was their idea to equip human bodies with technology.” “They wanted to create cyborgs?” The granddaughter cried in amazement. Grandma shrugged her shoulders.

The end of the plastic era

“Maybe that too. At any rate we considered it a dead end for humanity. We finally had enough of their dictation of how we were to live. For it had removed us ever further from nature. When I was little there was a material, we called plastic. It was an essential part of many objects. Even in some where it wasn´t actually necessary. Besides, the artificial was generally preferred over the natural.

The latter was regarded with disdain as being dirty, high maintenance and primitive. But the problem with plastic was that it wasn´t compostable. And we didn´t have the technology of today to reverse things back into their original substances.” “But then the environment was deliberately polluted?!” “Yes, unfortunately that was the case. And many of us realized the degree of this unhealthy dynamic far too late. But when we did, we radically changed our consumption behavior.

Many people turned their ornamental gardens into kitchen gardens. We planted herbs, vegetables, and fruits in the public parks. We reduced the traffic in the urban centers and made public transport free. Our information network – we called it internet – had been organized from many small centers and companies. We soon replaced it by a global satellite network that was equipped with a technology that was beneficial to life on earth.

As a matter of fact, we finally understood that radio waves, scalar waves and sound waves also included frequencies that could be used to the benefit of human beings and nature. All the suppressed, but useful patents by wise inventors were finally put into practice. These were very helpful. But most important of all was the positive intention of the people to live in harmony with nature again. We didn´t want to exploit her any longer but become her protectors and guardians. For we finally understood that nature is here for our wellbeing. If we didn´t abuse but served her, then she could serve us and then life became ever healthier for all involved. The structures of abuse finally disappeared from all levels of our lives. And we made a great effort to help our earth to return to optimal health as fast as possible.

Recreation of a healthy environment

We managed to take the pollution out of the oceans. The water in rivers, creeks and lakes became clean and often potable again. We made deserts green again. We replanted our missing forests and we even managed to regenerate the amazon forest. Great help came from the indigenous people living there who spoke with the local plants and spirits and supported the entire process.

All kinds of pollution disappeared and the air had a nutritional effect on us again. Finally food in general was more nutritional and tasted much better! Most of us ate too much in the beginning!” Grandma chuckled while she continued. “But that changed too. We actually discovered that it was even more fun to dance or hike together than just eating together.” The granddaughter smiled happily and looked her Grandma into the eyes.

New inventions are changing the world

“What was the best development of the Love Revolution for you personally?” she finally asked. Grandma looked pensively into the distance. She saw two boys racing against each other on hoverboards beyond her garden. One of them briefly scrapped the surface of the meadow, where a street had been a long time ago.

But there were only few streets now. For most vehicles were hovering in the air and floor transport was limited to objects where the employment of “antigravs” – a device that neutralized the weight of an object – didn´t seem wise. But that was very rarely the case. Maybe, if certain elements of a heritage protected building had to be transported or a when a big vehicle had broken down. Grandma smiled. How different the world looked from the time, when she had been her granddaughter´s age. This was now more than sixty years ago!

A new relationship with time

The granddaughter sensed that her grandmother had lost track. Gently she nudged her shoulder. Grandma looked at her with a slight surprise and then she remembered. “Oh, yes – your question… So I believe the most powerful change for me personally was…when we returned to the original calendar. This harmonious combination of the lunar and solar calendar! For we appreciated the cyclical aspect of life again and our sense of time, space, rhythm and processes of change healed. We also soon began to realize how subjective time is and that we actually didn´t need time measuring devices in our daily lives.”

“Time measuring devices?” “Yes, so called clocks. The day was divided up into 24 hours consisting of 60 minutes…” “But time is different to each of – how can you divide it up for everybody in the same way?” the granddaughter wondered and chuckling, Grandma explained: “It took quite a while until we stopped being slaves to our time and learned to expand or condense it according to our needs. We thought our social interactions wouldn´t work out anymore then.”

“But that’s so easy. You decide on a space-time moment, mark it in your consciousness and meet. What everybody else does in the meantime is their business!” “Right, but we also had to learn this. We made great progress, when we started surrendering to the natural flow of things and no longer thought, we had to control it. That is why my favorite festival is the summer solstice. The light is ever present! It also reminds me of the fact that human beings are actually beings of light and love.”

We are conscious creators

The granddaughter sighed secretly for she knew what the grandmother would say next. She loved saying it and said it often. But she loved her Grandma too much to stop her from saying it and so she simply spoke the words in her mind together with Grandma´s. “For our greatest power is our ability to unite in love. Our greatest grace is our ability to trust the flow of true life and our greatest gift is our conscious and intelligent power of creation.”

“That´s really great that we all know this now!” the granddaughter commented dismissively. Then she stood abruptly up and said: “Grandma, thank you for today! I now have a choir rehearsal at the park. We´re singing for the trees and want to find out what taste in music trees have!” “Oh, you should definitely be there on time!” Grandma laughed. She put her knitting to the side, opened her arms and drew her granddaughter towards her. They held each other tight for a little while.

It was a unique adventure

Finally, the granddaughter whispered: “You must be so glad that these difficult times have passed?” The grandmother felt the empathy of her granddaughter and squeezed her once more before she let the girl go. Then she replied. “Oh, absolutely. I´m very grateful that I can experience all this here right now. But you know: being part of this great change and being present while human beings turned themselves from victims into conscious creators – that was a very, very unique adventure. Even if though it was tough at times.”

The granddaughter smiled impishly: “I´m always a creator! I will never allow myself to become a victim!” “Really? Well then don´t forget your sweater. It could be chilly in the park – otherwise you´ll make yourself the victim of your own carelessness.” The grandmother said humourosly. The girl rolled her eyes and kissed her Grandma on the cheek. “Go now, you little rascal! Have fun!” “I always do!” the granddaughter cried, while she grabbed her sweater and ran off through the garden.