Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!
Elisabeth Karsten

Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!

I love great material – in any form!

…it took a while until I realized, that I too am one of those authors who have one theme in particular that flavours their work.

My favourite theme is the celebration of the uniqueness of the human individual.

Most of my heroes are intensely busy, discovering and developing their special ability that will finally enable them to meet their current challenge successfully in the end – in their very own unique way. I am firmly convinced that everyone of us is a most individual mixture of abilities and experiences which in their sum make our special sound that we contribute to the sinfony of life, the music of the universe.

The awareness of this can be annoying or empowering – depending on the situation and perspective, but it is certainly always exciting and inspiring. In that context “the good solution” is not always a happy end – but the premise for the highest potentials to unfold and a maximum of growth of consciousness.

Texts, games, apps

This desire to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and further his and her development has already made me go beyond writing.

The firm belief that everyone of us has unique qualities and that it is exactly those that are to be discovered and developed for the wellbeing of all is also part of my counselling attitude.

Furthermore I love everything that furthers creativity and strengthen the love for life.  So I´ve been developing games and apps – which sooner or later will be publicly available.

More about available work here (link)

More about works in progress (link)

And of course there is also my blog “Gods of Balance”.