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Go into the highest possible vibration that is possible for you right now. E.g., love, gratitude, compassion, joy, trust. Do not speak this text when you are angry or frustrated. First make sure that you can speak from the serenity of your liberated and loving self – it is only a blink away. Connect with it in this moment.

Take a few deep breaths and then speak this text aloud or within yourself. It is enough if you speak the words consciously with your own power. But if you develop powerful images in your inner vision, and strengthen your feeling, then you also amplify the power of the prayer! And if you like to change or add to the text – then do that: follow YOUR impulses! Everything what we do with a CONSCIOUS FEELING empowers our being and doing by a multiple – we can use this power again intentionally!

A Prayer to create a better world

I (your name) see, feel and hear what is happening in the world. And I know that it could be much better. So, with my own inherent creative power, I choose that the hunger for power gives way to humbleness before creation. I choose that fear of illness gives way to trust in health. And I choose that division, distrust and lies give way to powerful union, joyful connection, and liberating truth. For in actual reality, love is stronger than power, abundance stronger than lack, joy stronger than worry, and peace stronger than struggle. This is our true human nature. May this prevail evermore!

May everything that is happening right now accelerate this development more and more. And I humbly respect the destiny of every single person in this as his or her soul choice. I choose for myself maximum wisdom, compassion, peace, and serenity as the basis of all my actions.

I see, feel, and hear us already as a united humanity, powerfully creating a healthy, humane, and joyful community in love and compassion. The bad may go, the good may come and make our united consciousness thrive. Every day, more and more. I am already a part of the new.  I live the liberating truth, the strengthening health and connecting love with life every day more and more. I thank each person who awakens and joins this stream of consciousness. Thank you. So be it. I am (your name).

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Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash