Soul-Selfie: The art of being spiritually annoyed

1920 1280 Elisabeth Karsten

To consider yourself a spiritual person does not protect you from being abundantly annoyed on occasion. Sometimes you just get upset, or upset others…

A healthy sense of self-worth is most helpful

For instance others occasionally think, I apparently consider myself superior. Even if that were the case, it´s actually about them feeling treated less by me. But this entire discussion is so very annoying and superfluous, because it is actually only an expression of a lack of a healthy sense of self-worth.

If you have a healthy self-esteem you don´t care what others think about you.

For your self-worth does not depend on the judgement of others. Besides, those who judge have an even more obvious issue with self-worth. Otherwise they wouldn´t compare – no matter if somebody is above or below their defined status.

These are annoying games of a pubescent humanity. The only way to deal with this is humor and indulgence – especially towards yourself. For very few people are free from comparing themselves to others. For most of us it is really difficult to only perceive rather than to judge…others and also our self.

Sometimes you´re just annoyed

Even if your consciousness is aware enough of the divinity of every single being and especially every human being and your own self…another human being can be as annoying as hell sometimes!

Then it´s important to look for what needs resolution within yourself in order to be less annoyed – there are many possibilities. It begins by taking responsibility  for your own annoyance  – the other is only triggering it. You cannot be angry at the rain for making you wet…

And to prevent a popular spiritual misunderstanding: not every annoying person ‘mirrors’ your own issue. It doesn´t even have to have anything to do with you. But if you get disproportionally upset about it then there is something in need of being dealt with. The situation is only an invitation to do so, to further liberate your own consciousness.

And yet it is certainly no sin or spiritually incorrect to get angry, even really angry about another occasionally. For example about the remarkable degree of plain human stupidity…Or the lack of humor and consideration or bigotry or whatever our species produces in annoying means of behavior with awful consequences.

…and sometimes you annoy others

You are only arrogant if you forget the fact that you yourself can be perfectly annoying to someone else and not always intentionally and for a plethora of reasons.

If you find yourself judging another either out loud or quietly, follow the famous old adage, adding an “and so do I…”. Then humility and humbleness stand a chance again – in perception and sometimes even in expression. This is relaxing. For everybody.

Besides it spares you experiencing the return of your own boomerang: for hardly have you deemed yourself superior to another, you will quite quickly experience the other side of the medal and your own ignorance or lack of knowing will provoke a possibly painful disaster.

Only unconditional acceptance helps!

There is just no way around the fact that we´re ALL human for better or for worse. But if we finally learn to accept our weaknesses and flaws within ourselves it is much easier to deal with it in other people.

And it can be a good idea to boost your own self-esteem!