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Money And Balance

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I consider the immensely injust distribution of wealth one of the most signifcant symptoms of our present worldwide imbalance. Since a big system can only be changed one human at a time and I´m aiming for a (re-)establishment of a healthy balance in every way, here my insights and recommendations thus far in my research concerning chronic lack of money and lack in general. Perhaps there is one or the other helpful bit in this for you!

Change of perspective

There is the approach of the old paradigm, seemingly decent but wrong that a person who is permanently lacking money can´t handle money, doesn´t work enough, is wasting it or simply too dumb to earn enough, in other words a looser and an idiot… If you believe this and perhaps even about yourself…then you should probably stop reading this article right now, for the following will then certainly not hit fertile grounds.

The approach of the new paradigm, seemingly indecent but right is that the difference between a rich and a poor person is not to be defined by the status of his financial accounts, no matter how strongly our culture makes us believe this. Truly rich is someone who is abundant in every way, who can enjoy his life because s/he truly has everything what s/he needs: great health – including access to good food and clean water, healthy and fulfilling relationships with people, a home where he feels at home, activities that fulfill him, enough sleep and joy in life.

Because lots of this is only available for money, it seems to be all that counts. However it is a fact that also financially very wealthy people can live a life of extreme lack: their health is bad – often due to too much hard work, they have few friends because they hardly trust anyone, sometimes not even themselves and often they have more than one place to live but none where they feel at home. That is hardly worth striving for.

What is worth striving for is abundance in EVERY way, that make you a healthy and happy human being – and that includes a financial situation beyond free of complaint.

It´s all about changing one´s state of consciousness

In one respect all money and wealth advice books agree: wealth and abundance, just as poverty and lack reflect a state of consciousness. It´s a huge difference if you only feel poor or actually are poor – according to whatever criteria. Experienced entrepreneurs often like to say: “Bankrupt, but not poor.” Our thoughts and feelings determine our perception and thereby our life. Our attitude has a direct effect on our material situation. But most important is the role of our belief systems: convictions and notions that are deeply ingrained into the structure of our being. Even though they are often wrong and we are often not even aware of them, we act according to them.

Fortunately there are several ways to change the structure of our being accordingly. However we often have subconscious and often also conscious resistance against change on this level for it means questioning our entire life and everything we thought right and true until then and letting go of old pet ideas. Letting go of a belief can be even harder than letting go of your favourite T-shirt…So you really need to want that change and believe that it´s possible.

A quite a number of tools to accomplish this are being offered. Besides books and guided meditations also working with a psychic or some other accordingly oriented encounter with a competent and trustworthy consultant can prove helpful. And yes, I do that kind of stuff too and I´m certainly not the only one.

Fact is that if we deliberately change our thoughts, feelings and belief systems, it will change how we act and change our life.

Thanking instead of complaining

The key to changing thoughts, feelings and belief systems is to switch your focus. It is about gazing at what you have and will have in the future rather than constantly staring at what is missing or might be missing. In brief: expressing gratitude rather than whining.

Instead of torturing yourself with all the thoughts of what you need or ought to have, you think first about all the many things for which you can be grateful. Even if they seem utterly banal: it´s about the good feeling that accompanies them. Even if you consider yourself being in a most miserable situation there still will be something that gives you joy: like the fact that you can read a text like this, that you can trust your senses, that you have good friends, flowers bloom, children laughing and the sun rises every day etc. etc.

To anchor this joy and gratitude in your consciousness is essential, for:

The more we focus on something the more we receive of that.

If we constantly  think about what we´re missing – we will be missing ever more. Who constantly things ‘I can´t afford this’ will receive ever more opportunities to think this. But if we constantly think about what we are receiving, we receive more of that and more in general. So it seems reasonable to- whenever a thought comes that directs us towards something that we seem to miss or seems impossible, to consciously redirect your focus: towards what is good for your wellbeing and opens you for receiving things, that you truly desire.

For example it is wise in a store where the goods seem inaffordable – not to condemn the ‘horrific prices’ but to lighten the spark of inner generosity and imagine how the desired object might look in your house. The thought then would be: “This would look great next to my couch.” Also thoughts like the following can be helpful: “Thank goodness the beautiful Ming vase is standing here and not at home where the kids could knock it over.” Or “It makes me truly happy that all these things can be bought for money…” It is important to have good feelings if faced with the desired…

The more affirmative and open we deal with abundance, the sooner it becomes a reality for us.

This can be increased by imagine with maximum of joy and sensuality how we already have all that we desire. This need not be restricted to material things, you can also imagine having great health, working with joy and fulfillment at a better paid job, enjoying the quality time with the family at a great holiday resort, decorating the wonderful (new) apartment, financing the children´s education with ease and generosity…

The more clear we can imagine a life in joy, health, wealth and fulfillment in relationships and the more deeply and free of doubt we can enjoy this, the faster changes our life. For subconsciously we do indeed begin to change the way we act, so that the way we experience life shifts to a new reality. And:

The less we think about how something is to happen and the more we focus on that it will happen – the faster it will become reality.

It´s about a fundamental shift of focus towards an improved quality of life, it is not primarily about having ‘more money’. If you however are already satisfied if your account shows higher figures and can imagine that in a vivid and sensual way, do it. Just as vividly you can imagine swimming in your own money…or make color photocopies of bills in your currency and put them everywhere you look in your home and imagining they are real…create a strong feeling of infinite abundance.

However for many this is too abstract. Actually most wish for rather concrete things: a higher salary, an exotic rip, a subscription for a fitness studio, a new car or new furniture. But also better health, less stress and more joy of life are part and parcel of this.

Feelings are the key to changing one´s attitude and the resulting experience. And it doesn´t matter whether the feeling is real or fake – it´s about the focus of the energy that is involved. The more power of feeling you can charge your imagination with – like watching a great movie – the closer the actual experience moves. Never forget that good, pleasant feelings generate a good and pleasant reality. As a matter of fact

The more we can imagine in every way being happy, the happier we become in every way and the happier we make others.

  • In order not to unnecessarily sabotage our wonderful future some mental discipline is required. That means: whenever a negative and limiting thought comes it is to be replaced immediately, consciously and creatively by a positive and opening one. For instance:
  • ‘I am not worth it’ – ‘ I am more than worth it!’
  • ‘I can´t afford it’  ‘This and so much more I will be able to afford soon.’
  • ‘Money alone doesn´t make you happy.’ – ‘Money too contributes to being happy.’
  • ‘Money makes you greedy.’ – ‘Money makes you generous.’
  • ‘Fortune favours fools.’ – ‘Fortune favors those who trust unconditionally.’
  • ‘Money is the root of all evil’ – ‘Money can enable a lot of good growth.’
  • ‘Rather poor and happy than rich and sick.’ – ‘Truly: rich, healthy and happy.’
  • ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’ – ‘All good things may fly to me.’
  • ‘A cobbler should stick to his last.’ – ‘He who does something new, can afford something new.’
  • ‘No pleasure without pain.’ – ‘Without pain all pleasures.’
  • ‘Nothing comes from nothing’ – ‘From nothing comes everything.’

 The mean old may go the new good may come!

If someone among your acquaintances complains that rents and milk are getting ever more expensive, that ageing is inevitable and everything was better in the past – then here to it´s all about shifting your focus towards the positive. You can focus on ‘good news and facts’ – in the last 100 years there were at least as many inventions made for the wellbeing of people as to their possible detriment, water is healthier and cheaper than milk, and ageing can be slowed down by feeling more joy than pain. Perhaps there are many new problems – but many more new solutions. You can decide for yourself where you direct your focus.

It is actually only a question of perception and judgement. Worry and fear are nothing but a the negative projection of imagination. But our imagination is powerful: it determines our experience. So it is paramount to direct your attention towards the good and positive things – and they´re always there – no matter how difficult the situation may be.

We cannot always choose what happens, but we can always choose how we deal with it.

Redirecting one´s focus positively requires exercise and patience. Setbacks do occur and particularly in the beginning: when there is yet another unexpected and high invoice in the mailbox, or a necessary repair is more costly than anticipated. Then spontaneous frustration is normal. But it doesn´t serve to criticize yourself or others – all you do is increase the anger. So if you read in the paper that yet another company went bankrupt and had to lay off employees, that the government is increasing taxes and the local pools and playgrounds have to be closed for lack of money then it is vital to replace the rising images of loss and hopelessness with creative images of fulfillment and courage. And immediately the negative news seems less negative: perhaps the employees now find work that serves them and the society more, politics the way we know it is driving towards it´s own ending and something better is about to arise. The pools and playgrounds will reopen in better shape due to private initiatives. It requires patience, courage, discipline, perseverance and a lot of trust, but it´s quite rewarding. Furthermore a simple mantra like ‘I´m doing better and better every day’ or the more altruistic version: ‘Every day life is becoming more and more beautiful.’

Instead of doubt driven by fear, imagine being driven by trust.

The inner attitude and the feelings we have when paying a bill also have an effect. Money to pay a bill does not mean something is being taken from you but you give something because you were given a service for which you can be grateful. Even the fees for driving too fast actually serve the overall security of traffic…

And the more we can give wholeheartedly, the more we can give in the future – even if we´d sometimes rather spend it on something else… Donating also requires a certain awareness, the personal attitude is crucial. Do you give money to calm your own conscience or do you donate because you enjoy sharing your own wealth, your abundance and to motivate and/or support others in their being and doing?

It is good, to really like money

Upon closer scrutiny you can notice that many people have a rather scornful attitude towards money. ‘Dirty money’ or ‘It´s only money’ or ‘Don´t talk about money’ are frequent sayings. And all the words we use for money that actually express a kind of disdain: ‘Dough, dosh, moolah…’ however coins and bills are still our most important symbol for value.

And it is a symbol that is touched by the most people in the shortest time and repeatedly puts us in touch with each other: with friends and stranger, rich and pour, old and young, nationally and internationally… An awareness for your own part in this gigantic system of exchange makes you respect money for what it also is: a means of connection and exactly because it constantly changes its owner it enables many to promote many things, like good health, education, creative expression and a general improvement of the quality of life – if this happens to be your focus while paying money.

He who can truly honor, lives an honorable life

We humans are creatures of habit and do want things to improve, but please in such a way that nothing changes. An insolvable contradiction that finally leads to nothing happening. Only if you´re willing to walk new pathways and welcome changes in general can a new world of experience emerge.

That sometimes means losing an old job, before the better paid and more fulfilling one arises. Sometimes the old must break down, before the new and more healthy new stuff can take shape. In other words sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better…

And sometimes this requires a lot of patience, perseverance and trust.  Then such situations sometimes allow for unusual solutions: from therapeutic support to new areas of action to an improved vision of one´s new plan.

It is also important to avoid debts and feelings of owing something – for they are rooted in lack. So be generous within your means and also towards yourself: if we spend money on something that truly celebrates the joy of our own being, this flow is also strengthened…

Singing helps!

If you enjoy singing there is an ancient Sanskrit mantra, a kind of musical prayer for the effective growth of wellbeing and creation of unconditional love:  it is the syllable “shreem” that you can sing in any way you like. It is only important that it´s sung 108 times in a row and regularly. According to ancient mystics this is the number that is needed to bring something into physical manifestation.

And of course this also means: the more often, the better! Under the shower, in the car or quietly at the busstop etc. Whenever you are haunted by feelings of lack, you can calm your mind and heart with it. Furthermore there are tons of clips on youtube (just enter shreem into the search window)– just put it on repeat or download them… This particular mantra can actually sound like an old-fashioned cashier that rings when money is put into it…

Of course there are also other abundance mantras on youtube – just follow your intuition!

Clear your chakras!

And finally I discovered together with my research colleague and friend Elke Pusl that all our clients struggling financially had one thing in common: lacking a healthy connection between the earth and the three lower chakras (root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra). Furthermore it is also important to open the lesser known chakras in the sole of the feet. For those who don´t know what chakras are: we have a physical dimension of being – our flesh and blood and a metaphysical. On this level psychics can actually perceive our energetic wiring and the famous seven bodily energy centers of the human being, also called chakras. Their clearness and unpolluted connection among each other is the premise for a healthy physical and metaphysical metabolism, which also includes wellbeing on all levels. There are countless meditations for clearance and connecting the chakras available – for material wealth the clearing and stabilization of the lower three are particularly important – but for a wellbeing on all levels the unhindered functioning of all chakras is indispensable. Further information on chakras and their function can be found on- and offline.

Further reading

And here a list of books, out of gratitude to the authors who enriched my own process of insight in every way and perhaps can also inspire you:

Deepak Chopra: The seven spiritual laws of success

Catherine Ponder: The dynamic laws of Prosperity

Michael J Roads: Roads, Michael J.: More than Money, true Prosperity A Wholistic Guide…To Having it All (E-Book)

Wallace Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich

Barbara Wilder: Money is Love

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