Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!
Elisabeth Karsten

Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!

Creating win-win situations

I´m frequently asked how I might be supported in my creative endeavours – especially when no publishing company shows an interest.

I already receive generous support by dear people being enthusiastic about my work and encouraging me. Others offer me their welcome competence (i.e. as proof readers, graphic artists or designers) and often as an exchange for me supporting them with my counselling. Then we actually gift each other.

And many also choose to support me financially and are making it possible for more people to get access to my works. These people enabled me to publish my novel YS.

I do owe these people the successful publishing of my novel YS

The principle of gifting is applied

After having gotten some legal advice on the matter, I decided on the principle of gifting. For supporting contributions to my creative work are no donation and no investment in the sense of crowdfunding.

So whoever would like to support me in my creative endeavors, can choose among the current projects and refer to this on his payment. The German and inner European bank information is as follows:

IBAN: DE91 1005 0000 4134 5297 14

If this doesn´t work, let me know – I´m sure there is a paypal solution too.

I thank you already for your kind and generous support and financial encouragement! It is truly amazingly empowering to receive affirmation in this form and to turn money into inspiration and joy of life – for others too!

Current projects offers you a variety of choices what you might like to support specifically and will also keep you posted on the current status of the project.