Drei mal das Gesicht derselben Frau die einander überlappen

Soul-Selfies: A new blog experiment

1920 1086 Elisabeth Karsten

From now on there will be a new category in my blog, the so-called soul-selfies.

Others inspired me to this blog experiment. Friends, acquaintances and especially my clients have repeatedly asked me to finally make my specific way of living accessible on my website. So I decided to find a way to put it on my website.

I hesitated for a long time. I actually think there is already enough of this in competent form and many ways available. I truly did not feel the urge to add my “soul selfies” to the “consciousness stew”. There is a certain risk of spiritual vanity and I consider that particularly unpleasant.

May my soul-selfies inspire you!

On the other hand I´ve experienced myself that certain information only reaches us after the hundredth reading or hearing. Furthermore it is not about presenting something brand new. That is always in the perception of the beholder.

For me it is about expressing my authentic self and thereby to encourage, support and if need is, provoke others,  in their authentic and conscious beingness. And if I can achieve that with only one human being, then the according Soul Selfie has served it´s purpose!

Spontaneous, personal and from my personal and immediate experience

And similar to a fotographic selfie, these texts are derived from my immediate daily life and are relatively short. So different from my usual more essay-like blog articles that are often much longer and also more work because they require research and because I translate all of my own material.

But so often I get certain insights on the issues of life in my work as a life coach, in conversations with friends or simply musing on my couch, that I finally decided to put them in textform.

Furthermore writing shorter articles suits me well at the moment, for my writing priority currently lies with my new novel and the translation of a new book by Michael Roads.

From now on, there will be a Soul Selfie more or less regularly and the occasional blog article. Here two of them, to kick it off! – I hope you enjoy them!