Gods of Balance

Exploration of our development in consciousness.
Where are we? Where do we want to go?
And how can we get there?
Michael Roads spiritual teacher and author

Balance contains disharmony

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Michael Roads, the spiritual teacher, writer and metaphysicist from Australia posts his musings regularly on his facebook page. Today balance is his topic and it fits my blog so beautifully…

The Wink In The Eye of The Storm

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Like a pregnant woman sees babies everywhere she goes, so my perception these days is frequently influenced by my blog. Constantly themes and ideas arise related to the theme of…

Knights of the 21st century

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The idea of a “Knight of modern times” including honor code has been on my mind for a while and I told a young client about this and then forgot…

The invisible magic of tradition

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A May tree just might be something like a mega flower bouquet I was in Bonn, Germany this year at the end of April/beginning of May and was woken by…

More brain power through balance

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For an optimal balance on all levels both halves of the brain must be active! Many people agree that we as human beings are most healthy and happy and express…

Halbe Walnuss mit beiden Nusshälften

No wonder, we feel split so often

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In the 19th century early brain researchers found out that the brain consists of two halves with the corpus callosum in the middle and that certain stimuli are either mostly…


Yin-Yang and quantum psychology

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The idea of balance only makes sense if one is aware of what is actually to be brought into balance. Let’s imagine a seesaw . Let’s agree that when it…

Searching for a suitable god!

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Of course I´ve been researching whether there actually is a god or a goddess or at least some saint of balance. However balance, even the equilibrium of forces does not…

The Snowqueen is hot!

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It is wellknown that Disney films have a longstanding tradition of heroines whose adventure often ends in a wedding dress. But “Frozen” (USA 2013) is remarkably different. It is an…

Hammer Or Cooking Spoon?

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Of course it should actually say hammer AND cooking spoon… However there is still a stereotype notion of what a man is and should be and also what a woman…