Soul-Selfie: With Light into the Tunnel

1920 1285 Elisabeth Karsten

These days I repeatedly ask myself what can I do to contribute constructively to the current events. For somehow the atmosphere is becoming ever gloomier and oppressive. And it is not due to the unpleasant season.

The protest in Berlin on November 18th 2020

I went to the protest on in Berlin on November 18th , regarding the new “Infection protection law”. The atmosphere was quite benevolent and constructive. However one could feel the intense anger – nonetheless all of us protestors were ABSOLUTELY peaceful, albeit noisy. Walking up from Potsdamer Platz to the Brandenburg Gate we saw the water cannon trucks. About an hour later, when we were near the Soviet monument on the street of the 17th of June, the crowd was struck by horror. We learned that the water cannons had been activated against totally peaceful people.

The police started the violence

Apparently it was considered a sign of violence that many protestors did not adhere to the mandatory masks and distance. And they also were not willing to spread out even more. But nobody threw bottles or firecrackers. The tear gas was used by the police, not the protestors. A friend, who had been there, told me the water was only used to rain on people to make them go away. The water was not used as a weapon. However some protestors were beaten up by policemen – all involved soaking wet. A historical picture was taken.  t I cannot show  it, because of copyright. It depicts a smiling woman in the foreground. She is holding a bouquet of white flowers and a copy of our constitution substitute “The basic law”. While behind her the water cannons are drenching the people.

And we too, were threatened by the water cannons. First we sat down – guarding the distances – and prayed and sang our national anthem. But it was in vain. We had to get up. The truck of the event managers had to be moved. And then the policemen ran after the leaving protestors. They were trying to stop us from following the AGAPE truck. They didn´t manage. And if it hadn´t been so sad, it would have been funny. At some point they simply grabbed a young man and beat him up. It was filmed.

We decide to leave

Shortly after – opposite of the direction of the Brandenburg Gate – several police vans came speeding down the street. They were flashing their blue light and their sirens were howling. They came ever closer to the protestors. We decided to get away. Speedily we walked towards the left into the Tiergarten park and were able to evade the further developing conflict. A friend was there and filmed.

And we all were glad we were there. Even though we were not able to stop the law from passing. Like the Danes did. But it was a nice experience to realize that there are quite a number of many courageous, reasonable and intelligent people out there. The shock that this new law is not only overly exaggerated regarding the current situation, but also inhuman and anti-democratic united us all.

The cold breath of fascism

In my perception the new law is not only energetically close to the Enabling Act of 1933. Apparently the rough fascist wind must blow down the necks of certain fellow citizens so thy finally decide, deeply and consciously against it.  And will act accordingly. From what I learned this morning the police brutality has already increased massively since it was legalized. It is shocking and distressing. Immense compassion, a focus on light, justice and the prevailing of the good is required. Even though it might look quite differently in the foreground.

A catalyst for our growth in consciousness

It is nothing less than another catalyst for the splitting of consciousness that Michael Roads mentioned several times. The fear driven people who accept lies and already believed in the swine and bird flus, are yet again under the spell of mass media. And they are quite resistant to giving up their comfortable world view to the biting reality. However theyd far too easily give up their power. And on the other hand those who know that the old is continuously deconstructing itself and that it simply takes time. In the meantime ever more of us practise ever more conscious self-responsibility. We lean into the increasingly growing wind of what is to come and let go of the old in friendly grief. We practise compassion and focus on the good and our place within it.

Helpful insights

And I want to share the following here. A few days earlier I did a little psycho-energetic exploration of the situation. The question was: what is required so Germans can move out of their dissociative state into a healthy movement. The result: In many of us ancient and renewed fears, as well as feelings of guilt block feelings that would enable constructive action. First we must permit ourselves to feel (healthy) anger again. In the sense of wisely channelled life energy – in order to change that which I into that what we truly want.

Furthermore we must accept our own true greatness and also our genuine light. That, by the way, was indescribably large, beautiful and actually awe-inspiring. It even had a sacred quality! We must love ourselves unconditionally again. This can be achieved by forgiving and total self-acceptance. For in truth we´re powerhouses of love, compassion and peace and have the birth right to live this without restrictions!

Finally a focus on joy especially towards that which is coming. Even thought that might include the painful collapse of the old. And, very important, to not lose our serenity when facing the severity and reside in positive feelings. A positive focus makes everything easier for all! It was very moving and powerful!

We now need more light in the tunnel

My current feeling is that we have now entered the darkest section of the transformative (apocalyptic) tunnel and it will get even darker before more consciousness is awakened and the light becomes ever more visible. But in the end the light will spread everywhere. I light a candle every evening for the good and new in German and the entire world – for it is already on its way.

Praying helps!

I also thought about how to turn this into an action. And then I remembered this Buddhist prayer that I learned in Sri Lanka in February. The legend says it helped to free a huge country of an epidemic, so that it could become healthy, peaceful and abundant for all!

I know say it several times a day and arranged with friends to pray every night at 10 pm at the same time and meditate on our light force. If you want to join us, you are cordially welcome!