Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!
Elisabeth Karsten

Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!


Midwife for processes of becoming

I tremendously enjoy supporting others in reaching their next step of development in life or with a project – I look after “pregnancy and birth” of a creative project or the deliberate change of one´s own life – which also always a creative act!

Nudging the muse to rekindle the work eros

The creative process can be most exhausting. Especially when others are involved in it, there can be a time when all ideas seem dull and boring and every perspective only offers the sight of a loss of energy, time and money.

Then I consider my task to rekindle the work eros, to waken, activate and strenghten it in order to enable the creator to work just as freely and motivated when s/he was thrilled with the initial conception of the ideas and visions of the project and raised the enthusiasm of others with it.

The necessary means and strategies to revive the work eros are as varies as the processes of the individual creator.

Soul sweeping or getting rid of “soular garbage”

Just as a sewage system needs cleaning from time to time so the energetic channels of our soul too sometimes need to be cleared from blockages. Then I clear it with a psychic sensitivity and high efficiency from acute energy blocks, interfering patterns of belief and emotions as well as all kinds of elements that do not truly serve our soul and often don´t even belong to her.

The result is a cleared soul and usually an optimized perception, a healthier energetic exchange with others and a strengthening of our self-esteem, in brief: a better quality of life.

As an illustration of my work, here three exercises.

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