Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!
Elisabeth Karsten

Creativity is a mode of being to me

welcome to my website!



One vocation – many professions

I have been happily living and working in Berlin since 2003.

Working as:

Life counsellor, author, game-inventor, translator and in the past also as: lecturer, script consultant, script constellationist, online redacteur, event manager and in the even further past as a costume- and set designer, cook and ambulant secretary


Education & training:

Participation in various workshops taught by: Keith Cunningham & Tom Schlesinger, Linda Seger, Frank Daniels, Jean Houston, Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Chuck Spezzano
1997-99 Screenwritingstudies (MfA) at Columbia University, New York, USA
1987-92 Studies in Theatre science, German Literature and History of Arts (MA)at Erlangen University, Germany
1986-87 Scholarship at Mount Holyoke College, MA, USA
1986 Highschool graduation
1966 born in Ethiopia, raised in Germany


1998 Barnes & Nobles Award for best young Screenwriter
1996 KunstSalon Screenplay Award 

The most powerful teacher is life itself

Alert readers may have noticed that I am much more trained as a screenwriter than as a life counsellor. Life trained me to become the latter in the course of the years. The path of my own development – the professional and private insights – taught me, as well as supporting others in their work and life questions. Various encounters and workshops with a broad spectrum of content are constantly making my toolbox grow: i.e. systemic constellations, physiotherapy, shamanism and researching consciousness.

Furthermore elements from screenwriting flow into my work as a life counsellor: for the means by which one creates a fictional conflict in a film are the same by which one can solve a real problem in life. In both cases perception is the key.