…Beginning of the alert zone!

514 523 Elisabeth Karsten

Dealing with the terror requires a higher awareness of our emotions. The more intensely I deal with it and the more closely I observe my environment the more I realize that the individual and collective thoughts and according emotions are an absolute key in the matter. For emotions are energy – and this energy fuels what we experience physically – individually and in groups. Or – as Michael Roads is fond of saying: “Where our attention goes, energy flows.” With a negative attitude our experiences literally become negative, with a positive attitude positive…and if you think you have a positive attitude and still have too many negative experiences…then it is time to take a close look at your subconscious…

Observe your own emotions

Some people for example – and they are not so few – draw their energy from the suffering of others. They mistake pity with sympathy and compassion and can dwell in the pain of others in a dramatic way which gives them a certain kick. They feel more alive through the feeling of pain…it´s a kind of psycho-emotional SM-game…

Then there are those of course who struggle themselves with so much anger and frustration and lack of self-esteem that the events offer a welcome occasion to vent on the “evil” and the “nasties”, or to express solidarity with the victims etc. – another effort to hopefully feel oneself and because it seems impossible to do it through love, it has to be the heat of anger.

This also applies to those who will desperately cry for more power and control…and are full of fear, blame and anger…and anger is an amazing energy generator… and in many ways their position is understandable…but being in hate, anger and fear is extremely exhausting in the long term and can make you ill.

A wise person (I couldn´t find out who said it first) once said: “Every human expression is either an expression of love or a cry for love.” That means every violent act and every crossing of a boundary “in the name of god/peace/love” is actually a cry for unconditional love – independently from the claims of the perpetrators. Even though they most likely wouldn´t be able (yet) to receive it if it was offered to them.

Humanity has one common field of consciousness

This also means – if one can grasp it at least a little – accepting that we all share ONE common field of consciousness with the puppet masters, the terrorists and everyone involved in this game – all perpetrators and victims. One can perhaps distance oneself from the people in many ways – but not from their consciousness. That´s why it is so important, to undo everything in one´s own consciousness what could feed the terror – like fear, worry and anger. Then that monster doesn´t get food anymore…

Which ever powers are behind it all and work on people having more fear than trust, experience more pain than joy and are less relaxed and creative than rather stressed and helpless – their primary tool and strategy is separation and division. But this movement is doomed to fail since 2013. The representatives of the old power driven systems have outlived their usefulness in our evolutionary timeline – for us it´s all about love and compassion. Even though it may not look like that short term, but we all know a crisis can also catalyze and strengthen bonding and unity between people.

In the face of these events – which might become more frequent and worse first – it is therefore very important, not to fall into negativity and to become overwhelmed by pain and thereby reactive. Even though our present code of society is much more prone to accepting that than if someone is distanced, sober minded and calm and maintains control and power over his emotions.

I personally feel we are dealing less with a “war of belief” (may it concern religion, political systems, claims of territory or the “ultimate truth”) rather than with a kind of “consciousness test”: it´s about the internal struggle of “good and bad” – for of course already most of us are prone to judge their feelings and actions in terms of “good and bad” – individually as well as collectively. But it is time not to perceive everything any longer in terms of black and white but all colors in between – never forgetting that ALL colors are part of the spectrum, otherwise our world wouldn´t exist – and that the perception of light is always a matter of the standpoint in relation to the light.

It is not a war

It is certainly not about winning a war – or losing it. It is about creating a field of consciousness where war or violent conflict are unnecessary because the well being of all is more important than the well being of some at the expense of others. We all have the ability to let compassion and wisdom rule our actions rather than fear and violence, we only have to dare doing it and practice it.

This also includes accepting that the highest good is not life in our present physical bodies – but love and the ability to trust and being able to actually feel and live unconditional love. Life is eternal and indestructible anyway. A being, a soul changes only it´s physical state – the according body is only it´s vehicle. (This point is actually rather important and therefor I will explore it further in my next blog.)

Also that we actually are – no matter how uncomfortable – only responsible ourselves for our life and experience of it. So when we experience pain, there is an aspect of us who has decided to experience this… and by the same token we can decide that we don´t want this any longer. But this requires that we become aware of our aspect that creates pain, lack, fear etc. and makes it a physical sensation. For an according decision must overwrite the programming of the subconscious that is often opposed against it.

An incentive for the growth of consciousness

I decided to consider this and all future experiences that are meant to evoke and nurture fear and worry an incentive to exercise even more positive feelings:

  • Every human encounter is sacred

I have decided to consider every human encounter as sacred from now and – and celebrate every meeting with friends even more. I will also actually do things that nurture and support togetherness. I will appreciate existing and emerging love relationships – including the relationship to my Self.

  • Solve conflicts without arguing

In every situation of conflict I will ask even more often and more consciously what the most intelligent point of view is, that allows for a wise solution of the conflict and avoidance of a row. I will exercise to express compassion instead of pity.

  • Clear up the subconscious

I will work on transforming all my remaining aspects that cause me to suffer. For the more conscious I become the more aware am I that: whatever happens, happens – sometimes I´m more sometimes less part of it occurring. Then I will consciously decide how to deal with a situation – active, instead of reactive. The change of perception of a situation often already allows a change towards the better.

  • Embrace self-responsibility even more

Instead of praying, I will decide even more consciously and choose – and occasionally, if permitted and adequate – ask our common field of consciousness (which is god to me). Praying for me is less an asking anyway, rather than a way of directing love to people and situations, so that they may be supported in their change and unfolding of potentials in accordance with the light.

  • Compassion rather than pity

I will exercise compassion with the perpetrators for they are actually lacking love and with their victims.

  • Experience love and joy, as often and intensely as possible

I will daily and every moment express as much love, as I can manage. No matter whether it´s making a present for a dear human being, dancing with others or simply standing in line with them at the supermarket. I will make sure I am as often and as deeply as possible in a state of love and joy.

  • As much gratitude as possible

I will constantly thank for all the good, beautiful and wonderful things there are – and in those moments when I´m challenged by fear, aggression and suffering, I will find the way that ultimately allows again for the richness of life in all its expressions to unfold.

  • As much humor, as often, as freely as possible

I will even more often look for the humorous angle of a situation and wherever and whenever I can contribute to serenity in a relaxed way.

And concerning the new name of the terrorists, who were so far known as IS or ISIS (as a friend of mythology it really bothered me to have the name of a mother goddess abused this way). But the letters were an acronym for “Islamic state of Iraq and Syria”. From now on they are called “Da’esh” – which is the exact translation of the acronym in Arab – due to an initiative of Syrian opponents to the movement. However acronyms are rare in the Arab language and have a flavor of irony and are intended to ridicule the organization. Satire always was a great weapon against religious fundamentalism and so I happily follow suite.

  • Be more creative

I will give my creativity even more space and expression. Partly because I happen to be particularly contend and happy when I´m creative, partly it also makes others often more contend and happy… And I am generally determined to seek out ways to experience and express my own divinity.

  • No longer pollute my consciousness and that of others

I choose trust instead of fear, compassion instead of pity, creativity instead of resignation , grief instead of anger and surrender instead of giving up – until I have the feeling, to not any longer stress my consciousness and that of others with my feelings and thoughts through negativity.

It´s quite possible that I won´t succeed in this life time and grow old and leave my body – well then I will continue in an ethereal state of being or even return for another life!

Love prevails

But perhaps it happens sooner because many others are oriented similarly and if we all act accordingly, the world will change towards the better – perhaps not as fast as we desire, but faster than feared. Perhaps the present terror catalyzes and accelerates our development towards more wisdom, love and compassion – in our encounters with each other and with nature.

Then indeed applies to the terror and it´s creators that what the German poet J.W. von Goethe puts into the mouth of the devil who introduces himself saying: “I am part of that certain force which strives for evil but does good bring forth.” (My translation.)

The earlier and the more aware we decide to live and express unconditional love, the faster fear, power and hate lose their grip of us and we can let go of the “bad guys” from their opposing roles… The victory of love is actually in reality only a matter of time – there is no doubt it will win!