The Holy Nights in 2020/21

1920 1079 Elisabeth Karsten

The so called Twelve Days of Christmas – the days between Christmas and Epiphany – had a very special meaning already in the pre-Christian traditions. Their magical power was maintained over the centuries. We too, can make use of it today. And this year in particular, a conscious celebration of departure and new beginnings seems wise. This is supported by the Twelve Days of Christmas or as I prefer calling them: the Holy Nights.

Time between times

In the German language these nights have different names. In English they are simply called “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. A famous English Christmas carol by the same name reminds us of this special season. It is quite a humorous song. Here a timely version by the American a cappella group Pentatonix. These special nights begin traditionally on the 25th of December at midnight and end on midnight of January 6th. Meanwhile they are often 13 days or night, since many start counting on the 24th – the following night is the first holy night.

Leap days to synchronize moon- and sun calendar

These twelve or thirteen nights mark the ‘time between the years’ in the Germanic and Celtic tradition. As the sun year has 365 days but the moon year only 354, these leap days were introduced, to synchronize the calendars again. In many traditions they begin on the 24th or 25th of December – not on the 21st. Even though the winter solstice marks the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere. However, then nothing much changes for a couple of days. The days only become noticeably longer again on December 24th. That is why the ‘Return of the Light’ was celebrated on this day. The Church Fathers therefore wisely chose that day as the birthday of the Christ child. From this perspective Jesus Christ is actually standing in the tradition of the Northern sun divinities…

A time of conscious transition and forecast

In order to appropriately welcome the light, it is important, to let go of old shadows. Unresolved issues and conflicts should be cleared up. Just like inner and outer spaces. Anything that could block the new from coming in should be cleared out. It is recommended for instance that all borrowed things should be returned to the owner before the year ends. There is also the custom according to which it is important to make order, but not to tidy out or do laundry. For this offers the spirits who are roaming between the worlds, new opportunities for attachment. Please follow your own belief and feelings!

Traditionally each of the Twelve Nights is standing for a month of the following year. Whatever you dream in one of those nights can give you an idea about the according month. Or whatever the weather or the atmosphere is like that day might give a hint what the weather and the atmosphere might be like in the according month.

Our metaphysical powers are amplified

It is also said that in these nights the felt separation between the physical and the metaphysical can be bridged more easily. This applies to us – we can get access more easily to the spirit realms. But also to the spirit beings who can reach the physically embodied beings more easily.

This goes hand in hand with an amplification of our psychic abilities and our power to manifest. Perhaps because our mind realized that he cannot rely on the usual structures. For our consciousness is residing ‘between the years or rather between the times’. In other words, outside the usual flow of time and habitual procedures… This experience became deeply engraved in our collective consciousness. For if we as a human collective believe in something long and intensely enough and regard it as real – then it becomes real!

I too, love this time of year. To me it is as if my antennas were more refined. As if every event, every encounter, every heard song, every text I read is transmitting more than in other times. This is probably due on the one hand to the holiday time which allows for a slower pace. For then I have the capacity to listen and feel more closely what´s actually going on. On the other hand, I do have the impression, that the waters are deeper, the skies wider and the hearts opener in this time. On a metaphysical level a heightened data transfer seems possible, so to speak.

Many ways to celebrate

There are many instructions on- and offline how to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas. Among the more typical traditions is lead-pouring on New Year´s Eve or caroling on January 6th.

Keep a journal

It is also recommended to keep a diary in this time. It allows you to write down your dreams in the respective nights – as far as you remember. But also certain events or ‘signs’ that seem noteworthy in this time. Like repeated encounters with certain animals. You can then look up their symbolic meaning. Or remarkable numbers, colours, symbols, words… whatever catches your attention!

Draw oracle cards

Also, you can draw an oracle or tarot card each day, light a candle for the intention of each day every night and focus on a special theme in your meditation. You can either come up with your own or follow any of the many available instructions.

Ritual of 13 wishes

There is also the ritual of the thirteen wishes: you write 13 wishes on separate pieces of paper and draw one each night. This wish will then come true in the according month. The 13th wish that remains refers to a wish that you will have to realize yourself!

Burn incense

Also burning incense is among the important practices in this time. The choice of incense is broad. The most important aspect about it is that you like the smell or that it does you good. There are many links that describe the effect of the various scents. For instance, here.

You can also use the same scent every night. There are also many popular mixtures that have a varied effect. Generally, it is more important to burn incense than what kind of incense you use… For it´s the smoke that has the cleansing effect.

There are only suggestions, no rules

Everybody can celebrate the Twelve Nights of Christmas as he likes. There are no clear rules. And of course, you should only celebrate them if it feels right to you. However, for many of us these nights are particularly meaningful this year.

This year it´s about much more

There is not only the winter solstice and the longest night of the year on the 21st of December. On that very day we also have an exceptional planetary constellation that is the official beginning of the time of Aquarius. Furthermore, this constellation means that all things that are being decided in the next years will have a massive effect on the next decades. We live in a time of setting the course! Many astrologers offer wonderful explanations about this online. I will focus on the most essential.

A Real Time Change

We move from the era of Pisces, that is of the element of water into the era of Aquarius, which is of the element of air. This means among other things that a lot will happen much faster. It also means that anything airy-mental will boom. For instance, drone, nano-, sound- and airwave technology will develop in ways we can hardly imagine currently. On the other hand, it means that our growth in consciousness will increase and our spiritual abilities will become stronger.

If we take a conscious approach this will not only about artificial intelligence, robots and the technification of our environment. But also, about the development of our own mind and our heart intelligence. We must reflect clearly and feel in our hearts where we want to go. What is it that brings us true peace and fulfillment? It is also about conscious self-responsibility. As well as about the correlations between us and our environment and the effects on the future of the planet. We can become guardians and protectors of Earth again – instead of just exploiting her for egotistical purposes, as we did in the past.

Developing courageous visions

For us personally it means to develops a clear vision for ourselves. How do we want to live? Where and with whom? What do we want to do ideally? How much do we actually need to own for good quality of life? Or is sharing not far more liberating? Is success an expression of accumulating material things or of increasing wisdom and inner peace? Does our educational system truly train our independently thinking mind and our genuine intelligence? Or is it rather serving our intellect and conforming to the prescribed doctrines? Do we really have to fill our mind with ever more knowledge? Or would it be more beneficial to train it in being flexible, adaptive to specific situations, comprehend and act in a wholistic and sustainable way? When are we aware and unaware? How important is our aware beingness to us? It is time to scrutinize our value systems and pet principles regarding their validity for our desired lives!

It is also important to think and dream on a grand scale. I belong to a generation who had no idea that the internet would once have such a determining impact on our lives and professions when it graduated from high school. Similar quantum leaps in all our systems are about to happen. Current structures will collapse, and new ones will emerge and grow stronger. We´re already in the thick of it!

Sowing seeds into consciousness!

For that reason, I not only find it attractive but important to consciously celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas this year. To consciously cross the threshold from the old into the new. And ideally not only create a vision for the next year, but for the next thirty! And it will certainly be of no harm if sow a few seeds into our consciousness and intentionally open up to the good stuff that will come!

Since I know that our powers are amplified if we unite in our vision and focus, I sat down and wrote my very own instruction for this particular year. I chose a specific topic for each night that will be important for our immediate and more remote future. Each topic is accompanied by a power sentence, a ritual, an incense, a picture and a Free Energy Symbol.

Free Energy Symbols – Light Homeopathy

These symbols are so called ‘light-homeopathy’ and were channeled by the Austrians Werner Neuner and Wolfgang Becvar in the early years of 2000. The three books were translated in 2010 and are also available in English. Their titles are: Antares (Symbols from Antares), Ingmar (Symbols from Aldebaran) and Larimar (Symbols from Sirius B). Our star siblings made them available to us to support us in these times of transition. They are a very timely and truly ‘aquarian’ technology, due to their spiritual nature! The symbols are available to anyone for personal use.

For all who feel drawn to them I choose a symbol for each day with the help of my pendulum. I interpreted them the way I understand them. You can follow that or choose your own. If you consider that too out there – ignore them! And I do not want to miss the opportunity here to thank the authors and their sources. Also, there is a German website that put most of them online. That is where I got the pictures from.

How to make use of the symbols

The best way to deal with the symbols is to first take their look in. Furthermore, you can draw them onto a piece of paper (they don´t have to be in color), put a glass of water onto it and drink it after seven minutes. Ideally with the intention that the effect of the symbol may unfold optimally in your own system. Another possibility is to ‘download’ the symbol via your third eye. Or to imagine how this multidimensional symbol (you can often feel that, even if you cannot see it) envelops you. You can enforce that with the following phrase for transmission:

“With the power of my divine consciousness I command that the power of the symbol (name of the symbol) is transmitted to me and maintains its effect as long as it is beneficial to me. I bless the power of (name of the symbol) and thank it.” (My translation)

Matching the celebration to your own needs

Even though it is about the nights you do not really have to meditate then. It suffices to entrust yourself to the powers of the magical nights and the guidance of your own soul. Our subconscious is already tuned by the specific focus of the day and the possible meditation following it.

When exactly you meditate, do a ritual or simply visualize the new future – is up to you alone. I personally do it right before I go to bed. Then the energies accompany me into my sleep and often induce interesting dreams. I always have a small flashlight, my journal and a pen by my bedside.

Many also like listening to music. If you are among them then please choose music that helps you enter a light trance state. The choice is immense. It begins with ocean waves and wale songs, a variety of meditation music and mantras up to Gregorian chant and classical music. The most fitting music for you is only a few mouse-clicks away… Perhaps you actually prefer listening to a cd or you might sing yourself. Singing and toning are also a great way to put yourself into a higher vibration and enter a meditative state.

My preferred way

I usually first light my ‘special candle’. Sometimes already incense – it depends on my mood. Next, I wrap myself in a free energy symbol beginning at my third eye. I literally imagine myself standing in the symbol. Then I sit down, take a couple of deep breaths, recall my vision for the day and meditate on it about twenty minutes or longer. If I gained some ideas and insights, I write them into my notebook. Finally, I perform the ritual. I write all the things I want to let go of that specific night onto a piece of paper and burn it in a small copper pot, often with incense. While I do this, I send out my intention to the cosmos what I wish to implement into my system instead. Often I receive more ideas and insights. These I write again into my journal and finalize the entry with the power sentence of the day. I also write it onto a piece of paper and put it on the wall for a while as a daily reminder. Then I take a few deep breaths, blow out the candle and go to bed.

Incentives for each day of the Holy Nights of Christmas 2020/21

I want to encourage you to consciously celebrate these nights this year. Please follow your own intuition and incentives. Whichever way you do it, is right! I merely want to offer some inspirations! Take what appeals to you! And change, add, replace – do whatever feels right to you!

For the night of December 24th/25th

Preview of the month of January (Astrological sign: capricorn, element earth)

Free Energy Symbol: METAGOON from  Antares 

Theme of the symbol: Balance, optimal energetic placement, equilibrium on all levels of the entire structure


Many things that were familiar to us are currently collapsing. The current political structures reveal themselves to be exploitative and power driven. We let go of them, in order, to allow for a new system that is focused on the wellbeing of all members in the community. There are already many models functioning that way and they will also help run our political life in the future.

The media scape is changing

Also, the media as tools of our current political leaders are losing ever more credibility. We have reached the end of the “time of mass media” when the control of many was lying in the hands of very few. The more we see through this, the more our trust in our own sense of truth growth. At the same time there is an increase in our respect for those who do investigative work independently, autonomously, and transparently. Many free journalists already finance their lives by accepting donations from their fans who deeply trust their research and analysis.

The inspiring diversity of opinions and the option to directly contact the journalists or other sources increase our awareness and our responsibility regarding our society. We are looking for our own answers to our questions – and scrutinize them carefully with our own intelligence. With our mind and our hearts. For the heart is actually immune to manipulation, it can only be numbed. But you can reactivate it by learning to trust the perceptions of your body and exercise discernment. We can feel truth and the body never lies.

Science and technology are changing

We also realize that many of the things we learned at school no longer hold truth. For instance, the modern technology of free energy neutralizes our current laws of physics. Recent historical events cast a completely new light onto our alleged past. The public revelation of interstellar contacts that always accompanied our civilizations shows us that mankind has much more potential than we always were led to believe. From now on we deliberately open ourselves to the positive aspects of the current shifts and changes.

Make way for truth

For a ritual you can write “all old lies and errors” onto a piece of paper and while you burn it send out the intention to the cosmos that you will from now on be attracted and guided by truth and love. You can burn  sage. Sage has a strongly purifying effect on all levels.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “I become ever more aware of the healthy structures within creation and ever more consciously I contribute to the harmonization on all its levels”.


For the night of December 25th/26th

Preview of the month of February (Astrological sign: Aquarius, element air)

Free energy symbol: RATTA from Aldebaran

Theme of the symbol: Peace, primal trust and it has a message: “As a matter of form may peace prevail wherever light is required.” (My translation)


The intense current debates that are exploring what might be good for our health have provided as with a plethora of experiences. Among them very unpleasant ones. For many suffered and are suffering from the measures. Or had to die under horrible circumstances. Grief and despondence are frequent feelings in many people these days. And it helps to have compassion with all to whom it is difficult to focus on the positive.

Positive aspects of our time

However, there are also many positive things happening. But only a small part of it makes it into mainstream media. However, it is also well documented there that our environment started healing. Jelly fish are swimming again in the Venice canals. The Himalayans can be seen from Delhi again, because the smog subsided. And many people rediscovered nature due to their forced break and decided to become more involved with it again. We realize more and more just how closely our health and our environment are connected. For what pollutes the canals and the air cannot be beneficial to us.

A new way of dealing with health

We finally understand that our personal health is the perquisite for a healthy society in a healthy world. So we pay attention to healthy food, an unpolluted environment and a health promoting lifestyle. When we get ill we also explore what psycho-emotional aspect might be at the core of it. We not only treat the symptoms but take care to heal the cause. Ideally, we also change the circumstances that led to the disease in the first place. Even if this means changes in our life, we find uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, there are ever more doctors, naturopaths, therapists, and healing methods that support our healing in an ever more constructive way. However, we know the healing starts in our own consciousness. For we must be truly willing to heal and accept the consequences this entails.

Optimization of health

For a ritual you can burn a piece a paper on which you write “All my unhealthy habits.” While it burns you send out the intention to the cosmos that you wish them to replace by healthy habits. You can support this by burning  juniper. Juniper has a dignified scent that takes the prayers directly to the creator. Furthermore, it is purifying and healing within.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy nights: “I treat my own health and that of others with ever more care and mindfulness”.

For the Night of December 26th/27th

Preview of the month of March (Astrological sign Pisces, element water)

Free Energy Symbol: SYNTAX from Sirius B

Theme of the symbol: Art

An incentive of the symbol: “If you seek, you will find – but not all at once.”


We appreciate the incredibly inspiring power that emanates from music, dance, paintings, sculpture, gardens, good cooking, and literature for example. We love honoring everything that is directed towards beauty and the nourishment of our souls. An elemental aspect of beauty is harmony that is inherent to her. That is why she often has an appeasing, balancing and opening effect on us.

Life is an artform

However, art is so much more! That is why we often speak of the “art of living” and “connoisseurs of the art of living”. And that is the aspect that is to be developed further in us. The lockdowns showed us, how creative people can be under limited circumstances. Within a very short time unconventional, even interdisciplinary solutions were found for all kinds of challenges. And we need this new kind of thinking out of the box to go beyond our habitual notions in order to create our new time in a wise way. Ideally in a peace- and joyful way. Generally, an effect that “good art” also produces often.

By “good art” I mean the kind of art that touches us deeply and broadens your personal view on life. This can be something different for each one of us. However, there are some commonalities. For “good art” speaks to many of us, reaches into our core, nourishes our hearts and increases our joy of living.

Everything is beautified by our enthusiasm

Beauty, joy, and truth are closer to each other than we are often aware. Mathematicians rave about the beauty of their formulars. Athletes about a well performed sequence of movements, parents about a successful birthday party for their child, a child about its completed sandcastle at the beach. A central element is our own enthusiasm for what we do. A joy with which we express and are involved in what we´re doing. Even if it´s something rather mundane like doing laundry or getting gas at the petrol station. You can do almost everything in a beautiful and peaceful way. For the key is our own attitude. When we consciously create and intend to bring out the highest potential in each moment, that we are not only ever more in that very moment, but we also get to experience our own greatness ever more.

Humor is definitely part of it

Real masters at the art of living always know when they are in danger of taking themselves or life too seriously. They always have access to a serene look at life and look through the eyes of love, compassion and indulgence upon themselves and the world. Also, humor increases being awake. For only if you are fully present in the moment are you able to truly perceive the amusing aspects too.

Art is an expression of our love for creation

Actually, each moment has its own magic. To be at the right place at the right time. Or having the right idea at the perfect moment. This shows us, how we are in harmony with life. We can deliberately open ourselves to that! In those moments, art can be created – in whatever shape or form. And good art is an expression of our love for creation that can nourish all of us.

Inviting in more beauty

For a ritual you can take a piece of paper, write on it “All, that blocks my opening for the true, the good and the beautiful.” While you burn it, you can welcome in your mind all the true, good, and beautiful things that want to come into your life. Burning rosemary goes well with this, for rosemary also promotes creativity and success.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “I allow that creation expresses through me for the wellbeing of all and that therefore everything is becoming ever more beautiful, harmonious and healthy.”

For the night of December 27th/28th

Preview of the months of April (Astrological sign Aries, element fire)

Free Energy Symbol: QUINN from Sirius B

Theme of the symbol: I am          Function of the symbol: With this sign you are one with whatever you are striving for



Our familiar world is breaking down. We are all required to learn to not make our state of being dependent on outer circumstances. For it is our attitude that determines how we experience our world not vice versa. A great basic feeling is peace. If you are in peace with yourself you don´t have to prove anything and are also not interested in others proving themselves to you. In truth, it is much more about growing together with the others in community. If all involved, make real peace their priority then uncomfortable conflicts can be resolved. For all have the same goal.

Being truly at home

Peace enables us to arrive ever more in our core truth. In our beingness, in our body, in our country on our earth. It is possible that we develop a whole new sense of being at home. Wouldn´t it be nice if all people managed to feel truly at home on the planet and in their being?

For in some way we ARE also the planet. We are one with all other people, with all that we call nature – with entire creation. It is ONE consciousness. We only kept the illusion of separation alive for a very long time.

Drop and ocean at the same time

Many have already discovered the deep mystery themselves, that many mystics have been expressing in the following metaphor for ages: we are a drop in the ocean and the entire ocean at the same time. And each drop contains the entire ocean.  We are in everything and everything is within us. We live in a fractal, holographic universe. And it is not about understanding it. But to – one day, when the soul is ready – to embrace it as deep truth and act from that awareness.

Freeing up inner peace

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with: “All that blocks my inner peace, especially on the subconscious levels.” While you do this, you can send the intention out to the cosmos that your inner peace will become ever more stable. As incense you can burn white sandalwood. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and strengthens the trust in yourself and the flow of life.

Power sentence beyond the Holy Nights: “I will find my good home in the new time on all levels. Within me as well as on the outside – in peace, abundance and freedom.”

The night of December 28th to the 29th

Preview of the month of May (Astrological sign: Taurus, element earth)

Free Energy Symbol: ELEMI from Antares

Theme: The power of unfolding  Function: This symbol promotes project that are at their beginning and have already been put into the world.


Finally, we will have a technology that no longer stresses us and makes us sick. To the contrary! It is actually quite beneficial to us and our environment. For radiation can also have a very healing and empowering effect!

Free energy

Among the new technologies is Free Energy – finally the patents will be made available to all of us. However, we must ask ourselves are we ready to handle a never ending, always present and actually costless source of energy? Will there be people (again) who try abusing it and damage other people? Or will the majority who actually wants a robust health, peace and abundance for all on earth take the lead?


Among the wonderful new technologies are not only the Tesla towers which will distribute the new energy. There are already towers in Texas, USA and in Dortmund, Germany. Also, the so-called Med-Beds are to be made available to the masses. These medical beds can perform all kinds of different functions. Among them is the possibility to expose the body to a high frequency radiation that removes or neutralizes all alien substances that are not good for him. Furthermore, the growth of healthy can be stimulated and sped up. It is worthwhile to research that for yourself and permit your own mind, to play with such concepts and ideas and sense, how real you consider it.

Quantum web

Also, the so-called ‘quantum-web’ is being developed for quite a while. It will enable to allow the users to exchange their data safe from spies. Furthermore, it will function in a way that supersedes our current wave technology by far and will be available to everybody everywhere all the time. For it will enable us to not only find information and to communicate, but also to do business, organize trips etc. Ideally in an utterly free way and not under the control of a few who claim to have our best interests in mind. But who want to profit from it to our detriment yet again. Also, the quantum web will not stress us nor our environment. Especially if we handle it with conscious care.

We have an impact on the development

How all these new technologies develop depends strongly on our intentions, visions, and our imagination. I have been thinking for a while that things like public transport, internet, charging technologies for devices etc. should be made compatible worldwide and free of charge. However, owning several cars, a high production of garbage etc. can be more expensive. There are already some very smart approaches to this available.

Spiritual technologies

And our “metaphysical technologies” will be of more importance in the future. too. Psychic abilities, sound- and vibration technologies, quantum healing right up to telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation will develop fast – if we trust and imagine that it is possible!

Healthy technologies are part of our future

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with “All technologies that do me more harm than good and were developed by people who didn´t have the well-being of all in mind.” While you burn it you send out the intention to the cosmos: “Healthy new technologies will replace all the old and unhealthy ones ever faster.” As incense you can use St. John´s wort for example. Not only does it have a soothing effect, it invigorates our spirits, our capacity for joy and opens our spirit. It also strengthens our connection to the sun.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “I am open to all technologies of a physical and metaphysical nature that are in service to nature in me and outside of me.”

For the night of December 29th/30th

Preview of the months of June (Astrological sign: Gemini, element air)

Free Energy Symbol: Krisis from Aldebaran

Theme of the symbol: emergency, hope     The message of the symbol: “Find yourself” and “Surrendering to the crisis already lessens it.”


For months we have been trained in realizing that things can collapse on the one hand and emerge renewed and updated on the other hand. What exactly the prophesied collapse of our economy will ultimately look like, we don´t know. But it already pushes people into severe depression and despair. Their existence seems ruined. The feel helpless and their trust in positive future alternatives is tiny. Lacking money has been considered a severe threat to our existence in our world for a long time. For everything essential that a human being needs, like food, shelter, water, energy, and clothing usually costs money.

How important is money?

No wonder that most of us grew up with the notion that money is extremely important. And having a lot of money was always considered a worthwhile goal. For money was equated with safety, freedom, protection, abundance, and well-being. But now we have the possibility to learn, that this is not the truth. We will find many new ways of exchange and ways to create our well-being that are actually independent from moving around money.

Wealth is a state of consciousness

Money as a concept will become ever less important. We will deeply understand that abundance is a state of consciousness and is based on inner peace and a fundamental feeling of gratitude. That requires enough time to reflect on it in turn. A high-quality exchange with others and the possibility to exchange goods and services without negatively affecting other people or the environment.

New values determine our interaction

Values like integrity, reliability and respect regarding the value and the efforts of the other will become ever more important. And money will become ever less important. What a world without money can actually look like is well documented in Michael Tellinger´s work regarding the Ubuntu-principle. It is possible and will become reality – how fast, depends on us!

Let´s welcome abundance and freedom

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with the text: “Old belief systems, that stop me from experiences true abundance and freedom.” While you burn it, you can send the intention out to the cosmos: “I may experience unconditional abundance and freedom, simply because I´m a human being on Earth. It is my birthright!” As incense I suggest verbena. It was among the favorite smudging herbs of the druids for it amplifies everything that we focus on!

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “All of us have all we need at all times. We handle our needs and those of others with responsibly.”

For the Night of December 30th/31st  2020

Preview of the month of July (Astrological sign: Cancer, element water)

Free Energy Symbol: MARA from Sirius B Theme of the symbol: Shamanic Journey  Function of the symbol: It makes the meaningful exchange with the deceased


The more we discover how positive we can make our world and our environment, the more we realize that this hasn´t been the case in the history of mankind for a very long time. We realize that we have suffered as a species in the past and even beyond our current generation. Simply because mankind followed principles and leaders who actually did not have its best interest in mind. We were controlled by power and steered by fear.

Are people really intentionally bad?

It is very hard for good people to understand and accept how evil evil people can actually be. And yet we have to increasingly realize that there is a certain group of people who intentionally exploits a clueless majority, makes them ill and even kills them. This apparently has been going on for a very long time and for hardly understandable reasons. How is it possible that some people raise themselves above other humans and intentionally and ruthlessly harm them?

Our systems are not really serving mankind

We had a health system that many people more ill than well. An incredible number of people died of hospital bacteria, prescription drugs and detrimental treatments. But the much more affordable and far more beneficial natural alternatives were suppressed. We had a school system that stressed teachers and students more that it supported them in the unfolding of their potentials.

We had an economic system that forced people to work and live for their living rather than supporting them in the exploration of their unique qualities that society actually needs. We had a legal system that in many cases had much less to do with justice but rather with power and persuasion. And finally, we had a political system that did not serve the true sovereign – the people. Instead, they enriched themselves on the expense of the people of whom they were supposed to take care.

Inhuman industries

Finally, there were all the dark zones, like arms, drugs, and child trafficking. A shocking number of our powerful, rich and famous people were involved in it to a degree that it still boggles our minds. And all this supported by our media. For the true owners and navigators of the radio- and television broadcasting stations as well as of most newspapers belonged to this small minority of exploiters. No wonder they kept the real truth from us and rather made us believe that we were free and privileged and actually had no reason to complain? The few, that dared to question the current system were quickly discredited as conspiracy theorists. But ever more people dared asking themselves and others the unpleasant question: is human interaction truly never possible without making a few or even many suffer? Who says so? Why?

Somehow everybody seems insane

Many of us are having headaches over the fact that what was conveyed to us as right, true, and appropriate was actually intended to corrupt our genuine feelings of justice, truth and unconditional love. Shocks, cognitive dissonance and nausea will probably affect us one day when we become aware of the degree of this swamp.

Many have already undergone this process others are in the thick of it and the vast majority still must undergo it. The so-called awakening to the world, how it actually is and not how we were led to believe, that it is. The frequently mentioned process of awakening does not only entail the experience of limitless oneness, but also the acceptance of just how far some people went in their choice of separation from all.

We all have to explore what´s true for us right now

One feature of this current phenomenon is that people are different points of this process and accuse each other of being alienated, delusional and lacking intelligence. Or even that they are a threat to society, our current way of life and our social interactions… It is impossible to not play one of these roles in this collective process. But in the end, we will be led back to ourselves, our own truth, our integrity, and our ability to love.

Nobody is here by accident

The only comforting aspect is that nobody is currently here by accident. In truth we´re all equipped to deal with the situation. However, we actually all have the same desires and goals: peace, abundance, health, freedom etc. Only the degree to which we´re separated from this creates all those current conflicts.

In the meantime, the greatest service we can do to each other is a maximum of compassion. Compassion with ourselves. Especially when we become aware of our own confusion. But also, with those whom we consider confused and even with those whose extreme confusion led them to act monstrously. It is important to recognize the behavior of the latter as abominable. However, it is not our task to judge and punish them. That is the task of those who chose the according position in this life and of course, divine justice itself…

For most of us it is probably the healthiest – personally, and as a society – to separate ourselves from this and to then focus with all our might onto what is healthy! And to remember the positive human qualities, individually and collectively. Like our ability to love, to cooperate and to enjoy life!

Reconnect with your ancestors

One way to find help in this phase of extreme disorientation and insecurity is to connect with your ancestors. Due to their different and broader perspective of our life they can offer wisdom and guidance in these stormy times. They can help us to raise forgiving and compassion to overcome all the grievances.

Furthermore, it can be helpful to look at our world from the view of the already deceased. It might put certain things back into perspective! And it surely raises the power of a healthy, loving and truth guided human interaction! For most likely we all were victim and victimizer at some point. This “game” wants to end now!

Undoing old entanglements

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with “All my suffering due to grievances I didn´t even create myself.” The inviting intention while burning could be: “From now on my life is run by wholistic peace and well-meaning interactions with others.” You can burn myrtle or frankincense. Myrtle supports forgiving and helps to remedy fears and despair. Frankincense helps to end hostilities and protects you from evil intentions and entities.

Power sentence beyond the holy nights: “May all the grievances that caused division, abuse and suffering in mankind be completely resolved in grace! May we all be blessed.”

For the Night of December 31st to January 1st

Preview of the month of August (Astrological sign Leo, element fire)

Free Energy Symbol: SONAR from Aldebaran

Theme of the symbol: partnership, love, heart   Function of the symbol: Dissolution of old behavior patterns and liberation from obsessions


Our familiar world is undergoing some powerful changes. Or, as I like to put it: we are in the super spin cycle of the current cosmic washing cycle. Therefor it is crucial that we have a loving relationship with ourselves. If we make our state dependent on the events in the outer world, we will surely experience a constant emotional roller coaster!

But we can find a place within our own psyche where it is easier to deal with these external movements. You can become the observer and repeatedly become aware of the fact, that we may not be able to change what is currently happening, but we can change how we react or rather respond to it. When we embrace this and consciously act on it all our relationships will become much easier.

Upgrading our love relationships

Especially those relationships where the involved always blame each other for their emotions. For it is not about who is to blame. But about how to create the conditions together where all involved can thrive. This also includes a healthy integration of sex. Sexuality should definitely return to its sacred place in our partnerships and culture. All the inhuman and soul hurting expressions of it should become a thing of the past!

But only when we know ourselves well enough, to be aware of our needs and take responsibility for them, can we handle them in an adult manner. For then we can talk about them without judging each other. And together with the others – who also handle their needs in a conscious and responsible way – we can find good solutions for our life together.

Self-love is a life necessity

This includes to learn and exercise to love yourself and become your own best friend. This is a rather new approach in our world. For a long time, we were led to believe that this is rather egotistical and self-centered. However, to sacrifice yourself, for your spouse, your boss, or your country was considered honorable. However, that is only honoring egos. For life and love are honored if we take just as good care of our own health as of that of others. Then we´ll never become a burden to each other much less often! Besides, we are just as important as an expression of creation and creation should be honored in all her expressions!

An important part of self-love is to accept yourself the way you currently are. Including your body. It is as unique as we are and since it is the vehicle of our soul it deserves our maximum love and care. For it does its best to serve us – as far as our treatment of it allows! Conscious gratitude strengthens it and our entire health!

Appreciation at all states of life

Many people grieve for their youth or are looking forward to the day the have achieved x or y, like a new position at their company or buying a home. But does that really have an effect on our ability to love?

Furthermore, it is high time we let go of our obsession with youth. We humans get ever older – most of our lifetime we are far older than 20 or 30… That part of our life is actually the shortest in our ever longer lives. Being at peace and in love with yourself is a great way to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical fitness. Then it is also much easier to appreciate the charms of the young and the wisdom of the old!

New sources of satisfaction

We will also notice that material possessions are far less satisfying than a high-quality sharing of thoughts and emotions with other people. For receiving love is just as important as expressing love – for then there is an environment of unconditional love for all. Simply, because each of us is who s/he is. To be able to reside in such an environment will free up incredible potentials.

For then we´re no longer pre-occupied with our fears and traumas and solving conflicts. Then we can finally focus on the healthy co-creation with others. In the awareness that all we are doing is contributing to the well-being of all! Including our own!

Healing self-love

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with “All that is blocking my healthy self-love”. And while you burn it you send out the intention to the cosmos: “From now on I love myself unconditionally, even though I am not quite sure how to do that. I trust.” You can burn dried rose petals – they increase our ability to love.

Power sentence beyond the Holy  Nights: “I love myself, the others and life more ever day!”

For the Night of January 1st/2nd

Preview of the months of September (Astrological sign Virgo, element earth)

Free Energy Symbol: MANAMU from Antares

Incentive of the symbol: Spirit has no shape or form  Function of the symbol: interdimensional communication


We realize that the materialistic view of life is not only quite limiting but also caused a lot of damage. Especially the insistence of scientists that things needed to be provable before they were believable has severely damaged our perception of nature and our abilities. For there is a lot that we feel and sense as true even though we cannot explain it – yet. And fortunately, there are already quite a number of scientists outside the doctrines who researched this with great results. They do have well working theories why telepathy, clairvoyance etc. actually works and exists!

Honoring the mysteries of life

But is that really important? Isn´t it more important that we learn to accept the mysteries of life and trust them? Will a flower that is dissected not lose its beauty? Isn´t a joke that is analyzed in detail losing its humor? There are probably good reasons why one has to do this on occasion. However, the other aspects that have to do with our human strengths shouldn´t be neglected in doing this. For far too long the mind, reason and analysis were placed above feeling, emotion and the ability to surrender. This wants to change now.

For only if we can truly surrender can we understand the language of nature. Then we can intuitively receive the wisdom that emanates from plants and animals. This is a connection that happens via heart and soul and usually bypasses our mind.

We are capable of so much more than we think

The contact to the subtle realms, trusting our intuition and the discovery of our metaphysical potentials – like clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, as well as telepathy and telekinesis as well as physical and non-physical teleportation are actually part of our ability spectrum. Even though they have been pushed to the edge in our culture and are often ridiculed.

However, many people already have a regular exchange with elves and dwarfs, with angels, extraterrestrial civilizations or even their own self in other times, in other places. That this is not only fantasy, but part of our actual reality and accessible to all humans, will become ever more part of our lives.

Junk DNA is no junk!

For as so many mystics have taught us over time: we are not bodies with a soul, but souls with a body. We are more and can do much more than the limitations of our physical body allow and even his abilities have not been sufficiently explored! Finally, the apparently dormant areas of our brain and the enigmatic junk-DNA will play their part: they are serving our aspects and abilities that can go way beyond the mere physical existence.

Live your life to the fullest

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with: “My fears regarding my true abilities and opportunities to actually enjoy my life to the hilt!” While you burn it, you can send the intention out to the cosmos: “I allow myself to surprise myself and enjoy the magic of life on all levels.” For incense you can use mace or dreamherb (calea zacatechichi) the Mexican herb that was popular among the Aztecs for visions and spiritual clarity.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “I open myself to the metaphysical aspects of my being and allow myself to experience myself outside physical restrictions.”

For the Night of January 2nd/3rd

Preview of the month of October (Astrological sign: Libra, element air)

Free Energy Symbol: KOB from Aldebaran

Theme of the symbol: Detoxing and interference elimination Message of the symbol: “Some things happen more easily in a twosome”


The structure of or society is shifting. We realize that all human beings are worthy, and that fame and material possessions do not necessarily account for the decency of a human being. However, being decent, having integrity and acting in a life affirming manner will become ever more important to us. We admire people who emanate peace, love and wisdom. We also notice that this is quite independent from age, nationality, skin color and religion.

Healthy love relationships strengthen a society

We also learn that healthy love relationships can be a source of peace and an honoring treatment of the environment. And we realize this begins with the relationship to ourselves. For if we love ourselves truly, we also treat others more lovingly. We must improve our partnership skills – individually but also with others, including communities, nature and the entire planet.

We realize more and more that the wellbeing of people, as well as that of nature and Earth herself has an immediate effect on us. Even, if we´re not always aware of it. But we learn ever more, to honor and appreciate our connections with others instead of arguing about the seeming separations.

Our interaction with others becomes ever more constructive

We realize more and more how incredibly important a constructive interaction with others is. If we connect with each other for all that needs to be detoxed, cleansed, transmuted, disposed of, and changed towards the better, it will be much easier and go much faster.

For nobody in our world can evade these changes. This includes our immediate neighbors as well as all fellow citizens on this earth. We can profit from each other´s abilities and insights.

Indigenous people can lead us by their example

Presumably, the indigenous people will have special role in this reorganization of our planet. For they are the only ones who managed to maintain a healthy relationship to nature for thousands of years. They know about sustainability and constructive interaction.

We disturbed them arrogantly in this with our allegedly superior civilizations. Or we wanted to gain their treasures without sharing them. All these old wounds and pains may heal now. The golden rule: “Do not do to others that you don´t want to have done to yourself” will ever more prevail in our new world.

Cleanse your consciousness

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with “All that poisoned my consciousness that I have no awareness of”. While burning it you can send out the intention to the cosmos: “I choose a healthy exchange on all conscious and subconscious level of my being.” Palo Santo is a great incense to go with it. It induces peace and balance, dissolves tension and anger and makes the heart feel lighter.

Power sentence, beyond the holy  nights: “I live in a healthy exchange with myself and others.”

For the Night of January 3rd/4th

Preview of the months of November (Astrological sign Scorpio, element water)

Free Energy Symbol: ZILL from Antares


We deeply realize that the abilities and the unfolding of our children hold the potential of our future. In our new world childhood is a sacred time. Children receive all the healthy care, increasing autonomy and spiritual freedom they require. We trust them and often believe more in them than they themselves. When they discover their own strengths, we share their delight.

Their optimum development is of great importance to us – especially the free unfolding of their creativity. We also realize that children sometimes have great solution for the problems of the ‘adults’ when we describe the situation in understandable terms. Their view is always fresh, and their energetic access is through the heart.

Healing of our own childhood wounds

We also become increasingly aware just how important our childhood is for our adult life. We learn to heal our own wounds from our early childhood and establish a healthy relationship with our own “inner child”. We permit ourselves again to do things, simply because we enjoy them. We stop the constant criticizing and judging of our feelings, thoughts and actions. We simply assume that we´re doing our best at all times. From this perspective failure is simply a step in our development – next time we´ll already know and do better!

We experience awe again

We learn again how to experience real awe and wonder. We can appreciate the small things again and approach each other without bias. And we manage to make our children look forward to becoming an adult. For having responsibilities, setting things in motion and accumulating life experiences also open up a great many opportunities. We make an effort to serve as a good example – to our own children and others – regarding selflove, integrity and serving life. They should no longer have to fear growing up, only because we sometimes are overwhelmed with our obligations.

More peace with your childhood

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper: “I give up all my childhood wounds and unfulfilled wishes up for transformation.” While you burn it you can send out the intention to the cosmos: “I make peace with my childhood and let go of everything that once hurt me. I allow myself to be a happy and fulfilled grown-up.” Mugwort is a great incense to go with this, as it is traditionally a herb that protects children. It helps furthermore with surrender and regaining strength on all levels.

Power sentence, beyond the Holy Nights: “I make sure I treat my inner child and all external children in a loving way.”


For the Night of January 4th/5th

Preview of the month of December (Star sign: Sagittarius, element fire)

Free Energy Symbol: MAGMA from Sirus B

Theme: Terra Gaia – mother Earth Function: Leading us back into our own true center


Even though we incarnated into this time many of us are currently overwhelmed by what is happening. It is as if we had decided to go watch a movie at the cinema, preferably an “exciting and entertaining one”. But suddenly we find ourselves in a Kafka style horror movie and nobody knows when it´s over… However, we do know that nothing in the material world is constant. So, we persevere bravely, dealing with all that might want to happen and struggle not to lose ourselves and maintain our optimism regarding the future.

Earth herself is supporting us

Our contact to Earth herself is supporting us in this. As well as the intention to grow and empower our friendship with her and all of nature. It is important we realize that we are just as important to Earth as she is to us. For she is a conscious being and her consciousness is inextricably connected to ours. The more aware we are of this, the stronger the connection becomes. We are just as responsible for her, as she is for us.

She does all she can to be a motherly host for us. So, we can develop and unfold our abilities as conscious members of creation. But we neglected our part of the agreement badly. Instead of making sure, she is thriving too, we exploited and hurt her. Our industries and science have moved too far away from nature. Especially in the last 100 years she was of no concern. With our radioactive waste, synthetic materials and the unnatural chemicals we have badly damaged earth and thereby ourselves!

Our obligations help us

But it is high time we pay attention to our obligations to earth again. For when she thrives, so do we! And this starts with small things. Every time we set a foot on her, we can appreciate her and literally get in touch with her. For all that we pay our human attention to becomes empowered. This is one of the reasons why plants who are spoken to flower abundantly and fruit trees carry more fruit! This also applies to earth herself!

Honoring earth more

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with: “All my carelessness regarding Earth.” While its burning you can apologize to her in spirit, forgive yourself for your own carelessness and then send out the intention to the cosmos that your relationship with her may heal ever more.

Power sentence, beyond the holy nights: “My connection to Earth is getting ever stronger and more loving.”


For the Night of January 5th/6th


Free Energy Symbol: ORGON from Aldebaran

Theme of the symbol: Detoxing and elimination of interferences

Function of the symbol: Amplification of the life-light in all organisms


In the near future, work will be no longer about financing your living. It will be much more important to do things you enjoy and that are beneficial to the community. We also increasingly realize that it is not all about what we do, but our attitude while doing it. A meal prepared with love does taste differently and is more easily digestible than food that is prepared in a careless manner. Our sensitivity regarding these aspects is increasing.

The world of our work is changing

Due to the increasing technology and new situations of need our working world will change greatly. Also, the way, we get our money, our tax system etc. will change. The valuable service to others will shift our definitions of status. All professions around health will be upgraded, as well as taking care of our elderly and handicapped fellow citizens as well as children. It will soon become more important to make more money than others, but to find outmost fulfillment and appreciation for what you do. It is also possible that there will be a more freeing rather than restricting variation of the currently hotly discussed basic income.

It is also very important for our all wellbeing that we ask ourselves the important question: Are we doing what we´re doing for the money or is it truly how we want to express our self in this life? Would we be willing to do the same work without pay?

What job suits us truly?

Or is there something that might be more appropriate for us? But we are afraid of not being sufficiently experienced or qualified? However, it is always worthwhile to do what your own heart wants. Then life actually moves towards you. I observe more and more people who are doing a work they have not been trained in originally. However, their genuine talent, enthusiasm, and commitment as well as their increasing experience make their competence trustworthy.

Now is a good moment to explore what you would like most to do. And then start looking for the possibilities your life might offer. Speaking from my experience I can say: if the fire in the heart is burning strong enough miracles happen!

My dreams come true through me

For a ritual you can burn a piece of paper with: “All that stops me from making my dreams come true!” While you burn the paper, you can send out the intention to the cosmos: “I open myself to miraculous movements in my life that allow me to do my (new) work. All my needs will be met.” Angelica root is the perfect incense here. It helps to walk your own path, if you´re dealing with despondence and existential fears and connects you with your angel powers.

Power sentence, beyond the holy nights: “Who I am and what I do makes me ever happier.”

Thank you for honoring the Holy Nights of Christmas

May my instruction have inspired you and may it have increased the quality of your celebration of the Holy Nights of Christmas. United in our hearts we walked through this special time. And together we will now enter a year, that contains the possibility to catalyze us into our highest potentials more than ever before.

For this time, it is our conscious intention to become ever more aware, healthier, loving, connected and peaceful by the time we arrive at the Holy Nights of 2021/22.

The entire year will help us to achieve this! I also wish us exciting discoveries, wonderful encounters and constant growth and expansion into ever more love in all realms! I am sure that the world will look quite different at this time next year!

Repetition during the year is a good idea

If you feel the need to repeat one or more of the meditations during the year – feel free to do so. They will probably feel different than during the Holy Nights, however they can be just as effective.

Feel free to share this text! And if you have any question, please contact me.