On Peace and Freedom

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

The following is my very personal account of my impressions and thought regarding the demonstration on August29th 2020 in Berlin with the motto: A feast for peace and freedom”. I was there from noon until 8 pm,together with a dear friend and ‘brother in spirit’ from Mainz.


The nicest thing about this rallye is this feeling of unimpeded naturalness. When we arrive the Brandenburg Gate is open again. It had been closed earlier in the morning by the police. We don´t see the trucks for the parade that are to come down the street of the 17th of June (Straße des 17. Juni). At this point they are all standing further East. Together with many others we walk towards the pillar of victory (Siegessäule) with the famous golden victory goddess on top. The Berliners call her lovingly “Golden Elsie”.

Open faces and open hearts

The people are walking upright. They are not wearing masks. Many carry banners. And all are looking happily and gratefully into each other’s eyes. People of all ages, some in prams, with wheeled walkers, crutches or wheelchairs. Just as many men as women from all walks of life, just like at a fair. We hear various German dialects from all regions of Germany and also Switzerland.

Many nations are present. We see flags from Sweden, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and the US. Also the black-white-red flags of the old German Reich are being waved – but not more than of the others. Also a bunch of rainbow coloured flags and banners are visible. The tank at the Sowjet memorial is decorated with a portrait of John Lennon and a sign “Peaceful Revolution – Dancing for Democracy”. Next to the main stage near the pillar of victory is a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

Halfway between the Brandenburg Gate and the pillar of victory is a concert piano in the middle of the street. Anybody is allowed to play. We stop and listen to three different pianists. One of them, a rather exotic looking young man, plays a few popular songs really well. “Imagine” by John Lennon and “We are the World” by Michael Jackson and we sing along enthusiastically. In the midst of this a steward comes to us and reminds us of keeping distance. We happily comply and ever more people join in. Definitely a tinge of peace and freedom.

Rage instead of fear

The low base beat of fear that is clearly discernible all day in Berlin – especially beating in supermarkets and in public transport is not so much present here. However we perceive a different energetic current that clearly has a threatening aspect to it. The more I feel into it the more I realize: it´s actually two currents. They are similar in character but have very different qualities and are opposed to each other. I would describe them as a ‘dark’ and a ‘light’ rage. The dark rage runs through the veins of those who are against the protestors. They perceive them as an impertinent and cocky threat to their identity, their role and to the system they are to protect. It is accompanied by the thought: “How dare they? Who do they think they are? Don´t they know who they´re actually dealing with?”

There is also a lightful rage

There is also a powerful current of “lightful rage”. It reminds me of the term “divine wrath” that  does not imply God´s discontent with his wayward creations. Divine wrath actually describes a quality of anger that bestows divine powers to those who embody it to move obstacles they would otherwise be unable to move. For instance moving a heavy log underneath which a child is caught. This light anger flows through the veins of more or less all protestors. It is accompanied by a deep sadness that there are still people who want to suppress others and wantonly sow discord. As well as a deep love for fellow human and a desire for a healthy life in peace and freedom to not give this up for the price of anything. The thoughts that go with it are: “When truth becomes a lie, resistance becomes an obligation.” And “The less violence the better. A world of peace and freedom can only be created in peace and with compassion.”

Varied expressions of discontent

On the street of the 17. Juni a variety of groups and individual people express their opinion more or less clearly. A man is carrying a sign that says: “I can choose, how I want to die, but not how I want to live.” Many express their resistance against mandatory vaccinations. A couple is wearing T-Shirts in partnerlook with the text “We live in the GDR 2.0” and “Orwell´s 1984 is now”. A group that calls themselves #berlinfreedom has blue signs with the slogan: “Listen to what these people are actually saying”. A similar blue is used by the banners of the AfD party. Another group is carrying big banners that depict various German and American politicians in prison stripes. Another group carries cardboard banners in the shape of crosses and a big one with the slogan: “Jesus saves you.” And a whole bunch of smaller groups who according to their banners are concerned about children, climate change and the collapse of the economy. Many flyers are distributed. Also the weekly newspaper “Demokratischer Widerstand” (Democratic Resistance) is freely distributed.

Resistance catalyses creativity

There is a small group of bikers with neonyellow vests and muscular arms with tatooes, wearing armbands saying “steward”. Some of them are also wearing masks that consist of textile material and vegetable nets in the middle. A woman is carrying an umbrella with many coloured pieces of cardboard on which here wishes for the future are written and golden Styrofoam ball on top. A quite impressive banner is that depicting a circle of politicians whose head is right next to the naked behind of the politician in front. Big syringes are stuck in all behinds containing dollar signs.

A particularly interesting mask wearer is a man wearing a black beak as we know it from medieval depictions of the Black Death and finally there is a man wearing a sheep costume, dark glasses and a blind man´s walking stick with a sign around his neck: “Spiegelleser wissen mehr”. It is the famous slogan of our German equivalent to the American Newsweek and means: “Our readers know more”.

A woman has the slogan on the front of her t-shirt: “Lying is better with the second” (referring to our famous ‘2nd news channel’ on TV and their mascot, a gnome with a long nose closing his left eye on her back. And also other T-shirts express certain opinions: “I´m not left, I´m not right. I´m mother of four children.” Many people also wear black and white T-shirts with a golden circle and a golden dot in the middle and the slogan “Discover-Awaken-Change” – and thus show their affiliation with Heiko Schrang, a prominent fighter for truth. For the mainstream media he is an unpleasant conspiracy theorist, for the growing number of truth seekers one of their leading figures.

The lightful rage is increasing

Every now and then there is an announcement from the main stage that we should keep 1,5 metres distance (about 5 feet) – jokingly also called the “Merkel-metre” otherwise the police would call off the demonstration. Stewards actively help in the crowd around the pillar of victory and slowly the masses spread into the streets around the pillar. And even though it is exactly that kind of bullying we are protesting against, we comply for it is more important that the event will take place. We also repeatedly hear that if any of us notices people who try to provoke violence we are to pass them on to the police. “We are peaceful protestors.”

When one of the event managers on the stage asks the crowd who had been present at the last rallye on August 1st, about a third lift their hands. And when the question follows how many are here for the first time accordingly the other two thirds throw their hands into the air. The consequent applause is ear deafening. And more and more people keep arriving.

Why we joined the protest

Nicolai called me on Monday and said he had he spontaneous impulse to go to the demonstration on Saturday. Partly because he wanted to see what is going on with his own eyes independently from the influence of the media. Who would be there?  Primarily right wing radicals, Nazis, health rebels and democracy destroyers as the mainstream media keeps claiming? On the other hand he was fully aware of the historical significance of the event and didn´t want to miss it. For him it was the first protest of his life and he is in his midforties!

I was motivated by the same reasons. Furthermore I do live in Berlin and being served history on a silver platter seemed too good to miss. The last time I went to a demonstration was thirty years ago and I generally tend to avoid large numbers of people. But feeling into the event it was obvious to me that there would be things to experience that the alternative media would perhaps hardly cover and the mainstream media not at all. I am generally interested in the movements of the consciousness of society and so I´m excessively curious what exactly it is that wants to emerge from the midst of humanity. Berlin is only one of the hotbeds in the world for real peace and freedom. Many people have also taken to the streets in London, England and Ottawa, Canada.

We are part of a majority, for a change

We both never regretted the decision. Even though we both have quite a few friends and acquaintances who cannot understand at all how we can join people who from their point of view are fighting with rather limited intelligence for the wrong cause. However our impression differs greatly. Many people accept long drives, costs and logistics in order to walk the streets in Berlin because peace and freedom is important to them. And there are ever more people. Nicolai who remembered being at the famou rock festival in Cologne with 80.000 people says, there were many more here.

At 1 pm the internet around the pillar of victory has collapsed completely. There are rumour that the police has activated jammers and also that perhaps the sheer data exchange with so many people is just too much. Whatever – we are cut off from other events for quite a while. So we only learn much later how the  police has prevented the truck caravan from starting in a most perfidious way.

Because of the density of the crowd Nicolai and I finally move south into Hofjägerallee. We look for a comfortable place in the shade in front of the big LED screen in order to watch the events on the main stage. Around us people are sitting and laying on the ground, keeping a polite distance. Also behind us in the adjacent park. In front of us a friendly group from Swabia with camping chairs and huge pizza cartons, to our right a bi-national couple with Mom in a wheelchair, next to me a gay couple, next to Nicolai a group of teenagers.


The program on the main stage goes on for about six hours with many speeches, musical interludes and brief meditations for peace and freedom. All the speeches can be found in the alternative media – more or less easily. So if you want you can watch them yourself. And with the automatic translation via subtitles on youtube you can get at least an idea what was people said.  I will summarize here what I considered essential.

Clearly no mad corona deniers

The speeches are primarily a stocktaking of all the things that are currently dysfunctional. The accusation “Corona deniers” is addressed several times. Each time it is clearly expressed that nobody denies the existence of the virus, but that the measures taken by the government are most questionable. For their consequences are far worse than the apparently rather harmless virus ever had. Frequently the famous virologist Sucharit Bakdhi, MD is quoted. And many make jokes about mainstream media and their constant distortion of facts.

Michael Ballweg

The boss of Querdenken (‘lateral thinking’), the organisation that organized the rallye gives the first talk and demands the immediate ending of the corona measures, the resignation of the government as well as peace treaty and a constitution in the name of the sovereign on the base of our basic law (Germany does not have a constitution since 1945 – only a so-called ‘basic law’) We cannot tell what is very own agenda is in all this. Whether Ballweg is actually pursuing a political career or whether he actually is part of the so-called controlled opposition, as others surmise or if he is in service of yet other masters. But from my point of view this is secondary.

What makes him and his crew remarkable is the feat of pulling of this mass event in the most elegant way. Perhaps it is his destined task to deliver the vehicle for the resistance. Without Querdenken hundreds of thousands of people would not have gotten so easily together. Even the dealings with the police are managed by his huge team of lawyers most impressively. However it seems an enigma who finances this enormous production: huge LED screens on all the big streets around the pillar of victory, loudspeaker towers in periodic distances as well as water hydrants and mobile toilets along the street. But even if Ballweg I hoping to instrumentalize the event for his own true purposes, I doubt that it will work. We are too many. So far the movement has eliminated the dishonest eventually. As the author Traugott Ickeroth repeatedly writes in his daily blog about the events since the beginning of March: “The collective is the corrective.”

Robert Kennedy

His speech is surely the most spectacular of the dayHe says many wise and important things that day – and I can only recommend to watch it for yourself. . (And of course in English – with German live translation – so easy for my English readers to watch.) I considered his remark particularly important that his famous uncle John F. Kennedy wanted to honour the fight of the Germans against global totalitarianism in his speech ending with the well known quote “Ich bin ein Berliner” in 1963. And now almost forty years later it was again the Germans who were fighting global totalitarianism…

Heiko Schöning

He is a representative of  the organisation Ärzte für Aufklärung (Doctors for enlightenment) and states that in Germany we had more people dying from January to August last year without Covid19 than this year with the so-called pandemic. Furthermore less infant deaths and less people dying of cancer and heart failure. From his perspective a true sign that the health business needs to do some serious investigation. Furthermore he speaks about empty hospitals, sinking infection numbers and that it is by now proven that Covid19 only evokes mild to medium flu symptoms. Nonetheless the government is planning a second lockdown. Since this makes no sense healthwise it can only be for economic and political reasons.

David Claudio Sieber

A member of the Green party agrees with him. He also describes how little his fellow politicians were interested in being properly informed about the situation to make a competent decision. However the consequences have to be suffered by our entire population of 83 million people. His effort to inform the others (he had spend all his nights reading medical papers etc.) was met with ridicule and he was called a conspiracy theorist. The politicians agreed that the lockdown as legal and appropriate. Siebert states: there is no proper factional party in Germany right now. (Addendum: three days after his brave speech he was thrown out of his party).

Reiner Fuellmich

A lawyer who has an office in the US and in Germany. Among other things he points out what damage the bad decisions of the governments had for the economy and that it is absolutely legitimate to sue them and bring them to justice.

Also a protestant priest expresses his dismay in his speech as well in a musical number how little supportive the churches are to the people. Finally a few police men who got suspended from their jobs because they were not willing to work against the people. Thomas Bauer, a lieutenant colonel off duty also says how hard it is for him to serve a country with a corrupt government. And the well known soccer player Thomas Berthold expresses his support in the fight for peace and freedom. And many others too!

However it is difficult to extract an exact vision from all things said. There is only agreement on what is not to happen: a reality like the one in Melbourne, Australia where drones are observing the people and arbitrary violence  of the police against the citizens has become the norm – a scenario that reminds us of the dystopia in “1984” by George Orwell.

New heroes are emerging

However I notice one quite positive aspect: particularly the current, desolate, confusing and in part depressing circumstances, like women having to wear masks in child labour or violent false flag attacks are making people finally decide to do something.

Among the good side effects of the corona crisis is the emergence of new organisations that take care of issues directly and without red tape. One of them offers legal service to all that run into adversity in not following the corona measurements, or who want to protect their children of them. Another supports whistleblowers and others who lose their jobs and have to expect repercussions.

The protection of children is most important

There are many organisations are particularly concerned with the health and safety of children. Robert Kennedy´s organisazion “Children´s Health Defense” has a European chapter now.

And two apparently rather well to do entrepreneurs called their rich colleagues to support smaller companies who are in massive danger due to the lockdown. For if they have to close the larger corporations will gain ever more power.

These are impressive people who have sense for the need of the hour and follow their heart without compromise. They risk their status, their reputation and sometimes even their live, because they owe it to their own conscience. Some speakers refer to Martin Luther and his famous quote when he defended his position at the Diet of Worms in 1521 “Here I stand I can do no other”. These are people who want to be able to look themselves into the eye. And they want to serve as a good example to their children. They do not want to regret anything one day. I find this courageous and admirable: to me they are true heroes!

Courageous thinkers and journalists

There are quite a few heroic journalists who go against mainstream media. We have quite a few German protagonists in the alternative media online, youtubers and  so-called digital soldiers. However they all work in German and so I decided to mention here a few of my favourite English language sources. First and foremost “Amazing Polly” (360.000 subscribers on youtube, but she I also on twitter, bitchute and telegram) – Canada based Polly is so brilliant as a researcher and analyst her clips are frequently translated into German and shared in the alternative media. Her intel helps me with understanding the sometimes rather complex daily episodes of the X22 report (904.000 subscribers on youtube) Then there is the corbettreport (494.000 subscribers on youtube) with …  And for those who want to go further on any subject I recommend this website: CoreysDigs and for people who prefer reading stuff that is hardly ever justly covered on mainstream media: Sign of the Times 

And of course there are many more. Many of them know each other of course and even though they may not always agree, they do support each other in their desire to make sure their discovered truths gets maximum exposure. So if a clip is deleted on one channel there is a certain likelihood that somebody else already uploaded it on his channel. In this way you can also easily discover remarkable colleagues and newcomers.

For the real truth we need to give up a lot of acquired knowledge

What I like about many of the so-called truthers is their commitment, their dedication and their candor. If they weren’t absolutely sincere they would lose their credibility. So they cannot afford being instrumentalized for someone else´s agenda. This is vastly different from journalists who work for the mainstream media and are often used – sometimes with and often without their awareness.

Some of them reveal amazing even shocking facts and it just shows how utterly brave and daring they are. They think thoughts and ask questions most of us would never dare. And it is up to you how much cognitive dissonance you can stand – in line with the famous saying: “For that which must not, cannot be” – waking up to the truth is a tough endeavour!

We all have to find our own truth

The times when you read your local paper in the morning and perhaps a couple of weeklys and then felt properly informed are long gone. Misinformation is the norm and this particularly applie to television – also internationally. However in contrast to the times of the Hitler Regime or the communist regime in the former East Germany we now have the internet. It offers a delightfully broad spectrum of information and alternative depictions and analysis of all kinds of events.

And since it is often possible to comment online there is a vivid exchange, not only between journalist and viewer, but also among the viewers. This is quite informative. And it also trains or sense of truth. In my experience that has little to do with the mind that is so easily deceived. It is rather a kind of feel-thinking. You can train that. With a little bit of exercise you can actually learn to sense if something is true or not. And in the meantime you can apply the kinesiological self test. There is tons of info on that online. Just give it a try!


I didn´t want to acknowledge it but it is becoming ever more clear. Our oh so progressive and free Germany is anything but that. If it has ever been during my life time (I was born in 1966) – however I didn’t know it any other way. Perhaps many of us don´t even truly know what real peace and freedom actually are. However exploring this here would go too far.

We live in a dictatorship

Years ago I wanted to write a comment on the news portal of Spiegel online (our equivalent to the American Newsweek). My commentary was deleted and I received an email that my commentary was not in alignment with their disposition. It was about the – seeming – conflict between Russia and the US and only commentaries that were pro-American and anti-Russian were acceptable. It shocked me.

Recently I moaned to a friend that politics were ever more creeping into my private life. She said that was a clear sign of a dictatorship! It had been exactly the same towards the end of the GDR. She experienced this living in East Berlin until she was allowed to leave a few months before the fall of the Berlin wall. Also the discrepancy between personal experience and the rendition in the media was typical for a dictatorship. The actual reality and the claimed reality were less and less congruent. This is absolutely true for our time.

It is shocking now while I write this text to notice how the mainstream media report on the Berlin demonstration. They primarily focus on the dramatic events at the Reichstag of which it becomes more and more clear that this was a false flag action to depict the protestors negatively. This worked. For the mainstream media will of course never reveal the truth of that event.

Masks inside and out

More and more people are telling me that they make sure not to tell their boss or their colleagues their true thoughts, for they don´t want to risk losing their jobs. Some even fear denunciation by some fellow human beings. So they mask their truth.

And another experience I have that others are reporting as well is the “putting on ice” of certain contacts. People with whom I could have a relaxed and open exchange until recently now refuse to discuss the questionability of the corona infection numbers, the behaviour of the media or the positive aspects of president Trump. Since you don´t want to risk a falling out you withdraw, hoping that one day the real truth will set us ALL free. This too is typical for a dictatorship: the increasing loneliness of those who think differently… And since when is the majority always right?

In the long run we all have to show our colours

Currently the flood of information, the real as well as the fake news (and how sure can you be of what is which?) ever more overwhelming. Even supposedly ‘real’ images can be fake. It is no problem any longer to adapt voice and mouth movements with special effect technology. There is actually already an app available and anybody with a decent smartphone can produce such a clip. So what is true and what is lie?

Knowledge is a debt to collect – a phrase that is often used among the truth seekers. But knowledge alone is not helpful. For rarely it produces a clear impulse to act. It depends on your character whether you decide to quietly withdraw until ‘the storm is over’ or whether you decide to actively participate in the fight for peace and freedom. This too is a side-effect of the corona crisis: we get to know ourselves and our fellow human beings better.

Who actually is right is not important in my opinion. For different opinions and attitudes should all be permitted. However it is important that we can stand up for ourselves and take a conscious stand – and can respect that of the others. We all have to question our conscience and be allowed to assume that the others are doing the same and then take our stand. Then it becomes clear quite quickly if we share the same aims and values – or not. I currently perceive a kind of social restructuring: old friendships and relations collapse, new ones emerge.

A breakthrough is usually preceded by a breakdown

We are currently in a most painful process for a lot of things are currently collapsing. Entire world views – for what we thought was true (and were taught) happens to be a deception. Relationships to people we were close with once are suddenly on the other end of our spectrum. And finally our view of our self is crumbling: what about our civil courage? How fearful are we? How courageous? What is peace and freedom worth to us? How much restriction do we accept?When is our line crossed? And what do we do then?

Meanwhile I receive a lot of links how events on the 30th of August continued. For example how the police was treating peaceful protestors violently at the pillar of victory. Our decent German police that considered itself the most progressive and just in the world is currently destroying its image. Such pictures we usually associate with “areas of crisis” like the near East or Columbia….

We are in the middle of the Apocalypse

According to a bunch of prophets and esoteric people we are in the midst of the Apokalypse. Apokalypse means revelation – and currently a lot is revealed. Many lies and deceptions become clear as such. No wonder may people feel cheated. Recognizing the truth is sobering and painful. But ultimately liberating and empowering, as all of us know who have managed an intense conflict in our intimate relationship. Now this concerns our relationship to we thought we were. As a human being, as a citizen and for some even beyond that.

I personally believe we are given a huge chance right now to discover a new, healthier, kinder and life affirming way of being in which we can finally unfold a new awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions. But first the old way of being has to collapse.

What kind of future do we want?

The only common denominator of the protestors is that things should definitely not go further on in this way. And that also the circumstances that have led to this situation need to be abolished. A massive change is needed. Ideally that is to take place without violence and peacefully. How massive this change is and how it is to take place in Germany – that´s were opinions and ideas vastly differ.

Many still believe our basic law is a solid foundation and that our democratic governmental system simply needs to be overhauled. Others, who are frequently called the “Reich citizens” want a peace treaty with the allied occupants – primarily Russia (Putin) and USA (Trump) for Germany has not been a free country since 1945.

Yet others believe all the main decisions concerning Germany have already been made. The company of the Federal Republic of Germany has already been liquidated and Mrs Merkel is allowed to pretend to be a totalitarian leader until the German people reclaims its sovereignty and every citizen is aware of his responsibility and deals with it in a grown-up way.

So far the illusion holds more power than the true reality

Until now the great majority of our people consider their current illusion their reality. They are massively steered by mainstream media that claim an image of a sovereign German state. The media give their consumers the comfortable feeling that they are decent citizens and people if they dutifully comply to the ever increasing restrictions. Meanwhile the fear mongering is increased so that obedience seems the best way to achieve safety.

Furthermore the mainstream media deny their consumers all kinds of truth. For instance by claiming that the growing number of protestors are right wing radicals or deniers of corona. They present the police as reliable and decent even though they protect a corrupt system with questionable methods and not its people. And they continuously remain silent on such highly important subjects as pedophilia, human trafficking and the abominable excesses of global Satanism. But this is too unbearable to a decent mind and heart and so it is considered the sick fantasy of a mad conspiracy theorist. But isn´t it strange that there are ever more of them?

Truth can be unpleasant and painful. So many prefer snuggling deeper into their familiar view of the world and fervently hope that it is only the nasty conspiracy theorists who are currently distorting the truth and reality and that mother government and father state will finally put everything back into order. As long as mainstream media is so powerful we will live in a kind of big kindergarden where others decide what we are to be and do. Our extremely well paid caretaker decide what we can play, when we are allowed to go out, when we are to wash our hands and what we are to eat . Seeming care and powerful entertainment (Netflix and Amazon prime are booming!) neatly distract from our lack of peace and freedom.

If we want change, we have to change ourselves

But more and more people are fed up. They have understood that we finally need to grow up and actively participate in the creation of the world we want to live in. That it is not about consumer goods, freedom of travel and a safe pension but about sustainable health, care of the environment and human empathy.

And it is especially about truthfulness and authenticity and the ability to meet each other as honest as possible on eye´s and heart level. Then we can easily see who is driven by fear and a need for power. However that is not in service of mankind for it will lead to separation in the long run. But with truthfulness  and authenticity all of can listen to their hearts again. This is in turn promotes the creative connections with others and releases new potentials. Only then do peace and freedom stand a chance again.

We must be clear about what we want

Each of us has to decide what we want to contribute. For some it will make sense to raise their voice in their own way. For others it will be more fitting to join on of the currently emerging organisations and networks. These will become ever stronger due to ever more people joining. They could possibly organically replace the old hierarchical governmental structure of the old paradigm. For responsible citizens will take care of their own administration and finally live a new kind of economy. I already offered some ideas on that.

I believe that it is mostly about our power of vision right now, as individuals but also as a collective. We must already begin manifesting the world together in which all people can live in peace and freedom. However many people are still too attached to the old ad have a hard time letting go. They are afraid of the future, even thought that might be much better than their present. But everyday more and more people realize that the new that wants to emerge cannot be stopped and that each one of us is required to employ his abilities for his own good and that of all… Then peace and freedom are no longer a concept but part of or daily life and living. Most likely in a way that most of us have never ever experienced.

A metaphor as an ending

An image came to my mind. As mentioned above I perceive two major energy currents. In mythology energy currents are often depicted as dragons. So let´s say there is the black dragon of the dark rage whose aim is discord and suppression. But if you look really closely you notice that it consists of a mass of dark moths that together make up the shape of the dragon. Each moth is equivalent to a person who shares this aim.

The white dragon also consists of a massive number of light-coloured butterflies. This dragon of the lightful rage aims for the liberation of all people who are empathic, cooperative and able to love. Most of the darks moths have already hatched and so the dark dragon often seems more powerful than the lightful dragon so far. Most of the lightful butterflies are still in their chrysalis. However more and more hatch every day and join the gestalt and the energy of the lightful dragon. In this way it becomes more powerful and the black dragon will never be able to defeat it.

It is only a question of time until the lightful dragon has superseded the dark dragon completely. Possibly a few butterflies and many dark moths will have to die. But due to the united powers of the lightful butterflies a world will be created in which humans can experience real peace and freedom.